Pain is an important and valuable part of life!!!!

One has to face the pain inside oneself in order to heal and get stronger and healthier physically and spiritually! The cycle of abuse toward others and oneself must end on this planet to the degree we are able to do this! We all need to develop the character required to carry our part of the burden and responsibility in this world! Pain can destroy people or make them stronger depending on how well they are able to deal with it avoid its destructive side! Hard work can be quite painful a lot of the time especially when done to improve oneself spiritually! We have so many serious problems on this planet and we need everyone to carry their own weight.
Pain lets one know how hard one can push oneself and get away with it safely! Fear works with the help of pain to enable one to be able to do amazing things and to sense when one has to be extra careful and do ones best to avoid really damaging consequences. The reason I can read my body so well is because I do not use pain killers and focus so hard on reading the signals my body sends me to let me know what I can safely get away with and when I need to focus really hard at adjusting what I am doing in order to avoid injury when exercising extremely hard physically and spiritually!! In order to achieve a lot in life one must be able to put up with a lot of pain and hardship and embrace its character building qualities. One should avoid the negative side of both pain and fear, but understand and value their positive side!
Here is my YouTube video on this subject:

Theoretical Physics is not a good basis for developing spiritual theories

This is what I posted in response to this YouTube video: “Victor Stenger Skepticon 3 The Abuse of Physics by Theist and Spiritualists”

Theoretic physics is not a good basis for developing spiritual theories. One needs to use really effective intense and difficult meditative exercise techniques to fine tune ones spiritual sensitivity and build up ones spiritual/emotional strength so that one will be able to better figure out what spiritual theories will enable one to perform more effectively in this challenging physical universe we are part of. To anyone well tuned in spiritually, this world now will appear very backward spiritually when it comes to how well we are able to perform in a very challenging highly technologically advance world we now live in in which small mistakes can sometimes have extremely heavy consequences.

I avoid heavy polarization that tend to be so dominant in this world and adds to so much conflict and trouble in this world and prevents people from working together well to find better solutions to the difficult problems of our times. Often the truth will be found somewhere in the complicated middle where a lot of variables and angles need to be dealt with. I am a very unusual person who has his focus on the spiritual frontier, so I do tend to identify to quite a degree with those on the frontier of science. But, I feel science has gotten far ahead of where we are spiritually on this planet. I feel we are capable of getting a lot more out of ourselves spiritually/emotionally and that science will advance even farther once we advance further in how much we all can get out of ourselves spiritually!!

Time/reality is no illusion to those who are well tuned in spiritually!

This was written after watching a couple of panel discussions on video about some of the craziness top theoretical physicists are coming up with in regard to “time”. I tune into people of all kinds extremely well on the spiritual level, and felt most of them were being adversely affected by poor programming on the spiritual level. The good thing is they all do not all agree, and that they admit they have not proven with solid scientific evidence the truth of what they present!

We can not perform well spiritually in this world if we do not value time as indispensable to our reality! Theoretical physics may claim that time is an illusion, but that is because they discount the importance of the spiritual in underlying all of reality. Often science is affected by the spiritual theories/beliefs of the past that need to be improved on so that they will interface with reality better, so that we will be able to perform in a way that will enable us to deal with the serious issues of this complicated technological age we exist in. Anyone that does not see this world as being quite messed up spiritually at this time is not very connected to reality.

Science will come up with better theories, but first they need to become tuned in better spiritually. In the spiritual realm all is connected to quite a degree, and this connection is instant. The speed of light is very limiting when compared to the instant connections that happen spiritually! The universe has a oneness as a result of its instant spiritual connection of all parts of it! It functions as a well connected unit, not as something that takes huge quantities of time in order for one part to relate to another part. People often try to use theoretical science as a way to confirm their spiritual beliefs! But theoretical science can be quite crazy in their theories and often will not make any real sense to those who have really well trained intuition due to reality based spiritual training. Hard science can give us information about a lot of what is happening in our reality! Bur science need to be careful about moving too much into the domain that is dominated by spiritual forces that underlie all of our reality.

