How we envision God affects our spiritual effectiveness on this Earth

I feel as one become more tuned in spiritually how you picture God will change. We need to feel more empowered spiritually in this world in order to become more responsible here for the spiritual state this world is in! The vision of an all powerful autocratic God just does not help us advance enough further spiritually which we badly need to do in order to positively transform a world that badly need to be! We have to see us as the front line spirits that have an awful lot of impact on the world we exist in and then develop ourselves to perform our role better! We have to see our physical universe as being very vital to us spiritually in order to put enough of our spiritual energy into improving the part of this universe we now exist in! Every united component of our reality has a spirit and so the physical universe as a whole must have one. I believe we as advanced individual spirits must nurture both the physical world we live in and the spirit that maintains it in order to make things work well spiritually here. But, we can only properly nurture that which we really appreciate the value of and that we understand really well!

Being individual front line spirits we are able to use the unique abilities we can develop spiritually to make quite a difference in the universe we are part of! Being incarnated in a physical body in a challenging physical world enables us to develop really great guiding spiritual theories and training techniques that can greatly increase our spiritual capabilities to impact the universe we are part of. When we make ourselves a lot less important in this world by making God play too strong a role we really weaken our spiritual effectiveness. When God is envisioned as so powerful that only God is considered eternal, this really weakens us! But, when we see us as eternal advanced individual spirits that play an extremely important role in how our universe and its spirit(God) functions, we really empower ourselves and enable us to value the need to make the effort to develop further so that we can play this vital role. We have made such advances in recent centuries in the areas of science and technology in this world and need to now do the same in the spiritual area. We can not do this if we do not see how much we are capable of spiritually and belittle the power we have in this universe! We can do really amazing things spiritually in this challenging physical world when we function as advanced individual spirits with the collective oneness that can come from getting a lot more out of ourselves spiritually as separate advanced individual spirits.



The physical-spiritual connection and delusions

It is so important that one develops a strong spiritual connection to the challenging physical reality one exists in right now on this Earth! Spiritual strength comes from this connection with this resistant substance that challenges us and brings out more of what we are capable spiritually. We need to be focused on the hard reality that this physical substance provides. Spiritually what we put our energy into becomes real to some degree. The problem is that if what we put our energy into spiritually does not align well with the physical reality we are all spiritually connected to, then it takes a lot of extra energy into it to support it! The more delusional a belief, the more energy is wasted supporting that belief and the less one is able to maintain a strong grip on the hard reality we are part of. People who are quite delusional in what they believe spiritually can be quite confident in their beliefs especially if they are part of a group or organization that helps support that delusional belief.

In times of crisis is when beliefs(spiritual theories) get really challenged as to how well they actually work. Those who train their body hard doing exercises that improve the physical-spiritual connection require spiritual theories that really enhance their connection to reality in order to do them and do them safely! Doing spiritual crisis style training helps one to get a stronger spiritual connection to reality so that one will be drawn to spiritual theories that really work well in our reality. Actions and results count a lot in this challenging reality we are part of. Those who actually do the hard work required to become strong and aware spiritually can become really confident spiritually as a result of how well their training works and how well they know they can perform in a crisis situation. People who are delusional can project a lot of confidence and be quite arrogant, but are very reliable when really challenged and the bubble they created to protect their delusion is threatened.
This world is heading toward a crisis, since we are not facing reality well enough in a technological age that demand so much more out of us spiritually than any previous period in our history on this Earth! We need to advance a lot more spiritually so that we develop the spiritual maturity(grip on reality)required to effectively deal with the serious problems that exist in this world. When scientific advancement gets ahead of our spiritual maturity to handle it, we must advance further spiritually or we will be in deep trouble. We really need to develop more rational, reality based spiritual theories that help us to better cope with the intense challenges that now exist on this Earth. We really need to become a lot less delusional spiritually.

