Time/reality is no illusion to those who are well tuned in spiritually!

This was written after watching a couple of panel discussions on video about some of the craziness top theoretical physicists are coming up with in regard to “time”. I tune into people of all kinds extremely well on the spiritual level, and felt most of them were being adversely affected by poor programming on the spiritual level. The good thing is they all do not all agree, and that they admit they have not proven with solid scientific evidence the truth of what they present!

We can not perform well spiritually in this world if we do not value time as indispensable to our reality! Theoretical physics may claim that time is an illusion, but that is because they discount the importance of the spiritual in underlying all of reality. Often science is affected by the spiritual theories/beliefs of the past that need to be improved on so that they will interface with reality better, so that we will be able to perform in a way that will enable us to deal with the serious issues of this complicated technological age we exist in. Anyone that does not see this world as being quite messed up spiritually at this time is not very connected to reality.

Science will come up with better theories, but first they need to become tuned in better spiritually. In the spiritual realm all is connected to quite a degree, and this connection is instant. The speed of light is very limiting when compared to the instant connections that happen spiritually! The universe has a oneness as a result of its instant spiritual connection of all parts of it! It functions as a well connected unit, not as something that takes huge quantities of time in order for one part to relate to another part. People often try to use theoretical science as a way to confirm their spiritual beliefs! But theoretical science can be quite crazy in their theories and often will not make any real sense to those who have really well trained intuition due to reality based spiritual training. Hard science can give us information about a lot of what is happening in our reality! Bur science need to be careful about moving too much into the domain that is dominated by spiritual forces that underlie all of our reality.

The spiritual is dominated by our inner being and is powered by emotions. Really intense spiritual training using the most advance and intense/difficult spiritual/meditative exercise techniques are required in order to develop intuition that help us perform very well in the very important and challenging physical reality we are part of and that can bring out the most in our spiritual capabilities! We need to advance a lot further in this world that is so backward spiritually and not allow science to go in areas it is not well suited for in order to fill the vacuum that out inadequate/impractical spiritual theories that dominate this Earth has created as compared to how advanced we have become in science and technology in recent times.


Spiritual beliefs determine how well a person will be able to behave in this world

I often try to figure out how a person is likely to act from their words. One can not always get reliable information about someones past actions or afford to deal with their future actions. Communication is in itself an action and can often have very strong positive or negative impact on others. Spiritual beliefs have a strong impact on how well one is able to act especially when under pressure. People will often freely let you know what they believe,  and it is of positive benefit to oneself to try to find people to associate with who have spiritual beliefs that help them to better function in a positive way in this challenging reality we exist in. A lot of spiritual beliefs tend to discriminate against certain parts of our physical reality we exist in. When one’s beliefs discriminate against certain parts of our reality, not only do they make it harder for you to handle these parts of this reality, but you will discriminate against(be insensitive to)those who are being strongly impacted by this part of our reality.

For example some people believe that “time” can eventually be spiritually escaped from. This belief discredits the value of time in the spiritual scheme of things. Having a past to learn from, a present to apply ones actions to, and a future to improve upon gives people purpose. Some people survive, not because the present is so wonderful, but because they can envision ways to contribute to making for a better future. It takes time to train oneself to be more capable in any area including the spiritual. Some people may want instant gratification and not have to look to the future for results. But purpose comes from having a goal to aim for in the future. A person will often put up with an awful lot of hardship over time in order to prepare/train themselves and then climb to the top of some “mountain” representing some very worthwhile goal or achievement. So many really great achievements happen in this world by people who have really big goals that take a lot of time an effort to accomplish. Those with the most spiritual strength of character understand how valuable time is, and would not have spiritual beliefs that devalue its importance. Just feeling good in the present without having any desire to achieve something of value is not to me a very healthy spiritual state to be in.

Spiritual beliefs that value this challenging physical reality we exist in right now an awful lot, and that help people to put all of their focus on having a positive spiritual impact on this challenging reality will be the beliefs that one can rely on to perform in a way to bring about the more positive outcomes.   We live in a world that has a lot of serious problems and unhealthy conditions that are rooted in the inadequate spiritual state this world is in.  Not only is it important to be in a healthy spiritual state individually, but it is also to be contributing to improving the spiritual state the world around you is in.  Of course if one is in a healthy spiritual state one will automatically feel the need to do what it takes to contribute positively spiritually to the world one exists in.

The spiritual is very much powered by emotions.  A whole spectrum of emotions exist.  How well one acts will be very much determined by how well one can direct what ever emotion one is affected by in a positive/healthy spiritual/physical direction.   One needs spiritual beliefs that value this whole  spectrum of emotions.  Emotions are neither positive or negative in themselves, but are useful spiritual tools that we just need to figure out how to properly use.  Different circumstances in this challenging physical reality require different emotions to effectively deal with them.  Since in the present different people will be dominated by different emotions, being able to comfortably deal with differing emotions will help one to better interact with these people affected by them. Here is my blog post dealing with the value of the spectrum of emotions:


The importance of time and space to the oneness of our physical/spiritual reality

One has to understand the physical spiritual connection and the degree of oneness in the interaction between the spiritual and the physical. One can not eliminate the affects the rules that impact our physical reality have on how our spirit operates.. We can not escape space or time and its impact on us, since they are vital to how our reality works. The spirit is dependent on the physical world and can not escape this vital connection.

