Change in my new very advanced Astrology System

My astrology system is not mythology based like the traditional kinds created before science gave us the knowledge of what we were actually looking at in the sky! I actually have to have reasons behind the theories that I come up with to support it! It is a spiritual system, so I also have to have my intuition well tuned in spiritually so I make really good assumptions as to what is most likely true spiritually! I developed really advanced/difficult meditative exercise techniques over the 3 decades I was also developing my new astrology system to help me become tuned in enough spiritually to handle the extremely difficult task of developing an astrology system able to help people to individually and collectively handle the intense spiritual demands of the extremely challenging highly advanced technological age we now exist in!
This is my latest astrology chart change! I changed the orb for the aspects I use(00, 90,180&270 degrees)to 30 degrees! Maximum possible orb is 45 degrees! Theory is based on dividing maximum possible orb into 3 categories: making 0 to 15 degrees=above normal strength, 15 to 30 degrees normal strength and 30 to 45 degrees below normal strength! I then eliminate below normal strength as not strong enough to count on chart resulting in Orb of 30 degrees!!

Value of inner and outer debates in order to get more of a handle on the truth!

I debate the value of my ideas within myself and with others! I appreciate those who can handle a rational debate on where the truth most likely lies. I am into spiritual growth, not just acceptance of ideas that a lot of people are overly attached to without much thought as to the real value they have in helping them perform well in this very complicated technological age we now exist in. People often think they have more of a handle on the truth than they actually have. Life is a complicated puzzle that will never be completely figured out. Mystery will always exist, which is a good thing! It takes a hard mental and spiritual effort to get more of a handle on what is true in any area one wants to excel in. Not questioning things or debating things is an approach that keeps people from understanding any subject more deeply! Some people just want to be around those who agree with them, and demonize those who do not! The truth is complicated, and requires the ability to see things from many sides and angles! I stay clear of people who stifle discussion!

YouTube videos on advanced spiritual theories and techniques

I do get affected by the lack of response to the YouTube videos I am helping to create and posting that I know have really good content. I just channel my frustration into training even harder spiritually. I know most people are not that willing or able to handle more of the truth, and prefer to stay within their comfort zone. But, I am trying to reach the few who really appreciate the need to advance further spiritually as individuals and as a society. People tend to fear the unfamiliar especially in our permissive and indulgent world where addictive energies tend to dominate and hold people into spiritual mindsets that support the spiritual status quo on this Earth at this time. People often put spiritual blinders on and refuse to see the connection between antiquated /autocratic spiritual beliefs and the messed up spiritual state this world is in.

Personally due to my really tough and effective spiritual training, I have my desires and emotions well under control, unlike almost everyone else in this world. Violence and abuse of all kinds along with the harmful addictive energies that create the spiritual insensitivity and incompetence that continue this harmful behavior will continue until people are willing to do the required hard spiritual work to improve the spiritual state they are in and this world is in. We will not be able to properly address the serious problems that exist in this technological age we now live in, if we are unable to find a way to get more out of ourselves spiritually.

This area, spiritual development, is the area I have specialize intensely in my whole life. I am really good at it, but the reason this world is so backward spiritually is because the resistance to spiritual growth on this planet is very strong. Addictive/autocratic type beliefs just make it really difficult for more effective spiritual theories and techniques to not only be developed, but find a receptive audience. Often receptivity to that which is new spiritually happens only when a crisis nudges people out of their comfort zone. We need individuals to advance ahead of the curve spiritually, so when a world wide crisis does happen we will have leaders to help those who are less prepared spiritually to transform in the way required to survive the crisis and help the world to reach the level of spiritual maturity required to address the serious problems this highly advanced technological age challenges us with. We can have a much better world than we now have, but we must be mature enough spiritually in order to do what it takes to bring this about.

Here is a link to the YouTube videos where I present my advanced spiritual ideas and theories:

Here is a link to my extremely effective meditative exercise I have developed and utilize:

Did alien technology develop amazing ancient structures?