The spiritual needs to break away from antiquated addictive divisive autocratic types ideologies/religions

We need a type of spirituality in this world that is not organized like our religions are. We need to deal with the spiritual in a similar way as we deal with its opposite Science. Science is able to keep developing better theories and understanding of how this physical world actually operates. The spiritual can do the same in regard to constantly working to develop better theories and techniques that will enable individuals to focus more on getting the most out of themselves, and be less adversely affected by addictive type desires for indulgences of various kinds, that harm their ability to put more of their passion into directions that can actually make a positive difference in their life, and also contribute to making this world a better/healthier place to exist in. Science does best when dealing with the physical and the spiritual does best when dealing with the human factor. A lot of occupational fields deal in areas that combine physical factors with spiritual/human factors. Science needs to work more with the Spiritual in the future, as these two opposing areas do best when working cooperatively together.

This world is obviously not doing very well spiritually at this time with all the terrible wars and abusive behavior of all kinds that exist here. It is hard to change deeply entrenched spiritual beliefs that have been around a very long time, but it can be done. We just need to develop the spiritual strength, awareness and maturity to do this. Our technology and the science behind it can only be handled well when we have developed the spiritual maturity needed to do so!

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Academia really needs to get its act together spiritually

The find the media tend to have a certain sort of arrogant mindset that tend to make them have a hard time not spinning their news stories. I find a lot of academia tends to also be very affected by the type of arrogant spiritual mindset that tends to dominate in this world at this time. A lot of academic degrees are not that practical(useful) and cost an awful lot of money to obtain.

I speak from the position of someone who is self educated and in which academia was not good at all at serving my needs. I have not had the ability to arrogantly rest on some sort of academic degree, so I always have to demonstrate my intellectual intensity and capabilities when ever I connect with people, and expect them to do the same. I am really good at doing research which is easier these days because of the internet, and because I am well trained spiritually(which trains me to have a really strong spiritual/intuitive grip on reality), I can really sense which sources are more reliable and which are not. So as a result, I find so much information on the internet, and in this world in general is not that reliable.

The spiritual underlies everything, and those who are quite aware spiritually should be able to see how backward we are spiritually especially reflected in academic fields that are not the type based on hard science. Hard science deals with the physical in which experiments tends to get such reliable results that one can base technology on and expect the same consistent results every time. A chemical reaction will tend to happen the same way each time when the conditions are similar. Bridges and concrete objects have to be built based on hard science in order to stand the test of time.

A lot of academic fields are very much impacted by the spiritual which represents the human factor with the emotions and desires that can bias the results. Until we advance further spiritually on this planet, we will have serious problems in which academia’s elite will be unable to provide adequate help in dealing with, This is due to their spiritual limitations brought on by their lack of effective spiritual training(with the advanced spiritual theories that must come with this) in order to provide them with the core spiritual strength and awareness required to help them mobilize more of their mental capabilities.  Here is a link to an effective spiritual-physical training technique  I developed:

We need to end the cycle of abuse in this world!

We live in a world that is so messed up spiritually that it will produce a lot of really messed up individuals. A cycle of abuse will move from one generation to another. This cycle of abuse has to be stopped! Those who have been abused can not use it as an excuse to continue this cycle, but need to make the effort to change it starting with themselves. If we do not deal with the spiritual roots of this problem this problem will continue no matter how many people we lock up so as to prevent them from harming others. We must lock them up once they are caught doing harmful abuse especially sexual abuse, but the out of control desires that are the root of so many of the problems in this world need badly to be addressed. We are so backward spiritually on this planet, so it is not surprising to me that we have such terrible wars and abuse of all kinds happening on this planet.

What people do not understand is the spiritual is able to do amazing things, but only if we advance a lot further in our understanding of it. Science has advanced a lot in recent times and amazing result have come from it, although not always applied very well due to our lack of spiritual maturity. We can advance in a similar way in the spiritual area, provided we are willing to challenge and improve the spiritual beliefs and techniques that dominate our world today. It is not easy to improve the spiritual conditions that exist on this Earth, but it needs to be done if we are to be able to address the serous spiritual problems that come with this highly advanced technological age we now exist in.

Hedonism often comes with the overly materialistic focus that the development of advanced technology tend to create. Spiritual development/advancement is so needed so that we develop the strength spiritual focus required to help us better handle our desires so that we can direct them in healthier directions rather than direct them in a way that creates self abuse and the abuse of others as is currently happening so much in our current world.  Here is a link to a very effective spiritual training technique:

We need more spiritual expertise on this planet, and need the media to be more of a factor in helping this happen!!!

