Value of inner and outer debates in order to get more of a handle on the truth!

I debate the value of my ideas within myself and with others! I appreciate those who can handle a rational debate on where the truth most likely lies. I am into spiritual growth, not just acceptance of ideas that a lot of people are overly attached to without much thought as to the real value they have in helping them perform well in this very complicated technological age we now exist in. People often think they have more of a handle on the truth than they actually have. Life is a complicated puzzle that will never be completely figured out. Mystery will always exist, which is a good thing! It takes a hard mental and spiritual effort to get more of a handle on what is true in any area one wants to excel in. Not questioning things or debating things is an approach that keeps people from understanding any subject more deeply! Some people just want to be around those who agree with them, and demonize those who do not! The truth is complicated, and requires the ability to see things from many sides and angles! I stay clear of people who stifle discussion!


Pain is an important and valuable part of life!!!!

One has to face the pain inside oneself in order to heal and get stronger and healthier physically and spiritually! The cycle of abuse toward others and oneself must end on this planet to the degree we are able to do this! We all need to develop the character required to carry our part of the burden and responsibility in this world! Pain can destroy people or make them stronger depending on how well they are able to deal with it avoid its destructive side! Hard work can be quite painful a lot of the time especially when done to improve oneself spiritually! We have so many serious problems on this planet and we need everyone to carry their own weight.
Pain lets one know how hard one can push oneself and get away with it safely! Fear works with the help of pain to enable one to be able to do amazing things and to sense when one has to be extra careful and do ones best to avoid really damaging consequences. The reason I can read my body so well is because I do not use pain killers and focus so hard on reading the signals my body sends me to let me know what I can safely get away with and when I need to focus really hard at adjusting what I am doing in order to avoid injury when exercising extremely hard physically and spiritually!! In order to achieve a lot in life one must be able to put up with a lot of pain and hardship and embrace its character building qualities. One should avoid the negative side of both pain and fear, but understand and value their positive side!
Here is my YouTube video on this subject:

Have close to 90 videos on a various subjects from a spiritually innovative perspective that need to get more public exposure.

I have had an extreme spiritual focus most of my life, since I am not very capable in any other area.  My survival on this planet has demanded that I focus with everything I got at continuously improving spiritually!  Necessity if often the mother of invention!  Living life on the edge can sharpen ones spiritual senses and motivate one to do what it takes to improve ones spiritual theories and meditative exercise techniques as well as nutrition so that one will develop the fined tuned  intuition required to keep one progressing and avoiding serious trouble and resultant setbacks.  I was born differently able with visual memory and finer nerve limitations that made me able to be really capable in a very unique way that enabled me to not only develop new spiritual theories and training techniques, but a new astrology system.  My spiritual approach is all about improving how we are able to perform spiritual as front line spirits in a physical world that badly needs us to better contribute to improving on the conditions that exist there.  I strongly feel we live in a world that is quite backward spiritually considering the serious challenges that exist in our modern highly technological age.  I understand that most people are pretty well set in their ways spiritually and uncomfortable venturing into anything that will challenge what they were taught to believe and often had programmed into them early in life.  But, I can only reach those that are really searching for better, more reasonable spiritual answers and willing to experiment with and evaluate that which is different from anything they are familiar with.  I have many spiritually focus blog posts here on wordpress that you can explore and here is the link to the YouTube videos My very spiritual  business partner Michelle Ronquillo and I have created:

Reliable/effective spiritual development

If we are going to advance further in the spiritual area on this planet we are going to have to do the work required to improve in this area. We will not just get “reliable” spiritual information/answers just given to us from some sort of “magical”source. Our inspiration will only be as good as we are able to receive based on our current spiritual development and will always need work by us to improve on it so it will adequately meet our needs. People who are psychic have to translate what they are picking up spiritually and will not do so perfectly making mistakes quite often. But, they should make enough hits that they will be helpful to people who will tend to remember the hits and not the misses. Some psychics will be more advanced spiritually than others and have more accuracy than others. Channelers are just psychics that work from a trance state and will also be limited by their own spiritual development as to how good the information they tune into and translate really is.

We all have to evaluate any spiritual information we obtain from any source including our own inspiration and figure out what is of value to us, and what needs to be further refined by us, or needs to be discarded as not being accurate enough or of much use to us. We all have to be careful what we accept as true spiritually, since what we accept spiritually affects us directly in how well we perform spiritually in the real world. We do well to be open minded to information that serve us really well in this challenging physical reality we exist in, and closed minded to information that is not adequate to meet our needs here. Having high standards as to what we accept spiritually is a good thing. Nothing is perfect spiritually, so spiritual growth is an endless process with new puzzles always be presented for us to figure out to some degree. One stops growing spiritually when one stops searching for better spiritual answers. We need to be constantly working to improve our understanding of the spiritual no matter how advanced we believe we are. We need to be an example for others as to the value of being always open to improving further spiritually.

