The Mandela effect theory weakens the reality we now stand on and depend heavily on spiritually!

Here is a link to help explain the Mandela effect:
The Mandela effect theory cause divisiveness in our past reality which is harmful to the solidity of the both our past and present that we need badly to be grounded in in order to get the spiritual grip on reality we now need in order to advance a lot further spiritually on this planet. People do not realize that the memory is not perfect when it comes to things and event that do not have a lot of personal relevance to them. That the memory can store things imperfectly!
Word of mouth is not reliable and delusions can be created that just start with mistakes that are erroneously spread! My memory for a lot of details is far from perfect and I am always looking things up in sources that have a lot of energy put in them by people who place a lot of strong effort to report what is really happening at the time using what evidence they have been trained to find. Expert witnesses and reporters trained to get things accurate are very valuable resources when trying to figure out what has happened and what is happening now!
We all can work really hard to advance further spiritually by improving our spiritual theories and meditative exercise techniques so that we will improve our spiritual grip on reality and so that we can better impact our ability to remember things more accurately and become more willing to second guess what memories we later find lack enough accuracy! The reason having written accounts of the past done by professionals is so important is that accounts pasted down by word of mouth are not reliable and even eye witnesses often get things wrong.
I must take on wild theories especial those that have delusional or are very conspiratorial in nature. The truth is not easy to obtain and we all need to guard against trusting memories in ourselves and others when they are shown to be strongly at odds with that which most expert researchers/historians have discovered to be quite accurate! Becoming more advanced in ones spiritual theories and meditative training techniques can give on a much stronger grip on reality and better sense which sources are more reliable! Having better spiritual theories that help one to strongly value the solidity and value of the physical reality we now exist in is so very important, if we are to advance a lot further in finding more of the truth in every field in which it is badly needed in within a world that has so many serious problems that need to be addressed!

Akashic Records as I tune into them

I am very well trained spiritually and have blog posts here on word press representing the type of training I developed and use.  I am very good at understanding spiritual mechanics due to 3 decades of this really intense training.  I understand that the spiritual works in a very serious way that enables this world to function very much to the degree that will meet our individual and collective needs.  We have to be careful about getting connected with any type of autocratic beliefs that claim to be perfect and thus can not be improved on.  People who claim to have perfect access to perfect information or sources will not be able to grow further.  When we stop growing spiritually we not only stagnate as to growing any further spiritually, but we project that spiritual attitude out to others and harm their further growth.  We live in a world in which the spiritual status quo is not good enough for the challenges it has now and in the future.  Being addicted to the spiritual theories of the past is not good enough in this highly advanced technological we now exist in.  We all need to up our game spiritually and not be so certain we know exactly how things work.  I develop spiritual theories that when used as inner guidance will help us to function better in this very challenging world we exist in.  Those who are really tuned in spiritually will see the value of my theories, or even find ways to improve them further.

I see the Akashic Records as a sort of compilation of all possible basic scenarios that could happen to an individual spirit while existing/incarnated in a physical world that are relevant to their spiritual growth and learning.  The Akashic Records would exist in the spiritual realm and would remain constant through time.  People making connection with the records would have the residual spiritual energy  within them related to their past existences that connect them to the scenarios in the Akashic Records that are relevant to them.   A good psychic can connect them with the scenarios that represent with enough accuracy what they went through in their past existences.  A lot of psychics will connect with the Akashic Records poorly and not really understand how they really work, and as a result will give more detail than is available from this source and also won’t tune into  it well enough as to get an accurate enough scenario.    Skeptics/researchers have checked on a lot of accounts of what psychics or hypnotists have found out about some people’s past lives where historical information was available and have found considerable amount of inaccuracies.  But, psychics don’t have to be perfectly accurate to represent a scenario that is useful to a person as to what happened to them in past lives.  Often the accuracy of details is irrelevant as to what information is required in order for someone to find it useful in order to learn what is needed to heal from a past trauma.

