“Church of Spiritual Research and development” needed

In a world that tends to hold on too strongly to the spiritual beliefs of the past, a new approach to the spiritual is badly needed, especially when so many of it problems are rooted in the spiritual,  and in which science has advanced beyond the level of spiritual maturity required to properly deal with the problems it presents.  We need a practical type of spirituality that focuses on the world we exist in right now rather than devaluing its challenges by creating future existences that eliminate and devalue the importance of these challenges in furthering spiritual development and bringing out the most in us all spiritually.  Since the term “Religion” applies to institutions that deal with everything spiritual and is often protected to some degree from being interfered with by governmental control and interference,  we are forced to use it in order to gain the protections that come with it!  Often those who describe themselves as “spiritual” get shutout from real religious freedom because they are into psychic/spiritual abilities, astrology or certain forms of meditation.

The physical-spiritual connection is so important when it comes to bringing the spiritual more effectively into the type of realty we presently exist in.  I developed a new Spiritual Astrology System using decades of trial and error while also simultaneously improving on my meditative (spiritual training)  techniques and spiritual theories!   So I do have an extremely strong focus on spiritual research and development which was made possible by being “differently abled” as is often the case with people with the most in spiritual potential.  Here on wordpress I have so many posts dealing in more detail about myself to be explored by those who desire more details about me and my spiritual research.

I now live in Las Vegas, NV which tends to really regulate those who are different in what they are into spiritually!  Often that which is new or different scares those who have a more traditional approach!  The forces trying to maintain the spiritual status quo are often strong and can really fight against anything that challenges their spiritual mindset!  New spiritual approaches do have their risks, but not making an attempt to find ways to improve spiritually is also risky especially in the highly challenging technologically advanced world we now exist in.  Science cannot do it all, the Spiritual also plays a counterbalancing role.  Emotion and desires requires a lot spiritual maturity to be properly directed!  So many harmful addictions exist in this overly commercially focus world!  Religious freedom needs to be properly applied to those on the cutting edge spiritually.



Duality is what gives us spiritual strength! My training helps me handle the challenges and deepness that comes with this duality that is so important to our reality! Without duality nothing would exist! Some people are spiritually attracted to nothingness! I try to stay clear of delusional beliefs. I am trying to do something about how backward we are spiritually in this world and the unhealthy physical and spiritual consequences that result to the individuals who exist here and to the planet as a whole. LOVE vs HATE: We would not be able to exist spiritually if we did not have strong connections with other spirits. When we are between lives our deep connection with other spirits that are incarnated in different physical worlds help us to maintain our identity while we are without a direct physical connection ourselves. Love does draw us to the special bonds required in order to be reincarnated in a new life. But hate plays a role. We would hate to not have the healthy spiritual connection we require. We would hate anything that would destroy or harm that which we need to function as we desire. If we do not hate losing something we need, then we do not truly value it. The more you hate losing something the more you value it! You love what you value, you hate that which you see as harmful to you! Contrast is not easy for some people to handle spiritually, but handling contrast is what gives one spiritual strength!

Time/reality is no illusion to those who are well tuned in spiritually!

This was written after watching a couple of panel discussions on video about some of the craziness top theoretical physicists are coming up with in regard to “time”. I tune into people of all kinds extremely well on the spiritual level, and felt most of them were being adversely affected by poor programming on the spiritual level. The good thing is they all do not all agree, and that they admit they have not proven with solid scientific evidence the truth of what they present!

We can not perform well spiritually in this world if we do not value time as indispensable to our reality! Theoretical physics may claim that time is an illusion, but that is because they discount the importance of the spiritual in underlying all of reality. Often science is affected by the spiritual theories/beliefs of the past that need to be improved on so that they will interface with reality better, so that we will be able to perform in a way that will enable us to deal with the serious issues of this complicated technological age we exist in. Anyone that does not see this world as being quite messed up spiritually at this time is not very connected to reality.