Effective spiritual/meditative training techniques can make a big difference in helping us develop the physical spiritual health required to handle the really intense spiritual/emotional states required in order to handle a lot more of what is true spiritually. One has to be able to handle more of the truth and the intense spiritual/emotional energy that comes with it. Emotions power the spiritual, and as one grows spiritually one becomes more passionate about making a positive difference on this planet by spreading positive spiritual energy and information to others who are able to see the value in it.

Strong, but positive emotions are often thought of as negative by those who are not receptive to the amount of truth that comes with it. People who are really advanced spiritually are able to handle emotions no mater how powerfully they are expressed. People often will listen to music that is so loud that it hurts their ears because they like it. But, will often complain about someone being too loud when they passionately represent something of spiritual value that they do not want to hear. It is not like their ears are actually being hurt. The people who are really open to new spiritual information will not be hurt by someone who speaks with the intensity and passion that a spiritual message requires in order to be delivered with the required deep impact on them. It is when one actively fight to not hear something spiritually that it will hurt your ears and make one uncomfortable. People who are really advanced spiritually need to find those who are receptive to their passion and avoid those in which the passion hurts their ears and respond in a way that is hostile and insensitive to the value of what they have to offer and the way they passionately and intensely deliver it verbally.

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Here I focus on the positive side of pain. Pain exists for a reason and handling it well can be used to help one grow stronger both physically and spiritually. Physical pain can help one read ones body, so one can better push ones limits in a demanding physical exercise program, and learning to handle(cope with)emotional/spiritual pain can help one to become better at handling in a positive way the whole spectrum of emotions with all their intensity that are part of life.
The more pain one can handle the more truth one can handle. It is painful to have ones delusions/fantasies shattered! It is painful to face a stronger dose of reality. Life’s lessons are often painful. Pain can tend to wake people up spiritually. Growing stronger spiritually requires one learn to handle the painful emotions of life really well. I train in a way that puts me in very difficult and uncomfortable spiritual/emotional states for a reason. It is hard to bring more spiritual truth to a world that tends to be addicted to autocratic type spiritual beliefs and not that open to more rational/practical spiritual beliefs that are designed to connect one more strongly to this reality we exist in here, and enable us to make a positive difference spiritually here as a result. Our world is really messed up spiritually because the predominating spiritual beliefs that exist here are inadequate!

Autocratic spiritual/religious beliefs are holding back further spiritual advancement

I just had a strong spiritual interaction/conversation with two “Christians” that came to my door to convert me.  I am sure I shocked them with my very different spiritual approach.  That is what motivated me to write this.  I strongly disagree with autocratic religious/spiritual beliefs that claim they have or are connected to perfect sources. I am not a Christian or member of any religion.I am into improving on the spiritual beliefs of the past and present, because I do not believe they are adequate for the advanced technological age we now live in. The predominating autocratic(not open to being questioned)spiritual/religious belief systems that exist on this Earth(including many”New Age” types)can be very attractive because of the “herd mentality” that exists in this world where people gain security and acceptance in the area they live by accepting a belief system that has a lot of believers there and thus sharing a similar spiritual mindset as a lot of people. People who have an independent spiritual mindset of the type that actually works at obtaining/developing beliefs that interface better with the physical reality we exist in right now, I believe are very rare here on this Earth.

Science may try to help us better interface with our reality, but often does not do the best job at this. Scientists are affected by what spiritual beliefs they have(or lack there of), which limits how good they are at finding out more of the truth. In some areas science can come up with hard results that will prove to work every time. But, often they come up with less reliable results, and sometimes they put forth theories that are very wild and difficult to prove as to their accuracy. In the past religion use to not know its limits and try to explain everything from their ideology and use to hold science back because of their immense power an influence in this world. Often science is doing the same in the modern world with its increasing dominance in fields in which the spiritual plays a very strong role such as psychology and medicine(healing). But, this invasion of spiritual areas by science is made easier by the lack of advancement in this world(the Earth)in the spiritual field of study. Sometime “spiritual” people will even take some of the more wild or complicated of scientific theories and use them to try to justify their beliefs.

