Why I am able to do things spiritually others are not able to!

1.  I was born with limited visual memory(good at core structural visuals only) . Also had related limited finer motor skills(one can not do what one can not visualize doing).

2.  Compensated for limitations with creativity and intuition to help me handle all the many situations in life I faced with a lack of visual familiarity. This helped me to become really aware spiritually, an area I was born with a lot of natural ability in.

3.  Did play creatively in the spiritual starting at an early age, but not in a way very different from other people. Did play around creatively with trying to develop a new astrology system, but not much differently than a lot of other astrologers  did. Also did push my limits with aerobic exercise as well as experimented with meditative techniques, but not in a way that really made me stand out that much from others. BUT, This all changed in March, 1992 at the age of 40. Then when trying to reach the public with my ideas I felt the extreme pressure that come with presenting anything really different to the media and public and after 2 resulting near death experiences, that I know only someone as determined as me could have survived, I was willing to really focus on moving in a direction no one else would be able to or see a reason to! Link to near death experiences:


4. After 1992 I worked at developing new really advanced meditative(breathing) techniques and exercises that were designed increased my spiritual connection with reality by strengthening my physical-spiritual connection. The physical is resistant in nature so is able to give one the spiritual strength to cross barriers others can not. It also can challenge one in a way that can bring out the most in you spiritually. Today, we have so many problems in this world related to our inability to adequately handle the problems this physical world we exist in presents us with! Here are links to my meditative exercises and really intense dumbbell swing exercise:



5.  I have a diet without anything in it that act as a drug with means no herbs or condiments! My vegan diet(which evolved over a lifetime of experimentation) of mostly Oatmeal, canned greens, some tomatoes and vitamin/mineral supplements was designed for me individually to help me handle an extremely intense physical-spiritual training program! I do also do an intense frantic 3/4 of a mile run pretty much every day! I do not use coffee(caffeine)like most other runners, since I do not want anything interfering with my natural spiritual attunement to my body and how I am able to read it and figure out exactly how hard I can safely push it and in what way. When one pushes the body in a way that no one else is able you must be extremely sharp spiritually with no drugs/chemicals interfering with how you are tuned in spiritually to your body. One needs to rely on the drugs/chemicals the body itself produces and utilizes based on its perceived need.

6.  After 1992, I did develop a very unique astrology system that evolved as the intensity and effectiveness of my meditative/spiritual training/exercise techniques evolved. This astrology system is not some variation of a traditional astrology system(does not have signs or houses)and is not mythology based. It was developed with an emphasis on applying as much logic to it as possible along with utilizing my intuition/understanding of how the spiritual actually works. It was my spiritual tuning device that had to work well for to enable me to do incredibly intense spiritual training safely. So when ever I was not happy with my spiritual progress, I would have to figure out ways of improving my astrology system and the spiritual theories that where utilized in designing its structure. Spiritual training I find may bring one some inspiration, but intense thinking is required to further refine any raw inspiration into something very functional in this challenging reality we exist in. My mind has pushed the limits very often in my life especially after 1992 with a trial and error process applied over and over. Creativity involved a lot of trial and error mostly error. I have tested this astrology system not only on myself but on the charts of 20 celebrities and numerous charts I have done for people I have known in my life.

No one I am sure has done anything like me, so as a result I am able to do things in the practical physical-spiritual direction that nobody else can do. I understand that most people stay within the comfort zone that having a similar mindset and personality as a lot of other also have. Few people really get outside of this spiritual comfort zone since it is very scary and difficult to do. Also it is very hard to survive in a world like this that demands such a high degree of spiritual conformity from its inhabitants. Only people who are born with an inability to conform can really become the pioneers that open new doors in this world. Often necessity(desperation)is the mother of invention and individual and societal crisis is required in order for what it takes for really positive creative change to happen in this world.

Here is a link to a YouTube site with over 60 videos I was involved in:



The importance of being grounded in this “insane” world

So many spiritual beliefs(theories)that dominate on this planet tend to tune people out quite a bit spiritually from the very challenging physical reality all that are reading this are a vital part of.  We are incarnated in a physical reality that can really test how well our spiritual beliefs/theories really work.  So many spiritual beliefs/theories tend to sort of slander this physical reality or discredit its value and prefer fantasy type beliefs that envision a better type reality that is easier to handle as an afterlife/existence.  People often have spiritual beliefs or theories that distract or remove their focus away from the important challenges that this world offers us as a means to help us grow further spiritually and give us a serious purpose to help us get the most out of what positive value we can develop and contribute to making this world a better place to exist in.

Delusional spiritual beliefs  can be intoxicating like an addictive drug that puts one into a “feel good” state that has not been earned by doing the hard work in order to make one really healthy spiritually and physically and capable of contributing something of real value to a world full of so many serious problems that are not being properly addressed.  Permissiveness, over indulgence, and the desire for  instant gratification tends to weaken people spiritually and make them less responsible and disciplined and unable to carry a reasonable amount of the burden of transforming this world into a place we can really  be proud to be part of.  So many people desire to escape from this world spiritually rather than directly face their responsibilities to do their part to address the really messed up conditions that exist here that are rooted in the spiritual.

