Duality is what gives us spiritual strength! My training helps me handle the challenges and deepness that comes with this duality that is so important to our reality! Without duality nothing would exist! Some people are spiritually attracted to nothingness! I try to stay clear of delusional beliefs. I am trying to do something about how backward we are spiritually in this world and the unhealthy physical and spiritual consequences that result to the individuals who exist here and to the planet as a whole. LOVE vs HATE: We would not be able to exist spiritually if we did not have strong connections with other spirits. When we are between lives our deep connection with other spirits that are incarnated in different physical worlds help us to maintain our identity while we are without a direct physical connection ourselves. Love does draw us to the special bonds required in order to be reincarnated in a new life. But hate plays a role. We would hate to not have the healthy spiritual connection we require. We would hate anything that would destroy or harm that which we need to function as we desire. If we do not hate losing something we need, then we do not truly value it. The more you hate losing something the more you value it! You love what you value, you hate that which you see as harmful to you! Contrast is not easy for some people to handle spiritually, but handling contrast is what gives one spiritual strength!


The cycle of life and the spirits that are part of it are eternal!

      We have no creator! We(advanced individual spirits) are eternal! God is a universal spirit and no one can get a perfect connection to God. All human beings must do the hard spiritual work and deep thinking required in order to better tune into the universe and God and thus become really healthy spiritually/emotionally. mentally and physically as a result!. One can not handle the physical stress that comes with taking on a lot spiritually/emotionally if one does not find a way to become really healthy physically!
      Continuous reincarnation is the best spiritual theory for getting people to really value and be effective in their current reality they exist in, because they will just continue in it and its cycles for ever! No escape! So they better seriously face it and become good at handling it spiritually. That is why this theory is most likely the truth! Because it is the one that enables people to get the most out of themselves spiritually! It just works the best, and that is what counts the most spiritually. It is not just a make someone feel good theory like some type of drug!
      What happens when you die?? Your spirit goes into a dream like spiritual state! It is like going to sleep, but the dream state feels more real! Some people do not realize they are dead! I had too tell my brother while connecting to him in a dream that he was dead for a while after his death! The spirit will need to eventually wake up from this sort of extended dream state and be reborn in a physical world which has the intensity and challenges to bring out the most in the spirit. The continuous cycle of life and death and life again will not end! It is an extremely important cycle in our reality! Cycles are an important part of life and spiritual existence and we need to embrace their value in order to get the most out of our spiritual existence as advanced individual front line spirits within this extremely valuable universe we are part of and require as our habitat to make our existence possible!
     The spiritual requires intense effort rationally directed in order to become really good at it. One has to do the required work to earn the spiritual competence one desires. No human being is exempt from this. No short cuts or special favoritism from the universal spirit! All advanced individual spirits like us have to do the work required if they desire to become really capable in the spiritual area which is just another area one can specialize in!
     To become a spiritual specialist one has to become really intuned with ones physical body as it is ones most personal link to the natural world and thus the universe, so intense meditative training is required along with spiritual theories/programming that is good enough to enable one to handle such training by tuning one better into reality as represented by our universe and the universe’s spirit.. We need specialist in many fields to make our reality work really well! But, we all can work hard enough to become healthy enough physically and spiritually to meet our individual needs so that we can best contribute positively to this world in the unique way we are best able to!

Akashic Records as I tune into them

I am very well trained spiritually and have blog posts here on word press representing the type of training I developed and use.  I am very good at understanding spiritual mechanics due to 3 decades of this really intense training.  I understand that the spiritual works in a very serious way that enables this world to function very much to the degree that will meet our individual and collective needs.  We have to be careful about getting connected with any type of autocratic beliefs that claim to be perfect and thus can not be improved on.  People who claim to have perfect access to perfect information or sources will not be able to grow further.  When we stop growing spiritually we not only stagnate as to growing any further spiritually, but we project that spiritual attitude out to others and harm their further growth.  We live in a world in which the spiritual status quo is not good enough for the challenges it has now and in the future.  Being addicted to the spiritual theories of the past is not good enough in this highly advanced technological we now exist in.  We all need to up our game spiritually and not be so certain we know exactly how things work.  I develop spiritual theories that when used as inner guidance will help us to function better in this very challenging world we exist in.  Those who are really tuned in spiritually will see the value of my theories, or even find ways to improve them further.