One can design ones spiritual beliefs so that they help one to better perform in this challenging physical reality we now exist in.  One can do the type of physical-spiritual training(including very intense meditative movement and cardiovascular/heart exercises and a very effective diet) that will test how well one’s spiritual beliefs help one to handle really intense and difficult spiritual/emotional/physical states.  Science(especially in Medicine and Mental Heath fields) often dismisses the importance of “will power” or spiritual character and effective spiritual training and beliefs to alter how one is able to behave and function in this world.  Science, just often does not appreciate the huge value the spiritual can have in helping us better handle our physical and spiritual health and well being.  Science often does not take individual differences physically and spiritual into account enough.  I strongly believe the spiritual beliefs that enable one to handle this challenging physical reality we exist in will be closer to the truth.  That it is the challenging physical reality that we now exist in that really tests how good our spiritual beliefs really are by how well they help us to better perform spiritually.

I believe strongly in the importance of physical-spiritual connection and that actual parts of the brain that deal with emotions and sleep(altered spiritual states)are vital to our ability to perform really effectively spiritually.  Effective spiritual training must affect and help further develop these parts of the brain that impact one spiritual abilities.  They are not easy to impact since they have a sort of “(w)holistic” way of functioning.  The spiritual must deal with the big picture or see how our reality operates as a whole. Spiritual beliefs must deal with reality as a whole in order to help us function better in it.  A certain spiritual oneness and united focus is required in order to mobilize all of ones spiritual resources effectively in order to best deal with the serious problems/challenges this physical reality we are part of presents us with.


2 near death experiences in 1992 forced me to improve further on my spiritual beliefs and training techniques

I did hit bottom when I had my 2 near death experiences in 1992. Since then I have worked really hard to improve my spiritual training techniques and spiritual beliefs so that that would never happen again. I never gave up when certain spiritual energies here tried to push me off this planet. I survived because of my “never give up attitude”. I had too many spiritual beliefs at the time that were mythologically based and not rational enough to interface well enough with this physical reality to help me get a strong enough grip on it so that I could handle the intense physical/spiritual challenges that I needed to in order to survive and serve my life’s purpose. I have been driven since what happened to me in 1992, to really focus even more intensely on improving on the spiritual beliefs that so dominate this planet and are responsible for the messed up spiritual state it is in.

I have very high spiritual standards because I am the type of spirit that requires them in order to function the way I need to. I hang on really strongly to my spiritual self awareness, since I can not rely on the spiritual status quo that exist on this planet right now and the type of spiritual energy that it maintains here to sustain me, as it does lots of other spirits, when I am pushed to the very edge to what I can handle. I see things from an extremely unique spiritual perspective because I an an extremely unique spirit that is extremely specialized in my spiritual capabilities. People can not agree with how I represent myself and the world around me, but I will forcefully represent myself and my purpose with all the spiritual strength and awareness that comes with a lifetime of focusing intensely in this area. I will not allow the spiritual beliefs that dominate this planet and most spirits residing here and energies that go with them push me off this Earth and prevent me contributing what I have to offer spiritually to it.

Here is my blog post I did in the past when these 2 near death experiences were fresher to my memory:

Hard spiritual work required to face the hard times ahead on this planet!

I did a one mile meditative walk using my latest technique focusing on the really harsh energies that dominate this Earth and hold it back from advancing spiritually. The spiritual beliefs that dominate this planet psychically due to the number of believers in them are often thought to be perfect spiritually by a lot of people. They are often channeled by mediums and represented as from a perfect source. But, the hard truth is there is no perfect source of spiritual information on this planet, and the sources that are readily available are not very good for effectively handling the serious problems of the times we now live in. God can not be a perfect source spiritually for us, because, our connection to God is not perfect and can not be perfect. We connect to God through connecting spiritually to the physical reality that God maintains for our benefit.


It takes really hard work spiritual to connect really strongly spiritually with the physical reality our spirit exists in. But, those that are really strong spiritually develop the capability to handle really hard work. Really good spiritual training requires very difficult meditative and cardiovascular(heart training) exercises along with a very strict healthy diet, so as to give one the spiritual strength needed to handle the strong physical-spiritual challenges this world has so many of. In this permissive society we live in often people do not like the idea of doing really hard spiritual training over a long period of time.


