More spiritual maturity/seriousness is needed in today’s very challenging world.

Life is very serious especial these days and it is so important that people mobilize more of their spiritual energy in areas that are serious in nature. Game playing of all kinds predominate in a world that has a lot of spiritual energy that is used for frivolous pursuits. One can train oneself to transform more of ones energy to be serious in nature, so that one can make really positive things not only happen in your life, but in this world that has so many serious problems. One can enjoy being serious because one should get pleasure out of seriously contributing what one has to offer to making this world a better place to exist in. Having too many people making excuses for not utilizing a very serious amount of their energy to overcoming the challenges in their life and the world around them, will not help this world to handle the serious problems that come with this highly technological age we live in. Seriousness comes with maturity, a quality that is badly needed in today’s world.

People who have an arrogant spiritual attitude will tend to get violent when their arrogant energy is challenged! The addictive/repressed type energy that makes people arrogant can be utilized in a positive serious way to enable them to develop a lot further spiritually and to become healthier in body and mind as a result. One develops a lot further spiritually when one develops an attitude that one can always seriously improve spiritually. When one becomes really advance spiritually, due to really intense spiritual-physical training and improved spiritual theories, one does not have to hold on to a self righteous attitude within oneself. One will automatically connect with what is important/serious and healthy spiritually when the energy around you triggers it. Ones intuition when it is working well will tune one into the important/serious spiritual understanding and energy required to ensure that positive spiritual energy is upheld even when challenged. People and circumstance will often be intimidating in a world that has so many serious problems that are rooted in the spiritual.

This link will connect one to a lot of the very serious meditative/spiritual training techniques I developed and use:


Karma and the strong need to transform the spiritual energy that dominates this world.

Karma will eventually catch up with everyone who acts really badly in this world no matter how much power they have politically. It is often hard to make a strong enough case against certain people. People on the far right do want to see the other side in a bad light as do people on the far left . People do get falsely accused at times so evidence has to be strong enough to make a good case against someone especially when they are in a position of power in this world.

The problem of abusive sexual and violent behavior is very prevalent in this world due to how backward the predominating spiritual energy is here. We can not change the amount of negative behavior happening in this world just by catching as many as possible of those that are responsible. We have to change the overall spiritual climate that exists in this world that creates such abuse behavior in order to have a lot of impact on this problem. It is up to everyone individually to work hard to gain more control over their desires and the behavior that comes with it. We do not need to have such brutality in this world of all kinds. We can transform this world spiritually and that is where I focus.

When this world collectively develops a higher spiritual standard, then less of this terrible behavior will happen and more energy will be available to catch those who are responsible for it. We need to get our priorities in the right place spiritually, and we have a long ways to go in this area. We can not change this world immediately no matter how much we desire to do this. But passion powers the spiritual. And being really passionate about improving the level this world is now at spiritually can help one to become a strong agent for change in this world.  Here is a link to my very effective meditative walking(spiritual training) blog post:


Personal thoughts related to the struggle to survive and violence

Living a life full of complications and difficulties is what I am use to! One has to make the most of the cards life deals you. I am lucky in that my life has always been extremely difficult and complicated and I have adjusted to it. The more one can handle in the area of challenge and difficulty the more one can achieve in life. One can become really strong spiritually as a result of what you go through and be able to have a lot of positive impact on others as a result. When one has lived on a survival level for an extremely long time you will not let anyone get away with anything that threatens your well being. You will not let others add unnecessary burden to your situation, and you will be readily able to give people the hard truth and force them to have to mobilize their own survival energy rather than trying to get you to make things easier on them. Life is meant to be very challenging and to bring out the most in the human spirit.

I am nonviolent. I would try really hard not do anything to put me in jail. The conditions in jail would hurt my physical and spiritual well being. I could not be on my special diet in jail. It would not be a safe environment for me. I use the spiritual to reach people and am really good at reaching people with more of the hard spiritual truth using the power of my voice and with the type of passion that can have a lot of impact on them. I can readily scare away the wrong people and find a way to reach those who are trying to improve themselves spiritually. I have been threatened with violence a number of times when I have become really intense with people spiritually who were not open to the value of what I have to offer, but have never been hurt as a result. Being really strong and aware spiritually can keep one safe in a world full of people who are prone to using violence to push people around.

Here is my very important blog post on meditative walking:

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