I believe there are memories when it comes to recent past lives that are still in circulation in this world outside of the Akashic Records that can be tuned into psychically to some degree of accuracy when the motivation and expertise is present to assess them.  Psychic often can pick up a lot related to the recent past by all sorts of means including even sometimes by actually connecting with key individuals spiritually some of which have recently passed away and they have actually been very helpful in criminal and other investigations.  The information really good psychics pick up about recent events or recent past lives can be very useful even if it is not perfectly accurate.  Hypnotism often is used to try to access this imperfect information, but hypnotism is only as good as the spiritual attunement of the hypnotist and the client.  Hypnotism has been shown to be very inaccurate at times and can often be very much abused with false memories being created when used by people to support their agendas as to getting the outcome they desire.

It takes a lot of good meditative/spiritual training to become a really clear medium or become really well tuned in and quite accurate as a psychic and not be distorting what they pick up as a result of their own spiritual biases or distorted perceptions of reality.  I believe the spiritual is a lot more complicated than most people believe and that we can develop a lot more expertise in this area.  As psychics(spiritual professionals) become more advanced in their understanding of spiritual mechanics and utilize more advanced spiritual/meditative training techniques, they will develop their intuition so as to become better at getting the degree of accuracy required to become a lot more helpful to those clients they serve.

The Akashic Records when accessed psychically also could present likely future scenarios a person is heading toward based on where their energy is at spiritually provide they do not alter their present course and their spiritual energy.  But although the past is over with and can not be changed, the future is something we can be creative with and do what it takes to create better outcomes by doing the extra work and research required to do so.  We can always create a better future, but the past is over and is really valuable when it comes to learning from its lessons and applying what one learns to creating a better future.  We can always have hope for a better future, provide we do the required hard work to achieve it.




Improving spiritual belief, the past, and science

I am very much into improving on the spiritual beliefs that have been passed down from the past. I believe the best spiritual beliefs tend to survive(provided they are effectively circulated so as to be adequately tested)because they work. It is often difficult to get people to be receptive to new spiritual beliefs, because people tend to become really attached to beliefs that they are familiar with, and that have a lot of support in this world. It is often comforting to people to have a similar mindset as others. Often people accept certain beliefs/theories about the past, that tend to limit there ability to explore, develop or be receptive to better/new spiritual beliefs. People will often believe that nothing new ever exists and that the ancients had all the spiritual wisdom anyone would ever need. They may even believe that aliens or some really advanced spiritual being(s)gave the ancients really special spiritual knowledge.

Often people will try to use science or a scientific approach to try to back up the spiritual beliefs they want to hang on to. But, the spiritual is not a science. A lot of things are not really thoroughly proven by science, because often not enough evidence exists. When the evidence is not very solid, people can come up with all kinds of wild theories that they feel fits what evidence does exist. A lot of people are always looking for some sort of extra validation to try to support in some way the spiritual ideology/beliefs they are attached to. We must understand that we can not get all the answers using a scientific approach, since sometimes the evidence is just not good enough. Often false evidence is manufactured or the evidence that exists can allow for many explanations. One just has to listen to an account of a crime investigation to see how easy it is to draw the wrong conclusions when one does not have really solid evidence.

I believe really strongly that the spiritual beliefs that help one to be able to better handle the big spiritual challenges/crises that one will face in this world are the ones that will be closest to the truth. That it is in this physical world we exist in that our spiritual beliefs are really tested as to how good they are in helping us deal with the very intense challenges that exist here. I believe really good spiritual training will be able to put one into really intense/challenging physical/spiritual states that will make one very aware of what spiritual beliefs are working for you and which are not. If one has not really ever been really challenged/tested as to  how well ones spiritual beliefs are able to handle great pressure/stress, then one can not really know how good they really work for you. I do really intense spiritual training, so I speak from personal experience.

I feel it is so important to understand that the spiritual and science are very different. That they must be approached in a very different way in order to make sense of what they focus on. That the material world needs to be studied quite differently than the spiritual is. That often science tries to get too much into the study of the human spirit(using the scientific method) as happens often in the field of psychology/mental health,  and those in the spiritual field often get too much in to trying to prove(look for support for)things/theories about the material world that can best be handled by science provided enough evidence exists.

The spiritual is non-material and deals with emotions.  The spiritual has a lot of impact on this world since it underlies all of reality and affects how well one can direct ones emotions and desires in a positive direction.  We are not just machines, but have a spirit with a lot of power to impact our reality spiritually.  Our mind needs to better figure out how the spiritual works, so that we can better interpret what is happening on this level and figure out how to be more effective in a positive way spiritually/emotionally.

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