I see the Akashic Records as a sort of compilation of all possible basic scenarios that could happen to an individual spirit while existing/incarnated in a physical world that are relevant to their spiritual growth and learning.  The Akashic Records would exist in the spiritual realm and would remain constant through time.  People making connection with the records would have the residual spiritual energy  within them related to their past existences that connect them to the scenarios in the Akashic Records that are relevant to them.   A good psychic can connect them with the scenarios that represent with enough accuracy what they went through in their past existences.  A lot of psychics will connect with the Akashic Records poorly and not really understand how they really work, and as a result will give more detail than is available from this source and also won’t tune into  it well enough as to get an accurate enough scenario.    Skeptics/researchers have checked on a lot of accounts of what psychics or hypnotists have found out about some people’s past lives where historical information was available and have found considerable amount of inaccuracies.  But, psychics don’t have to be perfectly accurate to represent a scenario that is useful to a person as to what happened to them in past lives.  Often the accuracy of details is irrelevant as to what information is required in order for someone to find it useful in order to learn what is needed to heal from a past trauma.

I believe there are memories when it comes to recent past lives that are still in circulation in this world outside of the Akashic Records that can be tuned into psychically to some degree of accuracy when the motivation and expertise is present to assess them.  Psychic often can pick up a lot related to the recent past by all sorts of means including even sometimes by actually connecting with key individuals spiritually some of which have recently passed away and they have actually been very helpful in criminal and other investigations.  The information really good psychics pick up about recent events or recent past lives can be very useful even if it is not perfectly accurate.  Hypnotism often is used to try to access this imperfect information, but hypnotism is only as good as the spiritual attunement of the hypnotist and the client.  Hypnotism has been shown to be very inaccurate at times and can often be very much abused with false memories being created when used by people to support their agendas as to getting the outcome they desire.

It takes a lot of good meditative/spiritual training to become a really clear medium or become really well tuned in and quite accurate as a psychic and not be distorting what they pick up as a result of their own spiritual biases or distorted perceptions of reality.  I believe the spiritual is a lot more complicated than most people believe and that we can develop a lot more expertise in this area.  As psychics(spiritual professionals) become more advanced in their understanding of spiritual mechanics and utilize more advanced spiritual/meditative training techniques, they will develop their intuition so as to become better at getting the degree of accuracy required to become a lot more helpful to those clients they serve.

The Akashic Records when accessed psychically also could present likely future scenarios a person is heading toward based on where their energy is at spiritually provide they do not alter their present course and their spiritual energy.  But although the past is over with and can not be changed, the future is something we can be creative with and do what it takes to create better outcomes by doing the extra work and research required to do so.  We can always create a better future, but the past is over and is really valuable when it comes to learning from its lessons and applying what one learns to creating a better future.  We can always have hope for a better future, provide we do the required hard work to achieve it.




Reincarnation – Empowering us spiritually

The spiritual theory of Reincarnation is empowering to us spiritually and make us more aware that our future is in our hands even beyond this life. That we as individual spirits are an important factor spiritually in making a positive difference in this challenging physical universe we are part of. That God(the universal spirit) is not autocratic and thus shares power with advanced individual spirits like us and we are responsible to continuously do our part spiritually as valuable assets on the front lines when incarnated in challenging physical worlds that can bring out the most in us spiritually. That escaping from dealing with the challenges this world deal us is not a smart option since we will face similar challenges in the future beyond this life and need to keep developing our coping skills and ability to contribute what we have of unique value.

Continuous reincarnation is the best spiritual theory for getting people to really value and be effective in their current reality they exist in, because they will just continue in it and its cycles for ever! No escape! So they better seriously face it and become good at handling it spiritually. That is why this theory is most likely the truth! Because it is the one that enables people to get the most out of themselves spiritually! It just works the best, and that is what counts the most spiritually. It is not just a make someone feel good theory like some type of drug!

Here is a link to a YouTube video in which I discuss this subject in more detail:



Spirits that connect with us and give us guidance

My belief in the vital/indispensable connection of the physical and the spiritual, and the importance of having the parts of the brain that deals with the spiritual very well trained through physical-spiritual exercises affects what I believe, and in turn help me to value these extremely rough&challenging exercises enough to put myself through them.

