Why does my survival depend on constantly pushing the edge spiritually

I keep having to explain myself to others! So I decided to do a note on this subject!
I do not have any means to make a living in this world by normal means because I am “differently abled” with limited visual memory(ability to keep track of things), and limited finer motor skills(which make me tire quickly when doing things requiring them to quite a degree)! Most work requires a visual memory good enough to provide one with a visual idea of what one should be doing! Without the right ability to visualize one will feel lost in a lot of environments when it comes to how to normally respond to it! I am good at creatively responding to situations since I have to do this an awful lot! This creativity I use as compensation for my lack of normal visual memory and ability does help me develop new stuff spiritually! I am also really good at dealing with simple structural visuals which is useful when developing spiritual theories! I just do not have a lot of distractions in my mind that having a lot of visual memories to deal with and respond to creates! I just am very complicated in how my body and mind operates, but I am very skilled in the spiritual especially and function best when in a crisis state which is natural when one is so often put in one by circumstances! My body and mind limitations are naturally in harmony with the type of spirit I am! I do find that a lot of people are not capable or willing to understand a spirit as different as mine! That is what motivates me to challenge people who conform to the spiritual beliefs that predominate or in fashion on this planet and are inadequate.
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My limitations visually has its advantages,but make certain spiritual techniques not work for me.

I was asked whether I was familiar with the “Maharic Seal” Technique and interested in a book “Angelic Realities, The Survival Handbook”. This basically was my response:

I had to look up “Maharic Seal” technique in an internet search engine. I can not deal with complex visuals, as I have a limited visual memory that does really well with simple core or structural visuals. The reason I am such a good spiritual pioneer is that I am unencumbered by having a lot of visual images/memories within me. I am not good at a lot of other things because of the importance of visualization when it comes to doing most tasks required in the job market.

But. with limitations comes advantages. I can go at really intense speed through a lot of spiritual theories and explore and map out new spiritual territory. I move at a speed that would strip the gears of someone who had a more complex visual/spiritual connection to the world around them. One has to be able to move at intense speed and have the intensity of focus to get out of the trouble one will get into when one is using the trial error process required to figure out more about how the spiritual really works.

My connection to the spiritual is very rational and logical, as the spiritual does work in a rational logical way at its core. I am working at getting the spiritual theories and techniques I have developed to the world and will be broadcasting on a website soon. New spiritual ideas are hard to get out since they do not have the psychic/spiritual support for them already out there. I know that a spiritual pioneer can only reach a limited number of people at first, but will reach the type of people who are the type that are good at reaching a lot more people. I will try to align myself with people who are more connected to the visual than I am, but appreciate what I have of value to offer spiritually. I will not be able to reach “fundamentalists” and those who have an “autocratic” type of spirituality that is not open to being questioned as to ways to improve on what they have to offer.

Nothing is perfect spiritually and is not meant to be. That is because it is so important that everyone be willing to constantly look for rational/effective ways to improve their connection to the spiritual. A lot of different spiritual techniques do work to quite a degree for different people. My techniques can be adjusted to work for a large range of people, but when done on a really intense level are geared more for those who are trying to become spiritual professionals/experts. I am not concerned that a lot of people reject what I have put so much intense work and effort into, I just focus on those people that can see the immense value that what I have to offer due to my efforts over a lifetime of intense investigation into the spiritual has to offer them.

The book you offer(Angelic Realities, The Survival Handbook) is not really for me. I look up what I could readily find about what that book is about. My extremely well trained intuition does not see much credibility in most stuff written about UFO’s.  I avoid referring to any spirits as ET’s, since most advanced individual spirits I believe incarnate on many different planets in this vast universe. The population on this planet has grown too fast to have all the spirits existing here be home grown. I believe similar planets exist that can accommodate spirits that desire to be on planets similar to this Earth. I do not believe that advanced individual spirits like us are so limited spacially that they are locked into a particular planet. I am sure I came from somewhere else. One beliefs do project certain type spiritual energy and images out into the universe and is it important that these images we project interface well with the reality we exist in. We need better explanation about spiritual phenomena, not ones that give us images that do not represent the spirits and spiritual energy very accurately. Obviously the way I envision the spiritual differs from what that book represents.





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