We can not adequately address the serious problems that exist on this planet if we can not handle the emotions and pain connected with them.  The truth is often quite painful, but the pain is worth the price of gaining the spiritual strength that enables one to handle more of the truth and thus enable one to be able to be a lot more constructive at finding and implementing solutions to serious problems existing here on this Earth.  The stronger and more aware one is spiritually the more one can handle the painful/challenging side of life.  Pain can really test how grounded one is spiritually.  The spiritual is powered by emotions, and the people who are the most effective are the ones who can not only handle really intense and difficult emotions, but channel these emotions to make really positive things happen in this world.  When one can really feel the emotions related to a extremely difficult situation or serious problem, one can do a lot spiritually to transform the situation.  Meditating on difficult emotions enables one to not only transform these emotions in a positive way, but impact the source of these emotions in a positive way.  Prayer/meditation can be used to help people in trouble provided one has a good spiritual connection with them and what their challenges are.  But, one can only help people who desire that help and are open to improving on the inadequate spiritual beliefs/theories that contributed to their problems.

One can train oneself to become able to handle really intense spiritual-spiritual states.  Challenging spiritual/emotional states always have an impact on oneself physically due to the stress involved.  Intense physical exercise when combined with intense meditative breathing techniques can condition oneself spiritually and physically to be able to handle extremely difficult(torturous)spiritual states.  People who exercise hard often refer to their exercise sessions as torture.  I have blog posts on the dumbbell swing exercise I do for 6 nonstop minutes that I developed in order to help me handle the most intense and difficult emotional/spiritual states possible without adversely affecting my health!  When one becomes really strong and grounded spiritually it becomes a lot easier to resist harmful temptations and to do what is healthy in ones life when it comes to diet and exercise.  One can develop the ability/intuition to find the diet and nutritional supplements that help you to handle pushing yourself extremely hard physically and spiritually.   One can develop the spiritual theories and mindset that can help one to handle extreme spiritual and physical states and still be able to sense intuitively what one can safely get away with.  One has to be able to become very vigilant(aware) and careful when one is pushing the edge an awful lot spiritually and physically.

Also required in order to handle this challenging physical world we are such a vital part of is the ability to function spiritually in a very low energy state.  In a low energy state the spirit becomes a lot more sensitive and aware spiritually.  In order to have a great deal of spiritual control over oneself, one needs to be able to adjust ones energy to the requirements of the situation you find yourself in.  Also when you push yourself very hard doing things that require a lot of energy one needs to be able to rest and recover which is best done spiritually in a love energy state.  Healing from an illness often requires that one not eat much and lower ones blood sugar quite a bit. In times of crisis one often needs to go from high energy state to low energy state quickly based on the situation.  Sometimes it is best to sort of disappear from the scene and let others take over while you recover and evaluate what you need to do next while in a very aware/sensitive low energy spiritual state .  I use slow intense meditative walking with short quick steps, shoulder movement and rapid breathing to enhance my ability to function in a low energy state spiritually.  I find meditative walking help my stationary type meditation work so much better.  I have blog posts on this site dealing with all forms of meditation.  Here is a link to one of them:   https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/meditative-walking-developing-a-stronger-spiritual-connection-with-the-physical/

I have developed spiritual theories and techniques through a really intense spiritual focus over a lifetime especially over the last 30 years.  I am almost 65 years old, so it has taken me a lot of time to get where I am at now.  My spiritual theories and techniques have helped me develop an astrology system that has a great deal of spiritual understanding represented in its formulation!

The value of hunger when it comes to really serious/advanced training of oneself spiritually

I am able to handle a pretty strong hunger level.  I believe a set point exists for this hunger level, as well as all hunger levels as far as how low one’s weight and body fat will drop.  I lost another pound this week(5’10” 126 lbs), but should level off weight-wise soon I believe at this hunger level.  I do not either take any drugs or diet in a way that diminishes me from feeling hunger.  I am not addicted to any type foods that can increase my hunger/desire while tuning me out spiritually.  I do a lot of meditation and meditative movement exercises that tune me into my body extremely well.   I eat at  6 small nutritious meals 4 days a week, but add a seventh meal(at 2 AM -salted oatmeal) to fuel my dumbbell swings 3 days a week.  I also take nutritional supplements.  I limit my calories enough at each meal in order to maintain a high hunger level.

My meditative walking&running actually speeds up my metabolism with the type of movements involved.  Meditative movement exercises while hungry are more difficult, but puts me in a more serious spiritual state.  My intense cardio(13 non-stop minutes of 2-handed, overhead and behind neck 20 lb dumbbell swing exercise done 3 days a week)also increases my spiritual intensity and seriousness.  I am able to cope with this really rough/serious spiritual-physical training routine because I have spiritual beliefs that are good enough to help me do so.

I believe a sort of “austere”(lean),  but very healthy body type,  works really well when it comes to having the spiritual strength and awareness to be able to properly handle a really intense spiritual workload in a world where we badly need people who can spiritually/emotionally handle the really serious problems that exist in this world.

This serious spiritual state I am in as a result of my efforts helps to protect me from those who are not on a serious enough spiritual level(due to their inadequate spiritual beliefs and training), who are antagonistic to the high spiritual standards I set and maintain for myself and strive to spread to the world around me.