People are often attracted to spiritual ideologies that claim hard spiritual work is not required. Fantasy type beliefs(so easily found and tuned into psychically on this planet) that do not interface with our reality very well, can have an appeal(an addictive properties) similar to a recreational drug, but they will over the long run have consequences that are similar to intoxicating drugs to quite a degree In times when we were less technologically advanced and the consequences of our actions where not as severe as in this nuclear age we now live in, people could survive with not the best spiritual beliefs or conditions. But as we advance technologically we will have to develop the spiritual maturity to handle this technology really well. Being like a child in our spiritual beliefs will not be good enough in the very challenging times to come. Spirits that remain child-like may be forced to move to a less advanced planet where a higher level of spiritual maturity is not required. We all will face the consequences of our actions when it comes to our spiritual development

The transforming spiritual value of deep thought

I was doing my morning run in which I try keep my eyes close a lot of the time and my mind quiet so I can really focus on my breathing and putting myself in a spiritual state, but since this is very difficult and important spiritual thoughts about beliefs I need to improve on will tend to be forced to the surface while in this intense spiritual state, I did spend a good portion of the run and the slow meditative run afterwards in deep thought. Interesting enough I was thinking about the importance of questioning and thinking about ways to improve on ones beliefs.


Everyone has some type of spiritual programming/beliefs that guides their spirit. Some people will choose not to disturb what ever spiritual programming/beliefs they already have. Some will tend to be overly tolerant and will accept all sorts of spiritual beliefs/information no matter how wild or impractical with out needing good evidence of some kind for their validity or effectiveness. People will often only accept spiritual information that resonate with them, which means they will usually accept only that which is in harmony with the spiritual programming/beliefs they already have, unless they have been questioning the validity of some of their beliefs and are looking for better answers as a result. Often when people accept spiritual beliefs/information that is new to them it will take a little time to adjust to and will take some getting use to. They will have to in a sense try them out and see how well they work in improving how they are doing spiritually in their life.


Those who choose to not allow their mind to be actively exploring ways to improve on their spiritual beliefs, will be stuck with the spiritual beliefs they have already programmed into them. There are a lot of spiritual ideologies that have a lot of adherents on this Earth that are well programmed usually at a very young age into their belief system. Often these spiritual ideologies have a very authoritarian flavor to them and discourage any questioning of them. They often believe that they already have the perfect spiritual truth or that the perfect spiritual truth is readily accessible within people without any need to question or think deeply about. Spiritual beliefs that can not be questioned so that they can be changed in a way to improve on them will be “addictive” in nature. Often these addictive type spiritual ideologies will represent their beliefs as being the only ones that represent “the truth” and this will give them a sort of drug like high, that is not the same as how one tends to feel good as a result of having spiritual beliefs that are actually helping them make a positive spiritual difference in this world. . Often people will project their “ego” energy into their spiritual ideology and the group associated with it. When one is constantly working hard to improve on ones spiritual beliefs/programming by constantly questioning it, thinking deeply about it, and trying to find/develop better spiritual beliefs, and then testing them out in ones life, one will be working hard not to keep from being “addicted” to the type of “authoritarian” type spiritual beliefs that tend to be quite prevalent on this Earth at this time.


I have not ever found that I have come up with better spiritual beliefs or did productive deep spiritual thinking using a form of stationary meditation, although I do stationary type meditation for other spiritual reasons. One often will find thinking works better when walking or even running. I find that it is very important to do forms of active meditation that will have a tendency to make the mind more active. One does have to shut down the mind in order to focus hard enough on the form of meditation(meditative exercise)one is doing so as to deepen the meditative/spiritual state one is in. But, one will find that if ones spiritual beliefs are not good enough to help one to handle the really intense meditative state one is in, that they will surface and disturb ones concentration and ability to maintain as deep/intense a spiritual state. Also, one often needs to do the required thinking to process some of the spiritual ideas one has recently dealt with often through interactions with others. But, luckily, one can still stay in a meditative state that is not so demanding that the mind needs to shut down, and then do quite a bit of deep productive spiritual thinking geared to improve ones spiritual beliefs or sorting them out while in that meditative state. The mind can better stay quiet for extended periods while in a very difficult/challenging meditative/spiritual state(that active type meditation creates) when it has spiritual beliefs that can help one to handle these spiritual states. Life’s challenges will often put one in very challenging spiritual/emotional states that will be similar to those one can get into through intense meditative exercises. Spiritual training should be geared to helping one perform better in this very challenging physical world we exist in right now with all of the serious problems it can present for us to try to effectively deal with.


I understand we live in a world in which a lot of people have gotten use to a lot of permissiveness and tend to desire instant gratification. That hard spiritual work and really deep thinking may not appeal to them. But we are not going to transform this Earth into a lot better place to exist in spiritually, if we do not develop more spiritual backbone. Spiritual training takes time to get good at. One can not instantly become really strong and aware spiritually. Spiritual will power will get stronger as one keeps using it with more and more intensity.

The individual spirit does not contain a perfect spiritual source within.