No, ancient man was extremely capable with their own tools and knowledge. We have to depend on ourselves to make things happen on this planet, and we are very capable when we focus hard on what we do. It is easy to let ones imagination go wild when the facts are not clear enough. People who readily believe in wild conspiracy theories or stuff that is not supported by enough reliable evidence are not going to be interested enough in the spiritual theories, and techniques that I developed through a life time of effort. People often put their spiritual energy into supporting strange beliefs that do not have enough solid evidence to rely on. I could not have developed a new astrology system if I did not train myself really hard spiritually to have a very strong connection to reality. Delusional energy is very prevalent in this world that is so backward spiritually.

I am very serious and intense for good reason!

I tend to respond to everything seriously. Although I do sense the humor in things. I am very much a stoic and tend to focus very much on a survival level, since that is what makes me really effective spiritually, which I require in order to maintain a presence in this world and continue with my purpose. I push the edge everyday, so this make me very tough and serious spiritually, which I require to survive and work hard to straighten out this world spiritually.

I am preparing to get a website ready to reach people with the type of very tough and effective spirituality that I feel this world badly needs. The success of the website is dependent on me having something to offer that the world really needs to deal with the serious issues that exist here. The website keeps being delayed, so I am always trying to get even stronger so as to feed more energy into helping the people working on it to finish their job.

My life(living conditions) always has challenges in the present that remind me how I must always stay vigilant and maintain an intensely sober attitude. I meditate to keep things in my life from falling apart and to make the needed progress to keep my mission and survival in this world continuing.

The spiritual is powered by passion and I need to have the type of serious passion that will make a difference in this world while I present advanced spiritual training techniques and the theories that must come with them to a world that is quite backward spiritually when it comes being able to handle the problems of a technologically(scientifically)advanced age. I survived the 65 years on this planet because of my strong purpose that goes beyond just myself spiritually. I had to develop myself spiritually in order to do something to straighten out a world that I personally felt the spiritual inadequacies that exist here.

Here is a link to my bog post on meditative walking that also deals with other forms of effective meditation:…

Why Do People Face So Much Abuse/Victimization? Karma?

Some people do not like the idea of Karma or Reincarnation because they do not believe anyone deserves to be born with certain disabilities or conditions that make their life extremely rough, or be the victim of terrible crimes etc.  I believe we have these primitive/harsh conditions in this world because we have not advanced this far spiritually here on this Earth at this time.  We have improved on a lot of the really harsh physical conditions that we faced in the past, as a result of our technological advances.  We have conquered a lot of disease and have made our homes more comfortable and have added a lot of useful labor saving devices.  But, we have not really done that much to improve in the spiritual area in regards to our spiritual ideas/beliefs(that really affects how well we are able to behave) as we have done in regards to our ideas/beliefs in the scientific area.  I strongly believe that this world is really messed up spiritually and we really need to improve on our spiritual beliefs, and practices/training so that we will live in a world with less abuse and unhealthy conditions that are rooted in the spiritual and how well human behave spiritually.

Terrible things happen everyday in this world and still people hold on the the primitive beliefs of the past that often have a certain acceptance of brutality built into them. A GOD that is autocratic(all powerful)and  believes in eternal torture without hope is really the most abusive GOD one could conceive of.   We can certainly improve our understanding of God and reality, and become more responsible in regards to our important spiritual role we play in improving the spiritual conditions around us.  Some religious/spiritual beliefs tend to be too passive and accepting of what abusive/harsh things are happening in this world and tend to de-emphasize the importance of this physical world we exist.  We need to stop being so passive spiritually and start really making an effort to bring real spiritual change not only to ourselves, but to the world around us.  We need to realize that we really do not know much about the spiritual at this time and need to start doing the really hard spiritual research to figure out what spiritual beliefs/ideas will help to improve the conditions we exist in in this world the most.