Updated 8/24/15:  My weight has leveled off at 120 lbs.  I did have to eat a 7th meal every night, in order to get the calories my body needed now that my body has less body fat to feed on.   I believe I now have the ascetic spiritual body type I feel I need to perform the way I need to spiritually in this very challenging physical world I exist in.  I find maintaining the diet to keep this ascetic/lean body type will be as hard to do as the diet I had to use to create it.

Updated 11/3/15:  I have gained some weight lately(about 140 lbs at 5’10”) after changing how often I do my very intense dumbbell swing exercise(12 minutes now nonstop using 20 lb weights).  Being really lean for a while did help me to improve on my technique in meditative walking as well as in  my other types of meditation.  Often one does the thing that helps one to progress further spiritually without having ones reasons that perfect!

Stretches, dumbbell warmup & 6 minutes non-stop 2-hand overhead behind back dumbbells swings

After my fall the night before Easter(APR 1 ,2018) in which I dislocated my right shoulder I could no longer do this dumbbell swing exercise, but developed a new exercise to replace it!  Here is a video of it which I am now(6/9/18) doing for 3 nonstop minutes:


WARNING:  All the intense meditative/physical exercises I do require a body that is conditioned and able to do them safely.  They require a period of adjustment as one needs to gradually get use to them as to their frequency, intensity, and duration.  Although my spiritual focus requires I try to inspire people to do what it takes to improve their physical and spiritual well being,  I am not a medical/health-care professional.   Important: Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning.  Do this exercise at your own risk and do them carefully.  Better to start out slow and gradually get use to them.   The intense type training I am able to do came as a result of decades of intense physical-spiritual training.   The most intense type spiritual-physical exercises are for people who have an extreme spiritual focus in their lives that enable them to handle the years of training required,  along with spiritual sensitivity and body awareness needed to prevent them from hurting themselves.

I eat something to fuel my dumbbell swing exercise routine, and then about 2-4 hours later drink some water  and started exercising.   I first do  careful stretching movements holding them very briefly covering all muscles for about 4 minutes, then some light weightlifting(warmed up using 20 lb dumbbell and arms for about 2 minutes doing all types of movements a few times in standing position), then do 6 minutes of nonstop dumbbell swings,  and 4 minutes more of stretching.  I do as many 2-handed overhead modified(bending elbows when lifting dumbbell overhead, deep squat, and extended to behind head) 20 lb dumbbell swings as I can do in a total of 6 minutes of nonstop cardio! I do these with my eyes closed at times while breathing in and out 24 to 27 times  with each dumbbell swing.  I use to breath in out a lot less in the past, but kept increasing the breathing as I was able to, since it increased the spiritual/physical difficulty of doing them.  The extra breathing makes the exercise more meditative!    I do try to tune into what ever emotions I can pick up or feel while doing this exercise or tune out any distractions I hear from my surroundings..    I try to put myself in the most intense and difficult physical/spiritual state while being really careful not to overdo it and hurt myself.

I have carefully worked up to this dumbbell swing routine for a period of five years as of October 2017..  I was in pretty good shape before I got started.  So it took me quite a while to condition myself to where I am at right now.   So,it takes quite a bit of time to get really good at this exercise!  Beginners can actually start without a dumbbell and gradually get the body use to handling dumbbells while starting with lights ones and working up to heavier ones!  They can adjust their technique to what is comfortable for them. This upper body cardio/meditative exercise with its head and neck movements I feel helps the circulation to the brain improve and thus allows one to push ones limits as to what states the body and mind can handle both physically and spiritually!

I have a blog post on the history of the dumbbell swing:    https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/history-of-my-overhead-2-handed-modified20-lb-dumbbell-swing-exercise/

The swing as I do it works real well for me! That is why my body can handle it  4 days a week. I am really strongly in tune with my body due to all the meditative training I put it through.  Beginners  can actually start without a dumbbell and gradually get the body use to handling a heavier dumbbell. They can adjust their technique to what is comfortable for them. This upper body cardio exercise with its head and neck movements I feel helps the circulation to the brain improve and allows one to really push ones limits as to what difficult states the body and mind can handle both physically and spiritually.  One can gradually increase the breathing rate as times go on and you are able to with reasonable effort.  The breathing does increase the spiritual component to this exercise and increase its difficulty.  I did last up to 30 minutes nonstop in the past doing it when I was breathing a lot less times in and out per swing.


The type of dumbbell swings I do, how they train the body, and their physical-spiritual purpose

This note was in response to questions a person posed to me on a spiritual site.

This exercise does not create large muscles which is why I weigh only 125 lbs at 5′ 10″ tall.  It is mainly a cardiovascular exercise helping my heart and circulation to be really in top form.  When I take the dumbbell behind my head/neck, and then lift it back over, I do use my triceps.  I started doing this when I had been doing a pushup challenge, and decided it was better just to extend my dumbbell swing to behind my head instead.  It is complicated, but this change in my dumbbell swings made them even better at putting me in extremely intense and difficult physical/spiritual states which is why I do them.

