Spiritual/emotional attraction to bias and unrealiable (fake?)news sources

Reliable sources of information are important especially in a world where paranoia is often present on both political extremes. We need to stay very rational spiritually and search for a balanced perspective. The problems of this world are huge and not easily figured out or investigated. The focus for change in this world needs to be on the spiritual level. Too much self-righteousness is our spiritual enemy and tends to create and unhealthy polarization and spiritual imbalance We need to work more on improving ourselves spiritually and not be fast to buy into biased news sources on the left or the right. Fake news may not be the best term, but a lot of news sources are not that reliable. As we grow spiritually through intense physical-spiritual training and rational spiritual programming with better spiritual theories we can get a better spiritual connection with reality and develop the intuition to find the most reliable news/information sources.

So often people do not really understand how complicated it is to find good information and responses to the problems that exist in this world. They often think that if certain things were done, the world could easily be made a better place. But, things are extremely complicated and easy solutions are often not readily available, especially when the root problems of the messed up conditions in this world are spiritual in nature. Often in history one may think that if only another choice had been made things would have ended so much better, when in actuality all choices would have led to bad results. That is because if the spiritual energy underlying what is happening is not good enough to create a positive result, all choices will not work that well.

Useful link:  https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/meditative-walking-developing-a-stronger-spiritual-connection-with-the-physical-2/


In a world full of paranoia unreliable news stories will be created and believed

Crazy energy circulating in this world makes it so important that one only believe sources that are really credible and well supported by hard facts and solid investigations.  Conspiracy theories rarely have enough reliable evidence/facts supporting them.  But, some people do not need a lot of solid information in order to be quick to accept news sources that support their distorted spiritual perception of what is happening in this world.  It is so important to be well tuned in spiritually, so that one can tune into the type of spiritual energy that predominates in our society and that public figures feed off of, and not be quick to either overly demonize them or glorify them.  A lot of people are too quick to cast judgement on others and accept things about them that are more rumor than fact.  People often have a sort of paranoia that looks for evidence to justify it and will find sources that have been developed by those who share their paranoia and will automatically(subconsciously) distort evidence to back it up.

  • Thomas Goodwin "astrogoodwin"

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