Some spiritual belief systems tend to focus on escaping from this physical reality which is not a healthy thing for the spirit to do.  Time(a vital part of our physical reality) is so important to ones sense of purpose and spiritual effectiveness. One can not train to be good at anything without putting the required time in. Time give one an identity gotten from what ones past experience have made us into. Time gives us a present in which we depend on our past experiences and training to make the most of what we are able to achieve. And a future that gives us something that we can aim for and give us a sense of purpose. It is hard to know where one is heading if one does not anticipate what would be a good next/future step.
Tuning out from time and space may temporarily remove a lot of the pressures of life, but it is disorienting and is not good for helping one to better cope with the reality one exist in right now and will continue to exist in regularly in the future. Being able to really focus on the time and space one is moving through is very important when one is trying to make the most of the challenges that are part of life. Being disoriented in time and space is not a safe place to be spiritually when one is facing challenging circumstances.Even when the spirit leaves its body, it needs to know where it is at and not become disoriented. A spirit that is trained to be well oriented within our physical multiverse while being incarnated will be a more oriented spirit when it leaves its body and is trying to find the right situation for its next incarnation.

The way the spirit operates within the rules of our physical reality

This post represents my speculation on the spirit and how it operates independent of a body based on my intuition and understanding of how our reality works.  I do get a lot of information about how the spirit operates from my dreams in my sleep.  I believe that ones spirit does often leave the body in ones sleep.  That we can gain a lot of insight from our dreams about how the spirit operates.  Spiritual training I believe also helps an awful lot to help one to better connect with the spirit world(that is located in the same time and space as the physical world and constantly interacts with it) and understand what is happening there while one is dreaming.

The spirit after leaving its body at death has to find the type of body that it has experience in operating. It has certain genetic requirements necessary to meet its needs. Some spirits are more specialized than others and have to have bodies that meet more specialized genetic requirements. Spirits can not escape the time and space they exist in. They do exist in a time and space when incarnated in a body, and when they leave their body must travel from the point they leave the body through space in order to get to another location. The spirit is less limited in some ways when it is without the weight of a body and can travel a lot more quickly and readily through space. But, it still takes time for the spirit to travel through space even when the spirit is not burdened with the weight of being connected to a physical body.. It is hard for a spirit(even without body) to travel through areas of space it is not familiar with.

Most spirits tend to become quite attached to the location they have become familiar with. Most spirits are not that adventurous or willing to deal with a great deal of change, so they tend to stay put to quite a degree. A spirit that becomes a ghost will tend to become really attached to a location. Of course if a crisis hit they would be impelled to accept change in order to continue to have their needs met as to being able to find a suitable body and habitat to meets its vital needs. The multiverse does vary spiritually from one place to another. The spirit would have to be quite motivated to go to places that are quite different spiritually than their present location. Spirits have relationships with other spirits that will often have to be left behind when a spirit decides to travel to a place quite a distant from their current location.
With the motivation of an emergency a group of spirits can more readily travel together further through space in order to find a new location to incarnate into. Spirits do have to travel through the space between different locations within the multiverse. They can not jump from one place to another without covering the territory occurring between locations. Just because a spirit leaves its physical body, does not mean the rules that govern this multiverse no longer apply. Even when the spirit leaves the body in dreams at night, it still has its limitations

The Importance of Time to Our Reality

TIME is related to the physical side of our reality. If we were able to escape from the influence of the physical completely time would lose its importance. Some people do not value the resistant and challenging physical part of our reality that much and would like to be able to escape from this part of our reality and some of the laws related to it which include time. I believe that the physical aspect of our reality is extremely vital and we need to make the most of it and the challenges it poses and the strength that comes from it. With this strength comes a past that is unable to be altered after it has happened. Because the past can not be altered, we have a present that is stable and reliable to a considerable degree and that we can apply what we have learned from the past to, so that we can create a better future.

I believe the strength, stability, reliability, and purpose that our physical reality gives us is vital to our reality and vital to our spirit’s well being. I believe we do not escape the consequences of our actions by escaping time. That we will continuously face the consequences of our actions through time not only within our present life, but beyond this life. That the physical multiverse will continuously exist always providing spirits with the strength, reliability, and stimulation that incarnating in physical worlds provide us with.

I believe that a lot of spirits will tend to get attached to a particular planet in this multiverse and continuously reincarnate there so as to provide spiritual continuity there. It would be quite chaotic, if too many of the spirits on a planet came from other planets and were not attached to the past here and the traditions that exist here. Most spirits do tend to get attached to their physical location and to the traditions associated with a location. How a spirit acts when incarnated in this present life, will tell a lot about how the spirit will act through a series of lives. Most spirits do not change rapidly, as is indicated by how hard it is for people to change spiritually. Spiritual change or inner change takes a lot of time and effort due to the strength in which people hold on to their core beliefs.

. Those who do really challenge themselves intensely spiritually and use really difficult and intense spiritual transformation/development techniques to alter their inner being can go through quite rapid spiritual change. Most people do not go through rapid spiritual change unless their physical environment forces them to do this. Rapid spiritual change often requires a crisis in order to motivate someone to see that this type of change is required. Our very vital physical part of our reality provides us with these crises to help our spirit change and become more advanced/capable/aware spiritually and also with the means to transform our self using meditative techniques, diet, deep thinking, and a testing ground that can be used to test how well our beliefs and spiritual state does when strongly challenged over a period of time.

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