The type of modified dumbbell swing exercise that I do is mainly an endurance exercise.  It does keep a lot of muscles well toned!  It does use the neck muscles above the shoulders a lot, which I believe is very valuable since these muscles are so close to the brain.  I use these neck muscles as a focal point when doing my meditative runs and walks, and even use them a lot with my stretching exercises. I do believe the development of the spiritual parts of the brain related to emotion and sleep are essential to one spiritual strength and awareness.  I do tend to focus on these parts of my brain when meditating and exercising.  My lower back has hurt at times, but I just have to regularly stretch my back(especially when doing my meditative walks) in order to prevent muscle tightness there which I believe causes the problem.

A lot of people my age and even younger tend to have a lot of aches and pains.  I am doing very well keeping myself extremely healthy physically and spiritually and avoiding any injuries that could harm my progress in this area.  I am good at this because I have had an extreme spiritual focus on health and fitness my whole life and have become really tuned into my body and can read it really well as a result.  I will not go into the reasons for my extreme motivations in this area and why I feel I do things that others would be unwilling or unable to do because they would see no reason to do it based on their beliefs, and the fact that they can survive well enough to meet their spiritual/physical needs without having to deal with the extreme emotional/spiritual duress involves in developing and performing such exercises!

1/25/17 I deepened the squat to these modified(bent elbows and behind head) 2 handed dumbbell swings so that they would take a little longer so that I could breath in and 15 times during the whole 6 minutes.  I need a huge amount of spiritual intensity to reach a world that is so backward spiritually and so stuck in its ways!

  • 10/03/17  Now doing the squat a lot deeper bringing the 20 lb dumbbell close to my knees with my head also brought down at the lower part of the swing to be very close to the dumbbell also with my elbows very bent while at this lowest position.  My head does follow the dumbbell up as it rises and then is lifted over the head and behind it.  I may seem like quite a convoluted form of dumbbell swing, but it works well to put me into the most intense of spiritual states possible!  I now do 19 to 21 in and out breaths per dumbbell swing.  Extremely hard exercise to do which I can only do as a result of all my previous exercise training, my spiritual theories(astrology system) that help me tune my body in really well  spiritually, my other meditative training techniques, and my diet!

One can feel better about oneself and stay in a better mood

What is most important is to work hard at contributing in a positive way to this world what abilities you find enable you to so. One can get joy from knowing you are contributing to making this world a better place. Working hard to be on a good healthy diet, doing intense meditative and cardiovascular exercises(safely), working to develop ones spiritual beliefs so that they better help one embrace and interface with the physical reality one exists in will all be helpful. The problems that one will face in this world and the spiritual energy that comes with it can be very challenging. One needs to constantly work at becoming better at handling the challenges of life and the challenging emotions that come with them. Life can be a spiritual battle that takes a constant effort to keep in the right mood to handle it. One can with effort do a lot to improve ones physical and spiritual well being, provided one puts in the required work. Those who face the biggest spiritual challenges well will achieve a lot of real value in this world.

Here is a helpful blog post on meditation and mind-body exercises:    https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/my-type-of-meditation-meditative-walkingrunning-and-mind-body-exercise/

My type of Meditation, Meditative Walking/Running, and Mind-Body Exercise

WARNING:  Intense physical-spiritual exercise is vey challenging to the body and requires time to adjust to as to intensity, duration, and frequency in order to do safely.  Check with medical doctor(hopefully spiritually aware one) as to whether you have some medical condition that makes this unsafe to do.  Do at your own risk!

All forms of meditation involve over breathing or controlled hyperventilation. This takes more carbon dioxide out of the blood in the form of carbonic acid which will make the blood more alkaline.  This will have a relaxing affect on the body and tend to slow down ones metabolism.   Hyperventilation is not healthy when taken to extremes or when out of control, but that is true with so many things.  The medical community seems to see only the negative side of hyperventilation at this time.  The medical community often just focuses on unhealthy people and have not done enough studies of  meditative practitioners that benefit from using controlled hyperventilation in their breathing techniques.  One can find articles on the internet that challenge the way the medical community view all forms of hyperventilation.  The medical community can scare people from doing what it takes to get the most benefits from meditative techniques. It is true that overdoing anything(including hyperventilation)tends to be unsafe.  This controlled hyperventilation puts one into a relaxed altered state, where one can focus on anything or envision anything that one want to have more control of or be able to handle more comfortably or in order to help heal oneself in some way.


One can meditate on really difficult emotions or hard to deal with desires. One can adjust the way you do any of the meditative/mind-body techniques I describe below and find out what works best for you. Being a little creative never hurts as long as you do it carefully so as not to hurt yourself.  With any of these meditative/mind-body exercises one can breath through ones mouth if it makes it easier.  I find breathing through the mouth work well for me for my more vigorous meditative exercises.  I breath mostly through my nose when doing my slower meditative running, meditative walking and more stationary meditative exercises.

The meditative exercises here are not directed toward making one an athlete, but will rev up ones nervous system. The focus on overbreathing will slow the body down similar to stationary meditation, so one will not be able to do them very fast. As one progresses one will not get faster(may actually slow down as the stronger meditative state makes the body harder to speed up), but will become more able to put oneself in a difficult spiritual state of mind due to breathing more than required which is what puts one into the meditative/spiritual/altered state.  One must judge ones progress by how difficult it is to do these exercises due to the tough spiritual state it puts one in and the mental/spiritual effort required.  All of these exercise I mention in this note can be considered MIND-BODY EXERCISES.