The spiritual is dominated by our inner being and is powered by emotions. Really intense spiritual training using the most advance and intense/difficult spiritual/meditative exercise techniques are required in order to develop intuition that help us perform very well in the very important and challenging physical reality we are part of and that can bring out the most in our spiritual capabilities! We need to advance a lot further in this world that is so backward spiritually and not allow science to go in areas it is not well suited for in order to fill the vacuum that out inadequate/impractical spiritual theories that dominate this Earth has created as compared to how advanced we have become in science and technology in recent times.

Have close to 90 videos on a various subjects from a spiritually innovative perspective that need to get more public exposure.

I have had an extreme spiritual focus most of my life, since I am not very capable in any other area.  My survival on this planet has demanded that I focus with everything I got at continuously improving spiritually!  Necessity if often the mother of invention!  Living life on the edge can sharpen ones spiritual senses and motivate one to do what it takes to improve ones spiritual theories and meditative exercise techniques as well as nutrition so that one will develop the fined tuned  intuition required to keep one progressing and avoiding serious trouble and resultant setbacks.  I was born differently able with visual memory and finer nerve limitations that made me able to be really capable in a very unique way that enabled me to not only develop new spiritual theories and training techniques, but a new astrology system.  My spiritual approach is all about improving how we are able to perform spiritual as front line spirits in a physical world that badly needs us to better contribute to improving on the conditions that exist there.  I strongly feel we live in a world that is quite backward spiritually considering the serious challenges that exist in our modern highly technological age.  I understand that most people are pretty well set in their ways spiritually and uncomfortable venturing into anything that will challenge what they were taught to believe and often had programmed into them early in life.  But, I can only reach those that are really searching for better, more reasonable spiritual answers and willing to experiment with and evaluate that which is different from anything they are familiar with.  I have many spiritually focus blog posts here on wordpress that you can explore and here is the link to the YouTube videos My very spiritual  business partner Michelle Ronquillo and I have created:

Why I am able to do things spiritually others are not able to!

1.  I was born with limited visual memory(good at core structural visuals only) . Also had related limited finer motor skills(one can not do what one can not visualize doing).

2.  Compensated for limitations with creativity and intuition to help me handle all the many situations in life I faced with a lack of visual familiarity. This helped me to become really aware spiritually, an area I was born with a lot of natural ability in.

3.  Did play creatively in the spiritual starting at an early age, but not in a way very different from other people. Did play around creatively with trying to develop a new astrology system, but not much differently than a lot of other astrologers  did. Also did push my limits with aerobic exercise as well as experimented with meditative techniques, but not in a way that really made me stand out that much from others. BUT, This all changed in March, 1992 at the age of 40. Then when trying to reach the public with my ideas I felt the extreme pressure that come with presenting anything really different to the media and public and after 2 resulting near death experiences, that I know only someone as determined as me could have survived, I was willing to really focus on moving in a direction no one else would be able to or see a reason to! Link to near death experiences:

4. After 1992 I worked at developing new really advanced meditative(breathing) techniques and exercises that were designed increased my spiritual connection with reality by strengthening my physical-spiritual connection. The physical is resistant in nature so is able to give one the spiritual strength to cross barriers others can not. It also can challenge one in a way that can bring out the most in you spiritually. Today, we have so many problems in this world related to our inability to adequately handle the problems this physical world we exist in presents us with! Here are links to my meditative exercises and really intense dumbbell swing exercise:

5.  I have a diet without anything in it that act as a drug with means no herbs or condiments! My vegan diet(which evolved over a lifetime of experimentation) of mostly Oatmeal, canned greens, some tomatoes and vitamin/mineral supplements was designed for me individually to help me handle an extremely intense physical-spiritual training program! I do also do an intense frantic 3/4 of a mile run pretty much every day! I do not use coffee(caffeine)like most other runners, since I do not want anything interfering with my natural spiritual attunement to my body and how I am able to read it and figure out exactly how hard I can safely push it and in what way. When one pushes the body in a way that no one else is able you must be extremely sharp spiritually with no drugs/chemicals interfering with how you are tuned in spiritually to your body. One needs to rely on the drugs/chemicals the body itself produces and utilizes based on its perceived need.