We attract kindred spirits(who are between lives)our way that will attach themselves to us, until they find a new body that fills their need in their next life. A spirit requires the part of the brain that deals with the spiritual to enable it to function(operating on the proper level that it needs to function at). When incarnated in the type of body with the proper brain for its spiritual requirements, the spirit is able to do a lot on its own in the physical world it is part of and has responsibilities toward. But, when the body loses its ability to support the spirit’s needs(through its spiritual brain function), it must abandon the body(let it die) and find another way to gain the connection with the physical machinery(brain function)to keep operating spiritually. Since a new body to meet its needs will not be immediately available, the spirit will temporarily find a kindred spirit to attach to that will share the needed brain function with them required to maintain their continued existence. In return this spirit can give one guidance, but will not be able to take over the body that one has obtained ownership/command of through growing up with it and developing it.

There exists spirits that are kept in existence by being fed by the power of beliefs of groups of like believers. These spirits will be connected to a number of spirits with brains with advanced enough spiritual function to support them. God is the necessary universal spirit that keeps our physical reality functioning well and is automatically supported by the spiritual parts of the brains of all biological bodies that have such function. My beliefs have been developed as a result of deep well reasoned spiritual thinking helped with the spiritual strength and awareness that my intense physical-spiritual training has provided me with.

Nobody has a perfect spiritual connection with God, and will connect with God and other spirits on the level they are capable of based on their spiritual development.  So the guidance one gets will only be as good as what our spiritual development enables.  Our intuition will never be perfect, but can be improved with proper training and then help us to connect with better spiritual guidance from what ever spiritual source we are able to make a connection with.

Death and the very important physical-spiritual connection

All my spiritual beliefs are designed to help people to have more of a spiritual focus on performing and contributing in this physical reality they now exist in and I believe will not be able to escape from. Spiritual beliefs that devalue the importance of this physical reality to the spirit I strongly believe weakens ones focus on making the most of ones existence here(on this Earth) and weakens ones ability to contribute to improving the spiritual-physical conditions that exist here. I do extremely difficult physical-spiritual exercises that put me in really intense/difficult spiritual states. I could not do these exercises without the intense spiritual focus that my belief in the value of the physical-spiritual connection provides. My intense spiritual training has helped me to improve on my spiritual beliefs an awful lot.

The vital importance of the physical-spiritual connection dominates my spiritual beliefs. I see the individual spirit as always requiring a connection to this physical reality that only the right type an organic physical body with a functioning brain(to fit its needs) can provide. I believe the spirit is dependent on the brain and the spiritual parts of it in order to be able to function. As long as the brain can function adequately the spirit can maintain existence in the body it incarnated into at birth. If the spirit leaves the body completely at anytime it will die. The spirit may find the body too hostile a place to inhabit and decide at that point to leave it. But, the spirit can not survive without being connected to a functional brain and often can not immediately reincarnate into the body and conditions it would like to, so it must find a temporary alternative solution. This is where connecting immediately after death with the body and brain of an incarnated kindred spirit comes in. The incarnated kindred spirit will temporarily sustain the spirit’s existence until a new body of the right type and circumstances can be found. One may need to jump from one incarnated kindred spirit to another at times, since one incarnated kindred spirit may not be a safe enough haven for a long enough time.

This physical reality of the type that exists on this Earth I believe is spiritually inescapable.

This is how I responded to a forum post at a spiritual site titled “The Earth is too negative” in which some one posted the popular belief that we should focus on escaping the cycle of reincarnation:

I believe reincarnation is a vital part of our reality. I do not see any need to attempt to escape from it. I believe the spirit requires a body in a challenging physical world in order to function at its best. I feel too many spiritual beliefs systems devalue(through the types of beliefs they accept) the importance of a challenging physical world(like the Earth)is to individual spirits like us. So I tailor my spiritual beliefs to make the physical(including having a link to an organic functioning body with function brain and spiritual center in it) indispensable to the spirit. I make sure I have no part of my being desiring anything other than existing and performing well spiritually in a challenging physical world which the Earth is the one I currently am on/in. I believe that the spiritual beliefs that are better at helping us focus and perform spiritually in this challenging physical world we exist right now will be the one closest to the truth.