STATIONARY MEDITATION does involve over breathing(hyperventilation), which will happen automatically when one focusing strongly on ones breathing.  One will be relaxed by this breathing which will slow the body down and make it require a lot less breathing in order to to maintain the state.  You do not need to do all of what I suggest when you meditate.  Be creative and do what works best for you.  To meditate, get in a comfortable position sitting or lying down, breath deeply tensing ones stomach muscles when breathing in, relaxing your stomach muscles when breathing out, while focusing on something or nothing at all. One can close ones eyes if this helps one focus, and can also squeeze ones hands(or thumb to index finger) and move ones feet alternately in rhythm with ones breathing. The tensing of the stomach muscles when breathing in tends to help one to breath a little more. One can tighten up ones stomach muscles a little more when doing a lying down meditation by using ones sit-up muscles to a degree without actually lifting ones upper body. Doing this(adding extra tension to the stomach when breathing in) will help one to relieve extra tension from the body and does not need to be done for long.  I find moving ones shoulder muscles up and down alternately in rhythm with ones breathing can help one relieve head and neck tension and I believe also increase blood flow to the brain so as to helps one to  get into a deeper meditative state.   The alternating movement of both the hands and the feet tends to connect one to the whole body while stimulating the nervous system giving one more of a sense of oneness. Losing oneself in the body helps the mind to better focus on the purpose of the meditation.   Meditation is like an exercise and must be adjusted to in regard to intensity, duration, and frequency. It can be hard to do just like an exercise, but can bring results over time.  Emotions power the spiritual, so one can focus on any emotions that are having an impact on you while meditating.  Also one can focus on desires one wants to gain more control of or on physical problems/pain so as to help one better cope with them and help them to heal.

MEDITATIVE WALKING   Breath in with one step and breath out with the next while focusing on whatever emotions that are disturbing ones inner peace. Focus as much of ones attention on breathing as intensely as possible.  When one gets really good at breathing really fast one can breath in and out with every step, but might have to slow down ones walking pace a little in order to do this.  Also attention can be given to the massaging ones neck to a degree with the raising of one shoulders a little more naturally happens as one does the normal arm movements that come with walking. The neck tends to absorb tension. The neck is so close to the brain that it can stimulate it with its motion.  One can also close one eyes during brief periods when one can safely get away with it.

I sometimes close my eyes with 6 steps and open for 2 steps when I am walking in an area with few distractions or dangers/obstacles. One can even strain to breath harder while closing ones eyes more tightly or squeezing one lips more tightly closed. Actually closing ones eyes more tightly and pressing ones lips together more strongly while doing a meditative walk will in time relieve tension in the head. Some people do damage to their teeth(gritting them due to tension). Pressing the lips strongly together will not cause any harm.

Meditative walking can be complicated and it takes a while to make it all happen automatically. One can be creative and figure out the best technique that will work for you. Relieving tension and transforming the emotions that are the source of the tension can be done while doing a meditative walk. Relieving stressful tension in the body does help one to improve the spiritual state one is in. Along with the tension one can also relieve any emotional imbalance one has that is creating the physical tension.

This is a description of how I am now doing my meditative walk. I have been doing meditative walking for over 2 decades, so I can do it very intensely with very intense rapid breathing. I breath in and out with each short step which is carefully place. I focus on moving my arm up and down a little more than normal walking action which massages the neck and provides more blood to the brain I believe. Within 3/4 of a mile of walking like this I get very tired, which means I must walk slower with more side to side motion to keep going. I burn out at the end. I do have to have careful foot placement on the Earth, since when one is tired and in an altered meditative state one will lose ones balance if one is not doing it carefully enough. I also close my eyes every couple of steps and try to intensify the effort/focus I am putting into this.

My MEDITATIVE RUNNING is like meditative walk, but with a slow running motion.  It  involves running with short quick steps and fast arm movements with strong side to side upper body movement while breathing in with one step and out with the the next one(or two).    One can do a slower meditative run while breathing in and out with each step. One can breath in rhythm with ones upper body movements which are naturally in rhythm with ones steps.  Ones upper body movement does help one to do quicker, shorter steps by helping ones feet to hit the ground more quickly.   Putting an added emphasis on vigorous upper body movements and shoulder movement I feel helps one to get more blood flow to the brain and seems to help the overall circulation get more revved up.  .  I find pains in my lower body often go away when I  focus more on massaging my neck by means of my shoulder movements, moving ones head so it is facing more upwardly will help one to massage ones neck more readily.  CHANNELING ONES ANGER INTO THESE SHOULDER MOVEMENTS WILL REALLY HELP ONE TO MAKE A LOT OF PROGRESS IN ALL MEDITATIVE EXERCISES.  One should focus on breathing as intensely as possible and can focus on intense or difficult emotions that one has been dealing with lately or has from ones past. This exercise can become quite intense as one gets good at it, with the steps getting shorter and faster and arm movement and breathing becoming more rapid.  One needs to get use to this exercise, as well as all forms of meditation or meditative exercises, over time in regards to intensity and frequency. The duration may vary depending on ones intensity. The rapid quick movements tend to rev up the nervous system which makes it a more intense mind-body exercise.