6.  After 1992, I did develop a very unique astrology system that evolved as the intensity and effectiveness of my meditative/spiritual training/exercise techniques evolved. This astrology system is not some variation of a traditional astrology system(does not have signs or houses)and is not mythology based. It was developed with an emphasis on applying as much logic to it as possible along with utilizing my intuition/understanding of how the spiritual actually works. It was my spiritual tuning device that had to work well for to enable me to do incredibly intense spiritual training safely. So when ever I was not happy with my spiritual progress, I would have to figure out ways of improving my astrology system and the spiritual theories that where utilized in designing its structure. Spiritual training I find may bring one some inspiration, but intense thinking is required to further refine any raw inspiration into something very functional in this challenging reality we exist in. My mind has pushed the limits very often in my life especially after 1992 with a trial and error process applied over and over. Creativity involved a lot of trial and error mostly error. I have tested this astrology system not only on myself but on the charts of 20 celebrities and numerous charts I have done for people I have known in my life.

No one I am sure has done anything like me, so as a result I am able to do things in the practical physical-spiritual direction that nobody else can do. I understand that most people stay within the comfort zone that having a similar mindset and personality as a lot of other also have. Few people really get outside of this spiritual comfort zone since it is very scary and difficult to do. Also it is very hard to survive in a world like this that demands such a high degree of spiritual conformity from its inhabitants. Only people who are born with an inability to conform can really become the pioneers that open new doors in this world. Often necessity(desperation)is the mother of invention and individual and societal crisis is required in order for what it takes for really positive creative change to happen in this world.

Here is a link to a YouTube site with over 60 videos I was involved in:

Spiritual/emotional attraction to bias and unrealiable (fake?)news sources

Reliable sources of information are important especially in a world where paranoia is often present on both political extremes. We need to stay very rational spiritually and search for a balanced perspective. The problems of this world are huge and not easily figured out or investigated. The focus for change in this world needs to be on the spiritual level. Too much self-righteousness is our spiritual enemy and tends to create and unhealthy polarization and spiritual imbalance We need to work more on improving ourselves spiritually and not be fast to buy into biased news sources on the left or the right. Fake news may not be the best term, but a lot of news sources are not that reliable. As we grow spiritually through intense physical-spiritual training and rational spiritual programming with better spiritual theories we can get a better spiritual connection with reality and develop the intuition to find the most reliable news/information sources.

So often people do not really understand how complicated it is to find good information and responses to the problems that exist in this world. They often think that if certain things were done, the world could easily be made a better place. But, things are extremely complicated and easy solutions are often not readily available, especially when the root problems of the messed up conditions in this world are spiritual in nature. Often in history one may think that if only another choice had been made things would have ended so much better, when in actuality all choices would have led to bad results. That is because if the spiritual energy underlying what is happening is not good enough to create a positive result, all choices will not work that well.

Useful link:

My latest adjustments to my strict spiritually ascetic type diet

I have been on a very strict healthy diet for some time in order to maximize my spiritual capabilities. I tightened it up again recently in the area of calorie restriction(eating less in my 8 “around the clock” small meals a day and making sure I get good and hungry before I add more to my next meal). I push myself really hard physically and spiritually, so only a really effective and healthy diet will work well for my needs. I am 65 years old and quite lean as a lot of people who practice calorie restriction(for health purposes)are(5’10” 128lbs).

I do trust my well trained intuition to guide me over a lot of the nutritional/dietary advice that is currently popular or supported by so called “experts” at this time. I do read from a lot of sources about nutrition, but trust my intuition to figure out what sources to pay attention to and utilize along with my own ideas as to what would work best for my needs. I have been really good at not requiring the healthcare industry much in my life and when I have I learned more of how much I must rely on myself to keep myself really healthy physically and spiritually.