Science will come up with better theories, but first they need to become tuned in better spiritually. In the spiritual realm all is connected to quite a degree, and this connection is instant. The speed of light is very limiting when compared to the instant connections that happen spiritually! The universe has a oneness as a result of its instant spiritual connection of all parts of it! It functions as a well connected unit, not as something that takes huge quantities of time in order for one part to relate to another part. People often try to use theoretical science as a way to confirm their spiritual beliefs! But theoretical science can be quite crazy in their theories and often will not make any real sense to those who have really well trained intuition due to reality based spiritual training. Hard science can give us information about a lot of what is happening in our reality! Bur science need to be careful about moving too much into the domain that is dominated by spiritual forces that underlie all of our reality.

The spiritual is dominated by our inner being and is powered by emotions. Really intense spiritual training using the most advance and intense/difficult spiritual/meditative exercise techniques are required in order to develop intuition that help us perform very well in the very important and challenging physical reality we are part of and that can bring out the most in our spiritual capabilities! We need to advance a lot further in this world that is so backward spiritually and not allow science to go in areas it is not well suited for in order to fill the vacuum that out inadequate/impractical spiritual theories that dominate this Earth has created as compared to how advanced we have become in science and technology in recent times.

God, The Universal Spirit

My spiritual theory related to God(the universal spirit) is that God is the spirit that maintains our physical reality in away that serves  our spirits needs for its continuous existence and purpose well provided we do the work required to properly understand and utilize it.  The Universe God provides is designed very well to serve our benefit.  God is limited in God’s function and it is up to us(as individual spirits) to do the work to make the physical reality  we exist in better serve us.     God is not responsible for the spiritual state we are in or the world around us is in: we are individually and collectively!

Life is cyclic with in our current life and beyond this life into future lives.  The struggle of life is a positive thing and we do best to embrace this struggle and make the most of it rater than trying to escape from it and reality.   The more we are connected spiritually to this challenging reality we exist in the more we are connected to God.

The image of an autocratic God that condemns some people(individual spirits) to eternal torture  and others eternal pleasure is not one that helps us to function at our best spiritually in this physical reality we exist in and can not escape from.

Autocratic beliefs prefered over understanding spiritual complexity

The reason our society is so messed up spiritually is that we do not have a high level of understanding of the spiritual here.  It is so much easier to just believe things from autocratic spiritual/religious sources without questioning, than to have to do the intense thinking about which spiritual theories would work the best at focusing our attention and efforts on the serious problems(hunger/malnutrition, violence, abuse, ignorance,  etc.) that exist in this world.  I strongly believe that the spiritual theories that enable us to handle the most intense and often painful challenges of life in a positive way are the ones that will be closest to the truth.  Having extremely challenging and effective spiritual-physical training techniques is needed to build up ones ability to handle life’s challenges at their most intense.  One can not push oneself extremely hard if one is lock into spiritual  beliefs that focus ones attention away from the indispensable value of physical reality we now exist in to our spirit’s well being.  Life is cyclic and we tend to be victims of habit.  In order to improve ourselves and the world around us we must stop repeating the same cycles over and over again, but make the necessary tough spiritual changes that ensure we have better cycles in the future and by so doing also contribute to enhancing the cycles that happen on a bigger scale in the reality us!

Delusions are very prevalent in this world.  We all are deluded to some degree in that no one is going to have a complete grip on what is true.  When one does not understand the spiritual very well, one can easily mistake spiritual phenomena for physical phenomena which can contribute to mental problems and harmful delusions.  Being weak spiritually due to ineffective spiritual theories/beliefs along with the misinterpretation of reality that come with them, can lead to irrational behavior often triggered by spiritual phenomena one is unable to understand or appropriately deal with.  Not all spiritual energy or influences are positive, just like not all people one connects with are a positive influence on you spiritually.  Often people who are psychic(extra sensitive in some way spiritually)will hear voices or have visions.  These voices or visions can get people into trouble if they are not positive in nature and they do not clearly understand their spiritual(non-material)nature!  Most people when they have dreams in their sleep do not mistake these dreams for things they experience in their waking reality.  Dreams are very spiritual in nature.  For people who do not clearly recognize the difference between the dream/spiritual consciousness and waking physical consciousness, reality can be misread with harmful consequences resulting in their lives.