I am in #Houston trying to get my very unique and valuable spiritual beliefs and techniques to the public. I have always been unfairly discriminated against for being “differently or uniquely abled” in this world. The media tends to be locked into a certain mind-set that screens out people like me and deems me as not worthy of accessing the real freedom of speech that only being on the public airways can provide. The media is controlled by certain interests(often interested in maintaining the “status quo” that help finance them). The religious/spiritual status quo is also hard to go up against with authoritarian religions that think they are connected perfectly with perfect divine/spiritual sources also are interested in not allowing an innovative/creative spiritual type person like me get in a position to “rock the boat”.


I have spiritual beliefs that are geared to help those with the most challenging of spiritual/psychological/emotional problems and to help deal with the serious problems in this world that are so emotional/spiritually charged! The spiritual is powered by the emotions and a person with true spiritual expertise is able to handle the whole spectrum of emotions in a positive way. People sometimes glorify certain emotions and give them and overly positive spin, while demonizing others. But, all emotions exist for a purpose and can be of great value when directed in a constructive positive way.


My beliefs are designed to help people handle the roughest physical/spiritual states a person can face in this very challenging physical reality we exist in. They are not beliefs that devalue the importance of this physical reality we exist in and the challenges it poses to us spiritually. A spirit can not be strong or function really well without being in a challenging environment. Tough spiritual training techniques(like the ones I have developed and train myself with)help one to become able to handle extremely tough physical/spiritual states, so that one will be able to better perform spiritually in the field(real life). Good training is suppose to prepare one to have the professional skills to be able to better contribute in ones field of expertise to others who can benefit from it, and to making the world a better place by so doing.


Science does not have all the answers, and often intrudes to much in areas that are spiritual in nature and not that easily dealt with with their scientific methods/techniques. The field of psychology is dominated by the spiritual, and the field of medicine is greatly affected by the spiritual. We need really badly to advance further in the spiritual area, so that we can keep science from dominating areas that should be the territory of those who have really advanced spiritual training. We need to advanced spiritually to the point that we all become “spiritually independent” and able to search for the best spiritual beliefs and techniques and not be controlled by authoritarian spiritual ideology dominated by “bigger than life” historical/mythological figures/individuals from the past. Being divided by differing spiritual ideologies/mythologies, has harmed our spiritual advancement on this planet, science does not have all these differing ideologies to deal with and is able to be a united field searching for the truth about our physical universe. The spiritual need to advance so it can take a similar approach as science while using effective spiritual methods to discover what works the best to effectively improve the spiritual conditions that exist on this planet and solve the serious problems that exist here to quite a degree that have their roots in the spiritual. So many problems could be better address in this world if people developed further spiritually so that their emotions and desires could better be harnessed to bring positive constructive results rather than tending to sabotage our attempted to improve the state this world is in.

Our ability to understand and connect to the physical reality we exist in enables us to advance further spiritually

In the modern age we understand the physical reality(as a result of hard science) we exist in a lot more than in the past.  This can give us quite an advantage when it comes to our ability to advance further in the spiritual area.  In the past, a lot of mythology existed that filled the void that existed due to the lack of hard knowledge about the world we existed in.  The religions(spiritual beliefs)of those times were very much limited by this lack of understanding of the physical world and the mythology  that existed then as a result.  Mythology can have an addicted affect and be hard to wean oneself from, since that which is programmed deeply within ones being is very difficult to alter!   Even today, people who see themselves as spiritual will often choose to disregard the value of credible scientists and buy into crazy/wild beliefs about the past or even the present that do not have enough hard facts to back them up.  Some people do not believe a man landed on the moon!  Others think past civilizations were as advanced as our present one!  Some people even believe aliens from outer space have had a lot of impact on our recent technological  advancements!  Often people will choose to quickly believe extreme(not very well researched) views about this reality  from those that are not accepted by the body of the most credible hard scientists.