One will find one can not keep ones mind quiet or keep ones focus on ones emotions at all times when doing these exercises. One can do some thinking or have your mind wander at times while doing these exercises. But, one should try to really put forth the effort to keep the mind really quiet and focused to the point of really challenging oneself for as long as you can, and then after the mind wanders again for a while, make an other effort to quiet the mind and focus.  One can only advance in the effectiveness of ones techniques and reach a deeper spiritual state by focusing without the mind being distracted by thought a certain amount of the time while doing these meditative exercises.  Making the effort to quiet the mind by focusing all one can on increasing the intensity of the technique is how one advances further in how well one can do them.   One can even alternately open and close ones eyes while doing both the meditative running and walking exercises to help one focus even harder.  One can do this while opening ones eyes just enough to safely deal with ones surroundings.    Also,  ones can channel most of ones intensity into really focusing on and getting better at the breathing side of the exercise.  One will notice a sort of floating feeling in ones mind and tingling in ones face and even some itching in certain parts of the body when one is really doing well with the breathing.  One can learn to not let any itching adversely affect you.

Being able to be relaxed under intense conditions or when facing strong emotions is what one can gain from this type of training. One may need to do some stretching and weightlifting also being careful not to injure oneself and focus on ones breathing while doing them. Both of these will help the body to better handle the mind-body running exercise. As one progresses these exercises should become increasingly hard to do, provided one is really trying to put oneself in a difficult spiritual state by keeping one mind really focused on breathing really intensely and putting forth as much effort as possible. One will find this exercise hard to do if one does not have spiritual beliefs that really connect you strongly to the physical/spiritual reality that we all exist in at this moment. The spiritual truth has a lot of power to it. The closer ones beliefs are to the truth, the more one can use the strength one gains from these beliefs to power ones meditative/mind-body exercises.  One will find that when doing these exercises that any beliefs one has that are not good enough to help one handle the intense and difficult spiritual state on is able to get into will tend to surface and one will tend to think about them while exercising.  One can spend some of these exercises in deep spiritual thought, but should keep the mind quiet and focus on the exercise and ones emotions for as long as one can in order to get the most intensity and value out of them.

I take nutritional supplements in order to handle my intense spiritual exercise program. I require a lot of protein, B-vitamins, calcium-magnesium, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Everyone is different, so one needs to figure out what works best for you, but I think it is important to get extra nutrition when taking on really intensely challenging forms of exercise of any kind.  Here is a link related to my diet and how it has evolved:   https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/the-diet-i-use-to-help-me-handle-my-intense-physicalspiritual-exercise/


CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE:  I believe any exercise done in a way that one has to focus extremely hard spiritually  in order to do it is meditative to a degree.   I do an exercise routine that involves such a really intense cardiovascular(heart&circulation) exercise .  This is a link to the intense dumbbell swing exercise routine I do Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday:


This is my current exercise routine on days I do not do the dumbbell swings routine:  At 4:15 AM, I do crunches, then stretching followed by a 2 mile meditative run starting out harder and ending in a slow meditative run. Most of my harder part of my run I breath in with one step and out with the next two.  When doing my slower meditative run, I breath in and out with each step.  During meditative runs I really focus hard on moving my shoulders up and down and keeping my head raised upwardly so as to massage my neck in a way to direct more blood flow to the brain.  I try to keep track of my breathing rhythm, not by my steps, but by my downward action of my arms which is automatically in sync with each step. I also try to close my eyes a few steps at a time, opening them enough to see what I need to, and really strain to get the most out of me.

My Latest Spiritual Crisis Training Exercise Program

This video above was done a lot later(3/17/17) than this blog post and is an updated version of my intense dumbbell swing exercise which I do every day now along with also doing a daily 3/4 of a mile run with about 3 hours of rest between exercises.

WARNING:  One has be in really  great condition physically and spiritually to do these exercises!  Takes a lot of training to work up to them as to intensity, frequency, and duration.  Do them at your own risk.   Check with your medical doctor before taking on any really challenging physical exercise.  Do at your own risk.

Updated 8/20/13: On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I do this exercise routine early in the morning.   I first do a STRETCHING routine of my own design in which I stretch all my muscles especially my neck muscle which I stretch in conjunction with almost all my stretches.  This only takes a few minutes since I do them quickly and only a few times.  I try to focus on my breathing while doing them.  I then quickly warm up my muscles more by doing a few arm movements with two FIVE POUND DUMBBELLS.  Next, I do a series of weightlifting exercises using a 20 POUND DUMBBELLS trying to cover all muscles I can exercise from a standing position.  After this I stop and do some meditation(deep breathing)to prepare me for the really intense cardio two handed OVERHEAD DUMBBELL SWING exercise I do without stopping except very briefly to change dumbbell weights.  I do not squat very much when I do my modified two handed overhead dumbbell swing exercise and do bend my elbows and only lift the weight slightly over my head.  It would no be comfortable or safe for me to swing the weights way over my head with my elbows unbent.  Also, I prefer to exercise my upper body more, so not squatting as much makes the upper body have to work harder.