People with mental illness are extremes, but we all are deluded to some degree in how well we read the reality we exist in and separate clearly that which is spiritual in nature from that which is physical.  Often people with strong delusions have an arrogant disregard for the value of the physical side of reality they live in right now, and the need to listen to others that have a more reliable grip on what is happening in it.  Being too locked inside oneself and not getting enough outside feedback is a good way to become delusional about the reality one exists in.  One can not take the physical reality we exist in lightly or those that can help one to get a better grip on it.  Having an overly permissive view of reality can lead to one to not being critical enough as to what is real and what is not as to what is really happening in ones life and what is happening in the very important bigger world around you.

A really clear separation does not always occur between the spiritual and the physical, since spiritual phenomena can be visual at times and appear to be physical.  Those who are well tuned in spiritually as a result of their training and the spiritual theories they accept will sense the difference.  Those are out of balance spiritually will tend to believe things  about the physical world around them without enough serious proof of their validity.  People often get a distorted view of reality that overly demonizes certain sections of our society and is too ready to think the worst of them.  Conspiracy theories are always being created by unreliable sources and then get a life of themselves on the spiritual level.  Beliefs do tend to manifest themselves on the spiritual level and often can be intoxicating to those who are susceptible to them due to their lack of proper spiritual attunement/balance.

All kinds of strange beliefs exist that can distract one from this challenging physical reality we exist in here as spirits.  All beliefs that discredit our responsibility for the state our physical world is in, and that it is up to us to work hard to improve the condition it is in, will tend to disconnect us from reality and thus are harmful.  A belief in aliens that come in UFO’s and have impacted our world positively in the past or will so in the future is one of these distracting beliefs that harm our ability to value and get the most out of ourselves so we can fix the serious problems that exist in this world.  People can readily misinterpret visual spiritual phenomena in a way to support what they really desire to believe..  Human being have done amazing things in the past and can do really amazing things in the future with out the aid of aliens coming on UFO’s from places beyond this Earth.   Most spirits may have had past lives on places other than this Earth, but once they are biologically part of this Earth through birth here, they are no longer alien!

This challenging physical reality we now exist in is where we prove how good our spiritual beliefs and techniques really are.  We prove our spiritual capabilities by how well we are able to contribute what we have of value to making this challenging physical world we exist in a better(more healthy)place to exist in.  How well we perform in this life will directly transfer to how well we are able to perform in the challenging lives we have in the future.

Spirits that connect with us and give us guidance

My belief in the vital/indispensable connection of the physical and the spiritual, and the importance of having the parts of the brain that deals with the spiritual very well trained through physical-spiritual exercises affects what I believe, and in turn help me to value these extremely rough&challenging exercises enough to put myself through them.

We attract kindred spirits(who are between lives)our way that will attach themselves to us, until they find a new body that fills their need in their next life. A spirit requires the part of the brain that deals with the spiritual to enable it to function(operating on the proper level that it needs to function at). When incarnated in the type of body with the proper brain for its spiritual requirements, the spirit is able to do a lot on its own in the physical world it is part of and has responsibilities toward. But, when the body loses its ability to support the spirit’s needs(through its spiritual brain function), it must abandon the body(let it die) and find another way to gain the connection with the physical machinery(brain function)to keep operating spiritually. Since a new body to meet its needs will not be immediately available, the spirit will temporarily find a kindred spirit to attach to that will share the needed brain function with them required to maintain their continued existence. In return this spirit can give one guidance, but will not be able to take over the body that one has obtained ownership/command of through growing up with it and developing it.

There exists spirits that are kept in existence by being fed by the power of beliefs of groups of like believers. These spirits will be connected to a number of spirits with brains with advanced enough spiritual function to support them. God is the necessary universal spirit that keeps our physical reality functioning well and is automatically supported by the spiritual parts of the brains of all biological bodies that have such function. My beliefs have been developed as a result of deep well reasoned spiritual thinking helped with the spiritual strength and awareness that my intense physical-spiritual training has provided me with.

Nobody has a perfect spiritual connection with God, and will connect with God and other spirits on the level they are capable of based on their spiritual development.  So the guidance one gets will only be as good as what our spiritual development enables.  Our intuition will never be perfect, but can be improved with proper training and then help us to connect with better spiritual guidance from what ever spiritual source we are able to make a connection with.