Often religious/spiritual people will devalue the spiritual importance of the physical world they now exist in and depend on.  People who devalue the importance of the physical, not only will have trouble developing the will power to get their physical body in a really fit/health state with the improved brain function(including the spiritual/emotional parts of the brain), but also will have trouble having enough will power to take on and find ways to better deal with the very serious problems that exist on this Earth!  This physical world provide the necessary resistance to challenge us spiritually, and to test and develop our spiritual strength and awareness.  The physical world functions in a rational way,  and demands people to develop a higher degree of sanity in order to better understand it and function in it.

Mythology can very much infer with being logical/rational and sane.    It is true that the images we create and project spiritual can come alive and have a lot of spiritual impact.  These spiritual  images can become strong enough to be seen and even show up on film, but they are still spiritual manifestations, not physical ones and one has to be careful  to see them for what they really are. Often religions generate a lot of images(through the power of belief) that help to guide and inspire them spiritually to living a better life.  The spiritual is not concrete, so we must do the best we can to understand it using what images function the best when challenged by a logical physical world that we must contend with in order to grow further spiritually.

Some people will put animals and their pets on the same level spiritually as their fellow humans.  But, animals can not understand hard science enough to use it to help them function on a higher spiritual level.  But, that is not a problem for those that do not see the extra value of the human brain has in its capability to understand the physical world around them and affect it.  Even humans vary a lot in their ability to spiritually connect to the physical reality they exist in on a more advanced intellectual level.  Some people tend to dismiss the importance of the human mind spiritually and its ability to use reason to improve how one is able to functions spiritual.  But, without our ability to reason things out a lot better than animals can, the distance between us an animals become a lot less significant spiritually.  We need to have more of our spiritual focus on our fellow human beings and the serious problems that they face and create in this world.  We need to be careful about overly focusing on animals spiritually.  It is hard to connect with humans since they are very complicated,  but we must become better at this, if we are to improve on the spiritual state this world is in.

When it comes to developing better spiritual beliefs which are required in order to become a lot more developed and aware spiritually, only humans(on this planet)can do this, and then test them as to how well they help one to perform in this challenging resistant physical world we exist in.  Only humans can use really advanced meditative/spiritual-physical techniques/exercises to improve their physical/spiritual(emotional) health and will power.  Only humans can put themselves through extremely challenging physical-spiritual training that can test how well their beliefs function in helping one handle and perform when put in extremely challenging physical/spiritual states.  Physical-spiritual training helps one to better handle the toughest  physical-spiritual challenges life can present to us and to make sure one has beliefs that are good enough to help one handle these challenges.   Diet and physical exercise(especially cardiovascular) are also important as part of a physical-spiritual training program.   When one is really strong and aware spiritually, one will be well tuned into ones body and able to better do that which is  best for its physical and spiritual well being.  One proves how capable one is spiritually by how effective one can function in this very challenging physical world which is so full of serious/challenging problems that need to be better addressed.

Improving spiritual belief, the past, and science

I am very much into improving on the spiritual beliefs that have been passed down from the past. I believe the best spiritual beliefs tend to survive(provided they are effectively circulated so as to be adequately tested)because they work. It is often difficult to get people to be receptive to new spiritual beliefs, because people tend to become really attached to beliefs that they are familiar with, and that have a lot of support in this world. It is often comforting to people to have a similar mindset as others. Often people accept certain beliefs/theories about the past, that tend to limit there ability to explore, develop or be receptive to better/new spiritual beliefs. People will often believe that nothing new ever exists and that the ancients had all the spiritual wisdom anyone would ever need. They may even believe that aliens or some really advanced spiritual being(s)gave the ancients really special spiritual knowledge.

Often people will try to use science or a scientific approach to try to back up the spiritual beliefs they want to hang on to. But, the spiritual is not a science. A lot of things are not really thoroughly proven by science, because often not enough evidence exists. When the evidence is not very solid, people can come up with all kinds of wild theories that they feel fits what evidence does exist. A lot of people are always looking for some sort of extra validation to try to support in some way the spiritual ideology/beliefs they are attached to. We must understand that we can not get all the answers using a scientific approach, since sometimes the evidence is just not good enough. Often false evidence is manufactured or the evidence that exists can allow for many explanations. One just has to listen to an account of a crime investigation to see how easy it is to draw the wrong conclusions when one does not have really solid evidence.