I do extremely intense and difficult meditative and cardiovascular physical/spiritual exercises that put me in and train me to be able to handle the roughest physical/spiritual states(a sort of spiritual crisis training) that are possible for me. Since I have been focusing on increasing the strength of my spiritual-physical connection though this type of training for a very long time, I am very strong spiritually in connecting with and dealing with this physical reality I exist in right now. My spiritual focus is on improving on the spiritual beliefs and training techniques that exist on this Earth not agreeing with them. I have to have spiritual beliefs/programming that enables me to handle the really heavy doses of reality my training and the conditions that exist in this challenging physical world I exist in provide. As my training has improved and I have gotten better at it, my spiritual beliefs had to also improve so that I had the right mindset required to be motivated to do them and handle them. One can deal with an awful lot if one has spiritual beliefs that are good enough to motivate one to put up with the intense discomfort and difficulty that comes with really challenging spiritual-physical type training. One can train oneself spiritually to be a lot better able to handle and take on in a positive way the huge spiritual challenges that exist on this planet.

I realize that having a spiritual belief system that is constantly being updated with a focus on improving on the spiritual beliefs now existing, dominating and spiritually impacting this planet will not “resonate” well with those who are attached in a sort of unquestioning acceptance of some of those prevalent spiritual beliefs systems which often have popular websites one can visit on the internet in order to have ones spiritual beliefs supported and reinforced. I am a spiritual independent free to find/develop the best spiritual beliefs I am able without being held back by some “perfect” autocratic type spiritual ideology that is blindly accepted in a world where perfect spiritual sources/connections are believed to exist.

The spirit does well to be programmed spiritually in a way that makes it really value the importance of the physical.

I am very much into programming the spirit with better spiritual beliefs so that it can handle this challenging physical reality better. I do not believe that our(individual type)spirits are perfect. I believe what we do to improve ourselves spiritually will carry over to our next life as it does in our future in this life. I believe we only can reincarnate in to a body that we are comfortable with based on the type of body and mind we had in our previous life.


I believe that our spirit always requires a body of some type to exist and can not exist without one. That after death it may maintain its existence when searching for a new body by utilizing the body of a loved one or kindred spirit as a temporary safe haven. The spirit whose body one uses as a safe haven may feel your presence, but will should maintain control of their body and mind, since they have had many years developing that control.


Why do I tend to develop such spiritual beliefs. Because I have found that I needed to tailor my beliefs in such a way that the physical reality we exist in with the body that connects us with becomes extremely important to the spirit. If the individual type spirit can exist at any time without a connection to a body with a mind that matches closely to their needs, then that diminishes the value of the physical in the scheme of things. We need more of a spiritual focus on the physical world we exist in and I make sure all my beliefs enable us to better focus our spiritual attention there.


My astrology system is based on the spirit entering the body shortly after birth. Collective type spirits that exist without bodies I believe are projections of believers, dependent on believers for their existence and the spiritual ideas and energies they represent.

Reincarnation and valuing our challenging physical reality we exist in right now!

The reason I believe in reincarnation of the continuous kind is because having this belief help one to put more of one spiritual energy into the challenging physical reality we now are alive(incarnated) in.   If we believe that we must do our best to be effective in our current reality, because we will only face a similar reality in the future, then we will have more motivation to value and make the most of the challenges that come with it.   I believe the world we live in is not now in the best shape spiritual because the predominating spiritual beliefs that people believe  here tend not to place enough value on this world to motivate us to put in enough spiritual effort to transform it into a lot better place to incarnate into.

I strongly believe that the spiritual beliefs that are the most true are the ones that help us to be the most effective at coping spiritually with the challenges of the physical reality we exist in right now.  We need to become strong and effective spiritually in our current existence.  In my physical/spiritual training program, I do tend to push my limits spiritually and put myself in as difficult spiritual states as I possibly can.  When one puts oneself in extremely challenging spiritual states, one has to have spiritual beliefs that help one handle these states.   Inadequate spiritual beliefs will make it hard for one to handle or see the value of handling really tough and challenging spiritual states.   When coping with these very difficult spiritual states one will become more aware of which beliefs you have that are sabotaging(hindering)one ability to handle these states and preventing one from handling even more difficult spiritual states.