Our ability to understand and connect to the physical reality we exist in enables us to advance further spiritually

In the modern age we understand the physical reality(as a result of hard science) we exist in a lot more than in the past.  This can give us quite an advantage when it comes to our ability to advance further in the spiritual area.  In the past, a lot of mythology existed that filled the void that existed due to the lack of hard knowledge about the world we existed in.  The religions(spiritual beliefs)of those times were very much limited by this lack of understanding of the physical world and the mythology  that existed then as a result.  Mythology can have an addicted affect and be hard to wean oneself from, since that which is programmed deeply within ones being is very difficult to alter!   Even today, people who see themselves as spiritual will often choose to disregard the value of credible scientists and buy into crazy/wild beliefs about the past or even the present that do not have enough hard facts to back them up.  Some people do not believe a man landed on the moon!  Others think past civilizations were as advanced as our present one!  Some people even believe aliens from outer space have had a lot of impact on our recent technological  advancements!  Often people will choose to quickly believe extreme(not very well researched) views about this reality  from those that are not accepted by the body of the most credible hard scientists.

Often religious/spiritual people will devalue the spiritual importance of the physical world they now exist in and depend on.  People who devalue the importance of the physical, not only will have trouble developing the will power to get their physical body in a really fit/health state with the improved brain function(including the spiritual/emotional parts of the brain), but also will have trouble having enough will power to take on and find ways to better deal with the very serious problems that exist on this Earth!  This physical world provide the necessary resistance to challenge us spiritually, and to test and develop our spiritual strength and awareness.  The physical world functions in a rational way,  and demands people to develop a higher degree of sanity in order to better understand it and function in it.

Mythology can very much infer with being logical/rational and sane.    It is true that the images we create and project spiritual can come alive and have a lot of spiritual impact.  These spiritual  images can become strong enough to be seen and even show up on film, but they are still spiritual manifestations, not physical ones and one has to be careful  to see them for what they really are. Often religions generate a lot of images(through the power of belief) that help to guide and inspire them spiritually to living a better life.  The spiritual is not concrete, so we must do the best we can to understand it using what images function the best when challenged by a logical physical world that we must contend with in order to grow further spiritually.

Some people will put animals and their pets on the same level spiritually as their fellow humans.  But, animals can not understand hard science enough to use it to help them function on a higher spiritual level.  But, that is not a problem for those that do not see the extra value of the human brain has in its capability to understand the physical world around them and affect it.  Even humans vary a lot in their ability to spiritually connect to the physical reality they exist in on a more advanced intellectual level.  Some people tend to dismiss the importance of the human mind spiritually and its ability to use reason to improve how one is able to functions spiritual.  But, without our ability to reason things out a lot better than animals can, the distance between us an animals become a lot less significant spiritually.  We need to have more of our spiritual focus on our fellow human beings and the serious problems that they face and create in this world.  We need to be careful about overly focusing on animals spiritually.  It is hard to connect with humans since they are very complicated,  but we must become better at this, if we are to improve on the spiritual state this world is in.

When it comes to developing better spiritual beliefs which are required in order to become a lot more developed and aware spiritually, only humans(on this planet)can do this, and then test them as to how well they help one to perform in this challenging resistant physical world we exist in.  Only humans can use really advanced meditative/spiritual-physical techniques/exercises to improve their physical/spiritual(emotional) health and will power.  Only humans can put themselves through extremely challenging physical-spiritual training that can test how well their beliefs function in helping one handle and perform when put in extremely challenging physical/spiritual states.  Physical-spiritual training helps one to better handle the toughest  physical-spiritual challenges life can present to us and to make sure one has beliefs that are good enough to help one handle these challenges.   Diet and physical exercise(especially cardiovascular) are also important as part of a physical-spiritual training program.   When one is really strong and aware spiritually, one will be well tuned into ones body and able to better do that which is  best for its physical and spiritual well being.  One proves how capable one is spiritually by how effective one can function in this very challenging physical world which is so full of serious/challenging problems that need to be better addressed.

Working at overcoming the resistant spiritual energy on this planet to better(more practical) spiritual beliefs!