As of 8/20/13,  I was able to do 50 FORTY POUND overhead two handed dumbbell swings, followed by 226 TWENTY POUND two handed overhead dumbbell swings.  This takes me over 8 minutes.  I do these until I feel I can not safely do another.The last ones are extremely hard to do.  Spiritually this is the hardest exercise I have ever done and is rougher than anything I have gone through in my past.  So it really gets all my spiritual energy able to be channeled very intensely in the present.  After I finish the dumbbell swing exercise, I repeat my STRETCHING exercise and then go for a 3/4 slow MEDITATIVE WALK breathing in with one step and out with the next while concentrating on rotating my shoulders.  I believe that rotating the shoulders helps increase the heart rate and circulation more which helps to clean out lactic acid and helps the muscles to recover.

This is how my dumbbell swing exercises progressed to this point.  It took me an awful long time to get to the point I am now at with these two handed overhead dumbbell swings. I could only do 10 forty pound ones at first at the beginning of October 2012. I gradually increased how many I could do with my 3 days a week routine until I reached 92 at the end of January 2013. But, my body told me I could not continue to do so many of these 40 pound two handed overhead dumbbell swings, so I had to then change my routine. That is when I limited my 40 pound two handed overhead dumbbell swing to 50 of them and started doing the 20 pound two handed overhead dumbbell swings immediately afterwards. With a gradual increase in these 20 pound two handed overhead dumbbell swings I have now reached 226(8/20/13). Making for a combined total of 276 dumbbell swings(when including the 50 two handed overhead 40 pound ones) done nonstop which last over 8 minutes. I do focus an awful lot on doing these safely.

On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, Very early in the morning, I do my running exercise routine.  I start this out doing a very slow MEDITATIVE RUN(breathing in with one step and out with the next two)for about 1/2 MILE.  I try to focus on doing vigorous arm movements and on rotating my shoulders while doing this exercise.  My legs tends to warm up better when I do these arm and shoulder movements which I believe increase heart rate and circulation more.  My legs often  have some aches which I can often get rid of using this technique.  I then change over to FASTER RUNNING while now breathing in with one step and out with the next.  When going up hills this technique moves me at really good pace.  But, it slows me down and makes the run more meditative(due to over breathing)on level and downhill sections.  So on these sections I added some faster intervals in which I breath in with one step and out with the next two.  I do this for about 2 MILES.  I do always try to use my arms a lot to propel my running.   I then do a slow MEDITATIVE RUN for about 1/2 MILES and end with a slow meditative walk(breathing in with one step and out with the next one) of about 1/4 miles.  I am working at increasing my sprint speed. . I started faster(non-meditative) running May 18th, 2013.  Except for the 1/2 mile meditative run warm up, I go until my body can not go any more in each phase of my exercise.  I can do a slow meditative run, when I can no longer run with any speed, and can do my meditative walk when I can go no further doing my meditative run. I can still do a very slow meditative walk when i get really tired so I can make it home. I go into a really fatigued state when I take my nap after the exercise after glow wears off which happens after I eat, and am on the internet a while.

The trick to getting in a meditative state is breathing more than the body normally would based on the state it is in. If one breaths more than is required when running, it becomes a meditative run. One can use breathing techniques to help one to over breath while running slowly. Usually putting most of ones focus and effort on breathing will put one into a meditative state. The process of really focusing on ones breathing will tend to automatically cause one to breath extra and go into a meditative state. I have developed a lot of techniques to help get the body breathing more and be able to handle the state it puts one in.  I have a wordpress post on meditative and mind-body exercises.

Spiritually you needs  to have a body that can handle the often intense stress that come with taking on really tough spiritual/emotional challenges.  The body must be really healthy for one to be able to take on a lot spiritually.  The body is a very valuable tool of the spirit and helps the spirit to perform at its best.   I have a WordPess post on my meditative/mind-body exercises that goes into my meditative techniques in more detail.    See link in first comment below.

Updated 10/04/13:  I am now doing two and one half miles of mostly meditative running with just a short period of faster running followed by a 1/2 mile meditative walk.  My dumbbell swing exercises are so intense it is hard for my body to put much intensity into running hard for long on running days.  But that is fine, since doing over 14 minutes of non-stop dumbbell swing cardio is enough to keep me really fit.  Immediately after doing 50 2-handed over head 40 lb(modified) dumbbell swings,  I am now doing 350 20 lb ones and 70 10 lb ones.

10/22/13 Every other morning I am now doing a hard 3 mile run with some speed bursts at the end followed by a brief meditative run and walk.  On days I do not run I do 50 2-handed overhead dumbbell swings(modified) followed immediately by as many similar 20 lb dumbbell swing as I can.  I now am doing 14 minutes of non-stop dumbbell swings.  So I am getting some really intense cardio daily!  I do an intense 3/4 mile meditative walk every evening.

8/15/14   Mornings 4 days a week(Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday) I am now doing a 2 mile run, starting out hard(after stretching and brief running warm up) and ending in a slow meditative run.  On mornings I do not run I do 50 2-handed overhead dumbbell swings(modified) followed immediately by as many similar 20 lb dumbbell swing as I can.  I now am doing  24 minutes of non-stop dumbbell swings.   I still do an intense 3/4 mile meditative walk every evening  This dumbbell swing exercise is extremely difficult for me to do physically and spiritually.  It gives me a very heavy dose of reality and puts me in a very difficult and intense physical/spiritual state which requires that I have spiritual beliefs that help me to be able to handle them.  My spiritual beliefs have had to improve as my meditative and dumbbell swings have become a lot rougher on me physically and spiritually.  Taking on big spiritual challenges in training or in life does really test how good ones spiritual beliefs really are and will make one aware of which spiritual beliefs need to be improved on.