This is the diet that works for me. I eat oatmeal with each meal and usually put some canned spinach in it with a tiny bit of salt. I usually have a raw tomato with one of my meals. With my 6:15 meal I take a multivitamin-mineral tablet along with a 500 milligrams C tablet and a B-complex vitamin tablet. With my noon and midnight meal, I take a calcium-magnesium-zinc(1/3 daily value each) and a 500 milligrams vitamin C tablet. With my 6PM meal I take a 500 milligrams vitamin C tablet along with a B-complex vitamin tablet. I usually eat my oatmeal with out any vegetables during my midnight and 3AM meals. This is the diet I developed my really intense and effective meditative techniques, and my really advanced astrology system while on.

28Jul17:  My current diet now has 5 calorie restricted meals similar in content.  I eat a meal at around 3AM with lite salt(contains sodium and potassium), then at 8AM with muti-vitamin-mineral tablet along with 500 milligrams vitamin C and a B complex vitamin tablet, then at Noon with a calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet(1/3 daily values each) and a 500 milligram vitamin C tablet,  then at 5PM with a B complex tablet and a 500 milligram vitamin C tablet,  and at 10PM with calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet(1/3 daily value each) and a 500 milligram vitamin C tablet.

The importance of being grounded in this “insane” world

So many spiritual beliefs(theories)that dominate on this planet tend to tune people out quite a bit spiritually from the very challenging physical reality all that are reading this are a vital part of.  We are incarnated in a physical reality that can really test how well our spiritual beliefs/theories really work.  So many spiritual beliefs/theories tend to sort of slander this physical reality or discredit its value and prefer fantasy type beliefs that envision a better type reality that is easier to handle as an afterlife/existence.  People often have spiritual beliefs or theories that distract or remove their focus away from the important challenges that this world offers us as a means to help us grow further spiritually and give us a serious purpose to help us get the most out of what positive value we can develop and contribute to making this world a better place to exist in.

Delusional spiritual beliefs  can be intoxicating like an addictive drug that puts one into a “feel good” state that has not been earned by doing the hard work in order to make one really healthy spiritually and physically and capable of contributing something of real value to a world full of so many serious problems that are not being properly addressed.  Permissiveness, over indulgence, and the desire for  instant gratification tends to weaken people spiritually and make them less responsible and disciplined and unable to carry a reasonable amount of the burden of transforming this world into a place we can really  be proud to be part of.  So many people desire to escape from this world spiritually rather than directly face their responsibilities to do their part to address the really messed up conditions that exist here that are rooted in the spiritual.

We can not adequately address the serious problems that exist on this planet if we can not handle the emotions and pain connected with them.  The truth is often quite painful, but the pain is worth the price of gaining the spiritual strength that enables one to handle more of the truth and thus enable one to be able to be a lot more constructive at finding and implementing solutions to serious problems existing here on this Earth.  The stronger and more aware one is spiritually the more one can handle the painful/challenging side of life.  Pain can really test how grounded one is spiritually.  The spiritual is powered by emotions, and the people who are the most effective are the ones who can not only handle really intense and difficult emotions, but channel these emotions to make really positive things happen in this world.  When one can really feel the emotions related to a extremely difficult situation or serious problem, one can do a lot spiritually to transform the situation.  Meditating on difficult emotions enables one to not only transform these emotions in a positive way, but impact the source of these emotions in a positive way.  Prayer/meditation can be used to help people in trouble provided one has a good spiritual connection with them and what their challenges are.  But, one can only help people who desire that help and are open to improving on the inadequate spiritual beliefs/theories that contributed to their problems.

One can train oneself to become able to handle really intense spiritual-spiritual states.  Challenging spiritual/emotional states always have an impact on oneself physically due to the stress involved.  Intense physical exercise when combined with intense meditative breathing techniques can condition oneself spiritually and physically to be able to handle extremely difficult(torturous)spiritual states.  People who exercise hard often refer to their exercise sessions as torture.  I have blog posts on the dumbbell swing exercise I do for 6 nonstop minutes that I developed in order to help me handle the most intense and difficult emotional/spiritual states possible without adversely affecting my health!  When one becomes really strong and grounded spiritually it becomes a lot easier to resist harmful temptations and to do what is healthy in ones life when it comes to diet and exercise.  One can develop the ability/intuition to find the diet and nutritional supplements that help you to handle pushing yourself extremely hard physically and spiritually.   One can develop the spiritual theories and mindset that can help one to handle extreme spiritual and physical states and still be able to sense intuitively what one can safely get away with.  One has to be able to become very vigilant(aware) and careful when one is pushing the edge an awful lot spiritually and physically.