I weighted 122.5(5’10’ tall) after snacking and doing my extremely difficult dumbbell swing exercise routine this morning, and 122 without snacking and  before doing my 2 mile run routine yesterday.  I feel I will be reaching a new set point weight wise soon.  I do not diet in a way to tune me out to my body and do feel intensely the affects(including hunger) on it of my really challenging diet and exercise routine.   I am really developing the ascetic body type required to be able to be extremely effective in the spiritual area.  We live in the atomic age where often one has to be able to do things with very little margin for error in order to gain the positive results required in the highly technologically/scientifically advanced we now live in.  That is how I approach  the spiritual and feel we need to have this spiritual approach in order to better handle the problems of this world  we currently  live in.

I am really pushing my limits in my spiritual-physical training in order to imprint my astrology system(and the spiritual beliefs that come with it) so strongly into myself,  that it will not be able to be adversely affected by the spiritual beliefs that now dominate this planet and tend to be accepted without a lot of questioning or really deep rational/practical thought.   Often people who have a higher degree of sanity than others can see things others are unable to see and what is possible as a result.  Those who conform to the spiritual status quo will often feel they are saner than those who challenge it even when those who challenge it are doing so as a result of having better connection with reality and the greater awareness that comes with this.  I need to break through the resistant spiritual energy that exists on this planet that make it hard for better spiritual beliefs to be accepted here.  This is not easy to do on the planet Earth!

For more details on my physical-spiritual training program and spiritual beliefs read some of my previous blog posts.

5/6/2016: When this blog post was published I was pushing the edge when it came to a calorie restricted diet.  I had to be very careful and precise in order to do this safely.  It was very good training at the time and helped me improve on my spiritual insights and training.  It also helped me to make a very dramatic move/change in my life.  I have  gone off the calorie restriction part of this diet to a considerable degree since then and gained weight.  My spiritual training has improved even further.  My astrology system has gotten to a good place.  But really pushing the edge safely on a calorie restricted diet did help me get where I needed to be.  It is not easy to go where no one on this Earth has gone before which is what a spiritual pioneer has to do.  People often believe being a spiritual pioneer is not possible, so one has to be super strong spiritually to bring more advanced spiritual ideas and techniques to a world that is very resistant to change in this area.


Stretches, dumbbell warmup & 6 minutes non-stop 2-hand overhead behind back dumbbells swings

After my fall the night before Easter(APR 1 ,2018) in which I dislocated my right shoulder I could no longer do this dumbbell swing exercise, but developed a new exercise to replace it!  Here is a video of it which I am now(6/9/18) doing for 3 nonstop minutes:


WARNING:  All the intense meditative/physical exercises I do require a body that is conditioned and able to do them safely.  They require a period of adjustment as one needs to gradually get use to them as to their frequency, intensity, and duration.  Although my spiritual focus requires I try to inspire people to do what it takes to improve their physical and spiritual well being,  I am not a medical/health-care professional.   Important: Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning.  Do this exercise at your own risk and do them carefully.  Better to start out slow and gradually get use to them.   The intense type training I am able to do came as a result of decades of intense physical-spiritual training.   The most intense type spiritual-physical exercises are for people who have an extreme spiritual focus in their lives that enable them to handle the years of training required,  along with spiritual sensitivity and body awareness needed to prevent them from hurting themselves.

I eat something to fuel my dumbbell swing exercise routine, and then about 2-4 hours later drink some water  and started exercising.   I first do  careful stretching movements holding them very briefly covering all muscles for about 4 minutes, then some light weightlifting(warmed up using 20 lb dumbbell and arms for about 2 minutes doing all types of movements a few times in standing position), then do 6 minutes of nonstop dumbbell swings,  and 4 minutes more of stretching.  I do as many 2-handed overhead modified(bending elbows when lifting dumbbell overhead, deep squat, and extended to behind head) 20 lb dumbbell swings as I can do in a total of 6 minutes of nonstop cardio! I do these with my eyes closed at times while breathing in and out 24 to 27 times  with each dumbbell swing.  I use to breath in out a lot less in the past, but kept increasing the breathing as I was able to, since it increased the spiritual/physical difficulty of doing them.  The extra breathing makes the exercise more meditative!    I do try to tune into what ever emotions I can pick up or feel while doing this exercise or tune out any distractions I hear from my surroundings..    I try to put myself in the most intense and difficult physical/spiritual state while being really careful not to overdo it and hurt myself.