I strongly disagree with the spiritual belief that tends to be quite dominant in some spiritual circles that a perfect spiritual source is available within oneself spiritually that can be tapped so as to magically come up with the spiritual truth or used to help one reach a part of oneself that is already extremely advanced spiritually. Some people automatically believe that they have within themselves a “higher self”, or “divine self”. People will often believe their heart or intuition can not lead them in the wrong direction. That somehow they automatically have within them perfect spiritual radar that will only direct them in the best direction for them spiritually. But, anyone that has a realistic spiritual connection with this physical reality we exist in will find that people’s intuition can often is quite wrong and their heart can often lead them into harmful circumstance and relationships.


I do not feel that we have a lot of people who are that effective spiritually on the planet Earth, and that this results in spiritual/physical conditions existing here that are far from ideal. We have so many serious problems in this world that are rooted very strongly in the spiritual inadequacies of the spirits incarnated here. The news is full of examples of human beings acting really badly spiritually. As a planet advances in its technology, it needs its inhabitants to also advance further spiritually, in order to handle the impact of this technology and direct it in a positive way, so as to make life on this planet even better/healthier. In more primitive/simple times, less spiritual maturity/competence was required in order to handle the issues that they faced.


It is hard to improve on the spiritual beliefs originating in the past that dominate this planet, if people feel no need to improve on their spiritual beliefs/programming. If one believes that a perfect spiritual self is already within oneself, why would one be motivated to improve on ones spiritual beliefs/programming? Why would one do the hard spiritual training, deep spiritual thinking, and experimentation(trial and error) required to improve ones spiritual beliefs so as to improve the spiritual state/shape one is in.


A lot of people in this world are attracted to spiritual permissiveness and instant gratification. They are not much interested in developing higher spiritual standards with all the time and work required in order to acquire these standards and the dealing with the heavier responsibilities that come with them. It is so much easier to believe that all beliefs are okay for those who believe in them. One can not have high spiritual standards, if one tolerates low spiritual standards and the spiritual beliefs that create them.


It is not easy to improve the spiritual state one is in, so as improve how one is able to function in this world. Ones intuition(spiritual radar)can be improved as one develops a better understanding of how the spiritual works and reprograms ones spirit and subconscious mind with spiritual beliefs more in tune spiritually with reality. This physical reality that God(the universal spirit)provides us with can work very much to our benefit, provided we make the effort to gain a stronger spiritual connection to it. The physical provides resistance and challenges us. Only a physical world can really test how well our spiritual beliefs will hold up and help us perform when really tested. Really good spiritual belief will help one to tune into this physical world really well spiritually, and will help us develop a lot stronger physical-spiritual connection.


It takes a lot of spiritual discipline/character to advance further spiritually. It is hard work to do the deep spiritual thinking required in order to be able to acquire/develop more advanced spiritual beliefs that will be more effective in helping one hang in there spiritually, and deal with the really tough challenges of our times. So many of the popular spiritual beliefs diminish the importance of this physical reality to our spirit and believe the spirit can escape from it temporarily or permanently in the future. A lot of spiritual beliefs have a drug like effect that makes one feel good by helping one disconnect from this physical reality we exist in and the heavy responsibilities that come with it. One does not get healthier from escaping from this reality, one gets healthier though conditioning oneself physically and spiritually to be able to handle any challenges that it can provide. Trying to escape from this world spiritually will make one weaker not stronger spiritually. One will feel better when one is healthier physically and spiritually and able to handle a lot, and able to contribute what ones has to offer to this world. One will feel really good about oneself as a result of helping to make this world a better place.


Part of ones spiritual beliefs need to include the importance of the type of spiritual training that improves ones physical-spiritual connection and so as to be able to handle a heavier dose of reality. Meditative exercises, such as meditative walking and running can be done is such a way that they are very difficult to do both physically and spiritually(emotionally). I have a blog on meditative walking and running on this site. Cardiovascular exercise can help one to gain the physical health required to be able to handle the stress that taking on a lot spiritually can create on the physical body. Stretching and some weightlifting can help one to exercise really hard with less injuries. One can not push oneself really hard physically and spiritually if one does not have a diet(with nutritional supplements)that is good enough to help one do them. Losing excess weigh can help one to get healthier physically and spiritually. Being hungry some of the time help one to become sharper spiritually. One can learn to handle a safe range of hunger so that one will get tougher and sharper spiritually. Being overly indulgent is not healthy for you both physically and spiritually. If one is strong and aware spiritually one should be able to have a positive spiritual impact on ones physical body and the physical world one exists in.

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