Also required in order to handle this challenging physical world we are such a vital part of is the ability to function spiritually in a very low energy state.  In a low energy state the spirit becomes a lot more sensitive and aware spiritually.  In order to have a great deal of spiritual control over oneself, one needs to be able to adjust ones energy to the requirements of the situation you find yourself in.  Also when you push yourself very hard doing things that require a lot of energy one needs to be able to rest and recover which is best done spiritually in a love energy state.  Healing from an illness often requires that one not eat much and lower ones blood sugar quite a bit. In times of crisis one often needs to go from high energy state to low energy state quickly based on the situation.  Sometimes it is best to sort of disappear from the scene and let others take over while you recover and evaluate what you need to do next while in a very aware/sensitive low energy spiritual state .  I use slow intense meditative walking with short quick steps, shoulder movement and rapid breathing to enhance my ability to function in a low energy state spiritually.  I find meditative walking help my stationary type meditation work so much better.  I have blog posts on this site dealing with all forms of meditation.  Here is a link to one of them:

I have developed spiritual theories and techniques through a really intense spiritual focus over a lifetime especially over the last 30 years.  I am almost 65 years old, so it has taken me a lot of time to get where I am at now.  My spiritual theories and techniques have helped me develop an astrology system that has a great deal of spiritual understanding represented in its formulation!

Developing good spiritual judgment/character

It is important we all are(especially children) are trained to have good spiritual judgment.  Often it is not easy to figure out or intuitively sense the difference between healthy/positive/constructive behavior and unhealthy/negative/destructive behavior.  Practical spiritual beliefs/programming, along with the healthy type of spiritual/physical training these beliefs should inspire one to do, should help one to become better able to sense how to progress in a direction that will be good for your well being.  One needs to develop a good spiritual rudder to help steer oneself in a positive/healthy spiritual direction in all of ones behaviors.  The more one is tuned into oneself spiritually, the more one will be able to tune into others, so one can interact  with them in a healthy way spiritually.  Hard/serious physical/spiritual training can help one to better tune into the very hard/serious problems that exist in this world, the people most affected by these problems, and the spiritual causes of these problems.  Cardiovascular/heart exercise, meditative exercise, and a strict healthy diet(with nutritional supplements if needed)can help one to become able to more tune into the serious side of life, so that one can better figure out how to create serious positive consequences in ones life/world and avoid serious negative consequences in ones life/world.

It is so easy to get hurt when training ones body really hard in order to become really healthy physically and spiritually.   There is a fine line between safely pushing oneself extremely hard, and pushing oneself too hard and harming/injuring oneself.  Practice can help one to better develop the body awareness and intuition to become good at sensing this spiritual fine line.  But, one needs to have the practical spiritual beliefs that enable one to handle really the intense physical/spiritual states that hard/difficult physical/spiritual training involves.  Physical/spiritual training includes meditative movement exercises like the meditative walking&running that I have developed on a very intense level, and cardiovascular exercise like the dumbbell swing exercise I do.  It takes a long period of time to become good at these types of physical/spiritual exercises, and to adjust ones diet so that it supports ones ability to do these well.  One will find that a lean/leaner body will help one to better tune in spiritually when doing intense physical/spiritual training.  I find that the leaner my body becomes, the more important it is that I exercise even more intensely, so that my body will be able to be fit enough to handle being really lean.  Everyone does not have to become really lean, but they need to figure out what weight works best for giving them the spiritual/physical health they require to be able to perform their mission/purpose here in this life.

