Thought about my current spiritual/physical situation in this world

Last night I managed not to injure myself using a dolly to bring in a heavy potted small tree from outside to protect it from the frost.  It had been brought in earlier, but was put out again since we had an extended period of frost-less days following a really early frost(in the San Antonio TX area).    I am not much into pets, whether they be animal or plant.  But have my duties to take care of my sister’s.  I do not believe my sister was aware we were likely to have a frost, which we did!

I am currently not speaking to my sister(who I live with-my previous blog post give other details pertaining to my current precarious situation) and avoiding being around her as much as possible.  After a verbal  interaction regarding a problem that occurred,  I decided that was the  approach I had to take.  It may not be a very good option, but sometimes ones options are very limited.  I have to always do what it takes to avoid abusive situations that can harm my ability to function the way I need to in order to survive.  I feel I have often had to invest a lot of my spiritual energy to maintain the conditions I require to survive and continue my life’s purpose.

People with very entrenched spiritual beliefs(not very open to improving on them). are not going to understand someone who is “differently able” like me with specialized creative spiritual abilities.  Often those who have too much confidence in the value of their spiritual beliefs will be friendly to a person they are unable to understand,  because they believe they can convert them to their beliefs and thus solve that person’s problems.  I feel a lot of people are friendly to me because they feel I am a good candidate to convert to their autocratic type spiritual ideology.

Family members can feel obligated to help other family members with the hope to convert  them to their spiritual beliefs that they are overconfident as to their benefits.  Often people abuse people because they are unable or willing to improve on their spiritual beliefs so they can understand them. Love without understanding does not work well and often leads unknowingly to abusing others.  It can take a lot of spiritual energy to keep from being abused when around someone that thinks they know best, but do not due to their lack of understanding.

  • Thomas Goodwin "astrogoodwin"

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