I have carefully worked up to this dumbbell swing routine for a period of five years as of October 2017..  I was in pretty good shape before I got started.  So it took me quite a while to condition myself to where I am at right now.   So,it takes quite a bit of time to get really good at this exercise!  Beginners can actually start without a dumbbell and gradually get the body use to handling dumbbells while starting with lights ones and working up to heavier ones!  They can adjust their technique to what is comfortable for them. This upper body cardio/meditative exercise with its head and neck movements I feel helps the circulation to the brain improve and thus allows one to push ones limits as to what states the body and mind can handle both physically and spiritually!

I have a blog post on the history of the dumbbell swing:    https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/history-of-my-overhead-2-handed-modified20-lb-dumbbell-swing-exercise/

The swing as I do it works real well for me! That is why my body can handle it  4 days a week. I am really strongly in tune with my body due to all the meditative training I put it through.  Beginners  can actually start without a dumbbell and gradually get the body use to handling a heavier dumbbell. They can adjust their technique to what is comfortable for them. This upper body cardio exercise with its head and neck movements I feel helps the circulation to the brain improve and allows one to really push ones limits as to what difficult states the body and mind can handle both physically and spiritually.  One can gradually increase the breathing rate as times go on and you are able to with reasonable effort.  The breathing does increase the spiritual component to this exercise and increase its difficulty.  I did last up to 30 minutes nonstop in the past doing it when I was breathing a lot less times in and out per swing.


In response to a video on nutrition I was urged to check out

The video was posted under this facebook status I posted:

I have made my diet more calorie restricted lately. I feel I really need to push the edge physically and spiritually in order to make things happen in this world for me and my spiritual ideas. I feel like I listen too much to those who are not the type that would be really interested in what i have to offer spiritually. I feel I can safely do things to become extremely healthy physically and spiritually that would not be safe for those without the really good spiritual beliefs I have. For those who my extreme spiritual-physical focus is too much for you to handle, you can unfriend me. I really need deep friendships, not good at other types!

I do take a multi-vitamin-mineral tablet twice a day and extra vitamin C, and vitamin B complex tablets. I also take a calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet(1/3 daily value). I trust my diet, since it has helped me to really push my physical and spiritual limits. I have had a strong focus on nutrition my whole life. Individuals do differ and must adjust their diet so it works well for them. I tend to be very unique, so my diet had to be tailored to my uniqueness by me over a life time of trial and error in this area. I did listen to parts of that video, but it is very long and not as concise and to the point as I prefer. Most video presentations I find do not get to the point quick enough for me.

The spiritual plays a very strong role as to health and helps one to better read ones body in order to figure out what works best for you individually. I train in a way spiritually unlike anyone else, and that affects my bodies nutritional/dietary requirements. One size does not fit all, and I am aware of that more than practically anyone else. I really trust my own extremely well trained and programmed intuition to figure out what sources to trust(including what I figure out on my own) when it comes to nutrition and diet. I like the fact I rarely get sick or hurt with my dietary and exercise approach! I have charted an independent course spiritually for some time, and until I find people who are on the same spiritual wavelength as me, I will have to trust myself over them as to what is best for me physically and spiritually.

People just have not been appreciating all the extremely deep and valuable stuff I have posted on varies sites on the internet. So, I must be willing to go further using myself as an experiment(as I have done most of my life)to demonstrate what a person with really effective spiritual beliefs is capable of. I will scare away those who are unable or unwilling to truly explore the value of what I have come up with spiritually over a lifetime of very intense exploration in this area.

Individuals have often had to make certain breakthroughs in this world, and to do things people believe it is not possible for an individual to do. I understand why people would not be open to someone as “differently abled” as me. But, I have no choice but to chart the course that works best for me, and what I can contribute to this world. I will listen to a lot of sources, but I must recognize that my physical/spiritual uniqueness make me have to not be very trusting of most sources of information that are available on this planet at this time as to them being good enough to apply precisely to me..

This is a previous blog post that deal with my diet and its recent evolution:


My diet is not as calorie restricted now(5/7/2016), but I did advance spiritually a lot while on a really calorie austere restricted diet and was also able to make some very difficult changes in my life’s situation.


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