I feel people(like me) who specialize in the spiritual require the extra spiritual strength and awareness that a really lean well trained(cardiovascularly&meditatively) body without much extra muscle can provide.   People who use calorie restricted diets for life extension often have very low body weight, but are very healthy because of the very nutritious diet they are on.  In the past spiritual people have often used an austere lifestyle and diet to help their spiritual development, but they did not have the scientific knowledge we have today to help them do this in the healthiest way.  We have the knowledge today, that was not available in the past to be able to be able to make a lot more progress spiritually.  But, since we now live in an age in which overly permissive lifestyles(along with supportive overly tolerant/permissive spiritual beliefs) tend to be popular, it can be hard to not be controlled by a spiritual mindset, that is antagonistic to anything that is really difficult/challenging spiritually .

I have a lot of  blog posts on this site covering in more detail the type of training and beliefs that should work really well to improve ones spiritual/physical well being!

5/6/2016:  I have changed my training routine and have put on extra weight since printing this blog post.  I got a lot of good spiritual insights and improved my training when on this extremely austere(calorie restricted) diet I was on at that time.  I am now getting stronger in my training as a result of the weight gain which involves a combination of muscle and fat.  My strict diet has not changed except that I am not restricting calories as much.  I now eat small meals when ever my body gets hungry(8 meals every 3 hours around the clock).  I an training extremely hard and depending on the difficulty of my physical/spiritual training to keep me extremely healthy physically and spiritually.

In response to a video on nutrition I was urged to check out

The video was posted under this facebook status I posted:

I have made my diet more calorie restricted lately. I feel I really need to push the edge physically and spiritually in order to make things happen in this world for me and my spiritual ideas. I feel like I listen too much to those who are not the type that would be really interested in what i have to offer spiritually. I feel I can safely do things to become extremely healthy physically and spiritually that would not be safe for those without the really good spiritual beliefs I have. For those who my extreme spiritual-physical focus is too much for you to handle, you can unfriend me. I really need deep friendships, not good at other types!

I do take a multi-vitamin-mineral tablet twice a day and extra vitamin C, and vitamin B complex tablets. I also take a calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet(1/3 daily value). I trust my diet, since it has helped me to really push my physical and spiritual limits. I have had a strong focus on nutrition my whole life. Individuals do differ and must adjust their diet so it works well for them. I tend to be very unique, so my diet had to be tailored to my uniqueness by me over a life time of trial and error in this area. I did listen to parts of that video, but it is very long and not as concise and to the point as I prefer. Most video presentations I find do not get to the point quick enough for me.

The spiritual plays a very strong role as to health and helps one to better read ones body in order to figure out what works best for you individually. I train in a way spiritually unlike anyone else, and that affects my bodies nutritional/dietary requirements. One size does not fit all, and I am aware of that more than practically anyone else. I really trust my own extremely well trained and programmed intuition to figure out what sources to trust(including what I figure out on my own) when it comes to nutrition and diet. I like the fact I rarely get sick or hurt with my dietary and exercise approach! I have charted an independent course spiritually for some time, and until I find people who are on the same spiritual wavelength as me, I will have to trust myself over them as to what is best for me physically and spiritually.

People just have not been appreciating all the extremely deep and valuable stuff I have posted on varies sites on the internet. So, I must be willing to go further using myself as an experiment(as I have done most of my life)to demonstrate what a person with really effective spiritual beliefs is capable of. I will scare away those who are unable or unwilling to truly explore the value of what I have come up with spiritually over a lifetime of very intense exploration in this area.

Individuals have often had to make certain breakthroughs in this world, and to do things people believe it is not possible for an individual to do. I understand why people would not be open to someone as “differently abled” as me. But, I have no choice but to chart the course that works best for me, and what I can contribute to this world. I will listen to a lot of sources, but I must recognize that my physical/spiritual uniqueness make me have to not be very trusting of most sources of information that are available on this planet at this time as to them being good enough to apply precisely to me..

This is a previous blog post that deal with my diet and its recent evolution:

My diet is not as calorie restricted now(5/7/2016), but I did advance spiritually a lot while on a really calorie austere restricted diet and was also able to make some very difficult changes in my life’s situation.


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