Spiritual beliefs run really deep, so do not change easily  It takes really hard inner work in order to change ones inner spiritual programming/beliefs.  That is why it often takes a crisis or really rough circumstances for individuals to be willing to change what they believe and for collective spiritual beliefs changes to happen.  I know from personal experience that It is rough having certain disabilities that make surviving in this current world extremely difficult I would not be able to push the edge as well as I can if my life had been easy and I was not so aware by personal experience how abusive/harsh a world we live in and how desperately it needs to advance to a better place spiritually.

Primitive type spiritual/religious beliefs lead to primitive spiritual/physical conditions and the abuse/hardships that come with it. We live in a fertile spiritual environment for all sorts of really messed up individuals to grow in and for cycles of abusive behavior to continue over and over again. We really need change to happen in this world, and often the people who help make this change are themselves the victims of abuse or those really hurt by having someone close to them be victimized. Sometimes people are victims of disease or tragedies that we really need to address.  People who face tragedy often do really valuable things in this world by taking on causes to try to prevent similar tragedies.  They can gain in empathy and become much stronger and better characters as a result of facing such a trial or person crisis.  Facing a crisis or tragedy can be really rough on a person, but can lead them to changing into a more valuable person spiritually and give them a valuable spiritual purpose to their life.  Crisis is often so valuable in helping people to advance spiritually.  We really need to  advanced spiritually a lot more individually and collectively so we will be able to do an awful lot to make this world a healthier and less abusive place to live both physically and spiritually.

Energy, Technology, Our Economy, and the Need for Spiritual Advancement

We are going to keep using our oil, coal, and gas resources for quite some time into the future. With the state of our world’s economy we are going to have to use what energy resources we have to get out of the mess we are in.  Alternative energy will keep developing also and play its role along with the development  more of our oil, coal, and gas resources.   The United States will also need to keep developing all of its own energy resources in order to improve its economy through gaining more energy independence.   It is true we need to advance further spiritually in this world  so that we will become better at sharing the world’s resources(including energy) with less fortunate countries and people.  We do need  to be careful about demonizing certain industries(coal, oil, nuclear)  and all the people in it. This world would not have advanced as far as it has technologically if it were not for oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power.

The greenhouse affect is being exaggerated by certain people who have an agenda. It is a problem to quite a degree, but not an unsolvable one. I think we will be able to geoengineer the climate in the future to quite a degree and also find ways to lessen how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. I do not believe we will stop using our fossil fuels when they are so cheap and abundant. We have huge amounts of natural gas and coal, as well as still having quite a bit of oil left. A lot of products we use are made from petroleum.

Our climate has naturally gone through periodic ice ages and may have been headed for another one, if we had not started adding so much greenhouse gas to our atmosphere. Nature can be brutal and often man has to figure out how to tame it to some degree so as to make life more comfortable and healthy. Progress is never perfect, but usually the good out weights the bad. And often an attempt to improve things may not go very well at the beginning, but with further work and tweaking will bring a lot better results in the future than if no attempt to improve things was attempted in the first place. I am into being innovative and looking for reasonable solutions. I certainly do not see using Ox power(an idea mention by a person I know) as a reasonable solution to the worlds energy needs in the future.

        This world is very complicated, but we can if we become more capable spiritually be able to handle this complexity and the serious problems that come with it. But, we will need to start really advancing in the spiritual area and become more willing to let go or improve upon the spiritual ideas of the past. We have so much more to learn about the spiritual and we need to start working really hard to start making some progress in this area. Science has advance so much in recent times, but the spiritual has been resistant to change and having improvements and advancement made in that area.   We can do a lot to improve our spiritual beliefs/programming(understanding of the spiritual)and spiritual practices/training.  One can only become really good at anything with proper training and programming.Spiritual people need to work with science and technology and the industries related to them, rather than just constantly demonizing them.
    We can do a lot of value spiritually if we work in cooperation with others and have the spiritual strength and awareness to be able to deal with the complexity and intensity of the problems that come with our age and the people who are contending with these problems. The solutions will not be easy, and will require a multifaceted approach. We have to much polarization in this world today, and this is making solutions to our serious problems so much more difficult. We need to start looking for the degree of truth that can be found in all the points of view presented when ever we are trying to find a workable solution to a problem
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