Transforming this physical world we exist in is not an easy thing to do.  One can not solve the serious problems that exist in this world unless we can handle the emotional/spiritual energy connected with them.   Often a very serious problem affects a lot of human being very intensity.  One has to be able to match the spiritual intensity that comes with a problem in order to constructively deal with it.  Often the reason serious problems are not dealt with that well is because people do not want to make the necessary sacrifices often required to do what it takes to change the conditions responsible for creating the problem.   People can learn to get pleasure from contributing to making this world into a better place, so that they are willing to give up on some of the things they now find pleasurable or are addicted to to quite a degree.  One can develop better habits that contribute in a more positive way to this world.  It takes work to improve ones habits/behavior and to improve on ones spiritual beliefs in order to help one do this.

With effort we can develop more rational spiritual beliefs, that will improve on our spiritual effectiveness in dealing with the challenging world we now all exist in.  We do not need to be addicted to the spiritual beliefs of the past, but can develop rational spiritual beliefs that will give us the required spiritual character and sanity to handle a really heavy dose of the type of reality we exist in in the present and will continue to exist in beyond this life.

After a discussion in a spiritual group, I decided I needed to ensure that my spiritual beliefs really emphasize the extreme importance to the individual spirit of having the appropriate physical(living)body in a physical world.  So, I now believe that individual spirits(like us)must always be connected to a physical body with a brain suited to its spiritual needs.   After death, however, the spirit may not always be able to find a new born baby that will meet its needs immediately. This problem can be resolved by the spirit temporarily becoming attached spiritually to the physical  body and brain of a loved one or kindred spirit or even the mother of a baby they are interested in.   I believe the human brain does have a part of it that focuses on the spiritual, and is very activated during near death experiences and altered spiritual states such as sleep.  I believe there is a really strong physical-spiritual connection with everything that is spiritual having physical components that enable the spiritual to function appropriately.

Collective type spirits often associated with religions that are created or maintained in the spirit world through the power of belief of individual spirits incarnated in physical worlds do not require physical bodies.  These collective type spirits are very dependent on believers in how they function and how well they function.  God has the body of the whole universe as God’s body.  It can be said that God is also powered by the power of belief of incarnated spirits throughout the whole universe, but this belief in God would be pretty much instinctual(in most individuals) as it would be vital to the survival of all individual spirits that depend on the universal spirit(God) to properly maintain the physical reality they depend on so heavily.

To ensure that the spirit  can always find a new infant body within this universe’s timeline, one would have to be able to reincarnate sometimes through out this vast universe(s)* when conditions or spiritual needs dictated this, and also be able to reincarnate into a less advanced life form than would be ideal when conditions force you to.  This is because really huge natural disasters sometimes occur with big spikes in death rates.   Even though I believe the universe(s) has so many planets populated by advance life forms for humans to reincarnate into,  a big natural disaster would overload the system with not as many of the most advanced life forms being born and available to reincarnate into instantaneous at death.   Under these conditions with a death spike somewhere within the universe(s) some spirits would be forced to reincarnate into a less advanced life forms.   Some less advanced lifeforms may not always require an eternal individual type spirit to incarnate into them in order to survive, but can be available to them when required.  I believe 3 different categories of lifeforms exist:  1. lifeforms that require a spirit that is eternal(does not die),  2. lifeforms that can support such an individual eternal spirit when required or support spirits that are sometimes capable of reincarnating, and 3. lifeforms that can not support any reincarnating spirit. An individual spirit may prefer to reincarnate on the same planet when possible which should not be that much of a problem a lot of the time.  Some spirits may have enough of a control of their time of death so that they can ensure that they reincarnate into the right body at a preferred time.

When it comes to getting a really good choice of a body and situation to reincarnate into ones spiritual strength and awareness will have to play a big role.  In order to reach any goal one has to want it more than the competition and have the ability to put forth the necessary effort to make it happen.  Some spirits will be more willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get the conditions they feel they need.  Often more advanced spirits will have higher requirements of what they need in order to perform well in their next incarnation, so will naturally do what it takes to meet their requirements.   We have a very vast universe with a lot of choices as to what body and circumstances available will best work for our spirit’s needs.  We most likely often sense when our life is getting close to the end.  The idea that our spirit would instinctively start searching for a new body to reincarnate into even before death makes sense to me.  What also makes intuitive sense to me  is that while the spirit is losing its grip on the present life, it could look for, find, and  implant itself in a new body before it dies so as to be better able to get a good start on the next life.  Often when people are approaching death they fade in an out of consciousness in their present life.  This could allow for the spirit to reincarnate and split its energy between two bodies at the same time.  I do not believe a spirit can live two lives at the same time as some people believe, but I can see the spirit operating two bodies at once when both bodies are not functioning anywhere near where they did/will at their peak. I believe the spirit will enter a baby’s body shortly after birth and that the mother”s spirit will be in charge and connected to the baby up until the point a spirit incarnates into it.