I believe really strongly that the spiritual beliefs that help one to be able to better handle the big spiritual challenges/crises that one will face in this world are the ones that will be closest to the truth. That it is in this physical world we exist in that our spiritual beliefs are really tested as to how good they are in helping us deal with the very intense challenges that exist here. I believe really good spiritual training will be able to put one into really intense/challenging physical/spiritual states that will make one very aware of what spiritual beliefs are working for you and which are not. If one has not really ever been really challenged/tested as to  how well ones spiritual beliefs are able to handle great pressure/stress, then one can not really know how good they really work for you. I do really intense spiritual training, so I speak from personal experience.

I feel it is so important to understand that the spiritual and science are very different. That they must be approached in a very different way in order to make sense of what they focus on. That the material world needs to be studied quite differently than the spiritual is. That often science tries to get too much into the study of the human spirit(using the scientific method) as happens often in the field of psychology/mental health,  and those in the spiritual field often get too much in to trying to prove(look for support for)things/theories about the material world that can best be handled by science provided enough evidence exists.

The spiritual is non-material and deals with emotions.  The spiritual has a lot of impact on this world since it underlies all of reality and affects how well one can direct ones emotions and desires in a positive direction.  We are not just machines, but have a spirit with a lot of power to impact our reality spiritually.  Our mind needs to better figure out how the spiritual works, so that we can better interpret what is happening on this level and figure out how to be more effective in a positive way spiritually/emotionally.

Science vs Spiritual

We live in an age overly dominated by science and materialism. At this time science tends to be quite unified unlike religion(the spiritual)which now tends to be tribal in nature. We need to advance a lot further in the spiritual direction and become less divisive in this area. Spiritual divisiveness is leading to a lot of conflict in this world. If we got our act together spiritually and became more effective in this area, science would be forced to not discount the value of the spiritual so much. I tend to challenge science and the fields that claim to be based on science to some degree when they tend to devalue the importance of the spiritual and the role the spirit plays in regard to helping us behave sanely and in a healthy manner in this world.


Psychology is spiritual and people in this field need to be trained to be more capable in the spiritual area. Medicine has a very strong spiritual component which plays a very strong role in getting people to get on a good diet and exercise program so as to become really healthy. Meditative techniques can help one to heal oneself and become healthier. Effective spiritual beliefs play a strong role in helping one gain a stronger grip on reality, so that one will be motivated to act in a way that will make one healthier and more effective in this challenging physical world we exist in.

Science vs Spiritual: 2 very different fields

Science is not perfect, but it does keep working at improving. I wish we would work harder at improving our understanding about the spiritual. The spiritual area does tend to be more resistant to change than science is.  Science tends to have an external focus while the spiritual has a more inner focus. We have hard science and soft science. Science does best when dealing with material substances. The spiritual deal with the non-material.   Science is not so good when trying to deal with human beings and their differences. Science often tends to not understand its limitations and to discredit the spiritual side of life and its impact. 

On the other hand people who focus on the spiritual often are overly critical of science and tend to think that scientific laws can be circumvented through spiritual means or through the power of belief. The spiritual is not a science. This does not mean it does not work or is a pseudoscience. Science can not be used to make advances in the spiritual since inner(intuitive)work is required, but may be able to test how effective different spiritual beliefs/method help to improve people’s lives.

Knowing a certain amount about the physical universe and the problems of this world requires a certain amount of valid information with the help of science. The spiritual tends to be more (w)holistic(than science) so it has to use science in order to get the complete picture. Some people try to use not very good or misunderstood science to prove that their spiritual belief are valid. That is why we need to often fact check the validity of the science people claim backs up their beliefs by going to skeptic sites. We must do this because if less adequate spiritual beliefs are given extra credence, then more adequate differing beliefs will be not given the credence they deserve. Fraud and deception do occur at times in the spiritual field of study.

  • Thomas Goodwin "astrogoodwin"