12/12/14  My two exercise routines updated:

1. In my 3 day a week exercise routine centered around dumbbell swings, I am now doing 14 minutes of these 2 handed overhead modfied dumbbell swings with the intensity that makes this about as long as I can last. I do my dumbbell swings with elbows bent to a comfortable degree, since my arms are not flexible enough to go overhead unbent without injuring them. I always have to adjust what I do to make them work for me and my physical/mental uniqueness I was born with. I do my exercise program in a way that allows for great intensity physically and spiritually without injury. The 50 40 lb dumbbells swings, I do at the beginning are anaerobic so do create lactic acid and a burning sensation in my arms. But when I start doing the 20 lb dumbbell swings this pain goes away, since they are aerobic. I do some of my 20 lb dumbbell swings bring the dumbbell behind my head and then lifting it up and over my head again(with some vigor) while then squatting more deeply, but this is very tiring, so I do most of my dumbbell swings with less of a squat and just barely over my head. This exercise routine is extremely difficult(physically and spiritually) from beginning to end and has not got any easier after many months of doing it.  I still stretch before and after the dumbbell swings, do a brief warm up using 20 lb dumbbell a few times on many different muscles. I then now do a meditative run and short meditative walk totaling 1 mile in distance.

2. On the other  4 days a week this is my latest description of what I do:   I do stretching followed by a 2 mile meditative run starting out hard and ending in a slow meditative run. Most of my hard run I breath in with one step and out with the next two and focus on 9 steps at a time. When going up the hill, I breath in with one step and out with the next and focus on 8 steps at a time. When doing my meditative run and evening meditative walk, I now breath in and out with each step and really focus hard on moving my shoulders up and down which massages the neck and I believe helps bring more blood flow to the brain. I close my eyes a good portion of each of these cycles and really strain to get the most out of me.

1/14/15  I changed my dumbbell swing routine eliminating the 50 40 lb swings at the begiining and only doing as many 20 lb 2-handed overhead(modified) dumbbell swings as I can in 14 minutes nonstop.  I can not tune into my body that well when doing anaerobic exercises like the 40 lb dumbbell swing.  I hurt my back doing it as a result.  It healed quickly, but I feel it forced a necessary change.  The exercise is not any easier to do as a result of this change.  If anything it is more difficult, since I keep working at increasing how intensely I do it.

Spiritually, one has to have a body that can handle the often intense stress that come with taking on really tough spiritual/emotional challenges.  The body must be really healthy for one to be able to take on a lot spiritually.  The body is a very valuable tool of the spirit and helps the spirit to perform at its best.   I have a facebook note on my meditative/mind-body exercises that goes into my meditative techniques in more detail.

I have changed this routine and have more updated blog posts on this subject.

Overcoming Challenges

SPIRITUAL STRENGTH TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES AND DEAL WITH CHALLENGES. I believe one develops strength by going up against resistance. I see the physical world as providing this necessary ingredient. I believe that one must be incarnates in this resistant physical environment in order to have the strength to really help make things happen spiritually. This belief in the importance of the physical aspect of our reality strongly affect how I believe the spiritual work.

So I tend to empower the spirits that are now incarnated in this physical world and make these spirits very responsible for the state this world is in spiritually. I see spirits(without bodies)as being very very helpful to us because of the freedom the spirit world provides them with, but dependent on the spiritual energy that we(incarnated spirits)generate. When we pray or meditate we do tend to send spiritual energy out that can be utilized by these helpful spirits to benefit us or others we pray/meditate for. I believe prayer and meditative techniques can help people directly who need it, or indirectly through the helps of these non-incarnated spirits. God would be the umpire making sure the universal rules that make our reality able to work for our benefit are maintained.

I believe that meditative/mind-body techniques can have strong spiritual impact on oneself and those one influences spiritually. I believe the body is a really valuable spiritual tool provided we learn to use it properly and effectively. When we leave our body at death, I believe we will retain our spiritual strength we gained by taking on tough spiritual challenges during our lifetime, and be able to use it to be helpful to those living in a physical world(including loved ones left behind) who are able to feed you the type of spiritual energy that is in harmony with the type of spirit you are. I believe all individual type spirits must incarnate from time to time to keep healthy, aware, and strong. Some spirits may pick more advanced physical environments to incarnate in than others. Spirits while not incarnated in a body in a physical world are able to travel very rapidly through space to places they are really needed. This need will power the spirit. The spiritual is very much powered by need.

We are always exchanging energy with others and with the environment we are in. We tend to both feed on the spiritual energy now on this Earth and feed it back energy. Some people will make an effort to send out better spiritual energy than they take in. While others will just reflect the spiritual energy around then and not alter it much. A lot of people focus on fields of expertise other than the spiritual and will tend to reflect the prevailing spiritual energy that they are exposed to.

We do need the people who have a strong spiritual focus and time to meditate and use other spiritual practices to work hard to make a positive spiritual impact on the type of spiritual energy that prevails on this planet. This prevailing spiritual energy will be by most people represented mostly by how well they behave or perform in this world.

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