God is the spirit that strongly controls how the physical universe(s)/reality works and tends to dominate how less evolved lifeforms  function.   Some lifeforms I believe do not need an individual spirit, but only need a connection to God in order to get the spiritual energy needed to continue their existence on this Earth.  A really advanced lifeforms requires an individual spirit that is capable of playing a big role spiritual in the part of the universe(s) they inhabit.  In order to handle such a spiritual responsibility they need to be of an independent type and reincarnation helps them maintain spiritual independence.  Always having a body of an advanced life form(from one life to the next) helps one to continuously maintain ones independent spiritual strength and support the special talents/abilities that comes with this.

*I use universe(s) to deal with the current scientific theory: “The big bang Theory”.  I do feel science will develop more advanced theories in the future when they gain more knowledge about how the universe or universes works.    I do believe that the universe(s) is(are)designed to always provide habitat for advanced life forms that individual spirits require to incarnate into.   The term “multiverse” is often used, but some people use this term to include really wild “alternative realities”.   If we have more than one universe, I believe they all would work very much the same way as our current universe, just as one galaxy will be very similar to another galaxy.   I believe the universe is designed the only way it can really work well to fit our spiritual/physical needs.  People with really wild spiritual beliefs will often not show enough respect for our current reality, how well it functions, and how important it is to learn to function really well in it.  It is so important that we have spiritual beliefs that help us best deal with the problems and conditions of the physical reality we exist in and not be distracted by having spiritual beliefs that would not work well if applied/implemented  in the present here on this Earth.

The way the spirit operates within the rules of our physical reality

This post represents my speculation on the spirit and how it operates independent of a body based on my intuition and understanding of how our reality works.  I do get a lot of information about how the spirit operates from my dreams in my sleep.  I believe that ones spirit does often leave the body in ones sleep.  That we can gain a lot of insight from our dreams about how the spirit operates.  Spiritual training I believe also helps an awful lot to help one to better connect with the spirit world(that is located in the same time and space as the physical world and constantly interacts with it) and understand what is happening there while one is dreaming.

The spirit after leaving its body at death has to find the type of body that it has experience in operating. It has certain genetic requirements necessary to meet its needs. Some spirits are more specialized than others and have to have bodies that meet more specialized genetic requirements. Spirits can not escape the time and space they exist in. They do exist in a time and space when incarnated in a body, and when they leave their body must travel from the point they leave the body through space in order to get to another location. The spirit is less limited in some ways when it is without the weight of a body and can travel a lot more quickly and readily through space. But, it still takes time for the spirit to travel through space even when the spirit is not burdened with the weight of being connected to a physical body.. It is hard for a spirit(even without body) to travel through areas of space it is not familiar with.

Most spirits tend to become quite attached to the location they have become familiar with. Most spirits are not that adventurous or willing to deal with a great deal of change, so they tend to stay put to quite a degree. A spirit that becomes a ghost will tend to become really attached to a location. Of course if a crisis hit they would be impelled to accept change in order to continue to have their needs met as to being able to find a suitable body and habitat to meets its vital needs. The multiverse does vary spiritually from one place to another. The spirit would have to be quite motivated to go to places that are quite different spiritually than their present location. Spirits have relationships with other spirits that will often have to be left behind when a spirit decides to travel to a place quite a distant from their current location.
With the motivation of an emergency a group of spirits can more readily travel together further through space in order to find a new location to incarnate into. Spirits do have to travel through the space between different locations within the multiverse. They can not jump from one place to another without covering the territory occurring between locations. Just because a spirit leaves its physical body, does not mean the rules that govern this multiverse no longer apply. Even when the spirit leaves the body in dreams at night, it still has its limitations
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