Pain is an important and valuable part of life!!!!

One has to face the pain inside oneself in order to heal and get stronger and healthier physically and spiritually! The cycle of abuse toward others and oneself must end on this planet to the degree we are able to do this! We all need to develop the character required to carry our part of the burden and responsibility in this world! Pain can destroy people or make them stronger depending on how well they are able to deal with it avoid its destructive side! Hard work can be quite painful a lot of the time especially when done to improve oneself spiritually! We have so many serious problems on this planet and we need everyone to carry their own weight.
Pain lets one know how hard one can push oneself and get away with it safely! Fear works with the help of pain to enable one to be able to do amazing things and to sense when one has to be extra careful and do ones best to avoid really damaging consequences. The reason I can read my body so well is because I do not use pain killers and focus so hard on reading the signals my body sends me to let me know what I can safely get away with and when I need to focus really hard at adjusting what I am doing in order to avoid injury when exercising extremely hard physically and spiritually!! In order to achieve a lot in life one must be able to put up with a lot of pain and hardship and embrace its character building qualities. One should avoid the negative side of both pain and fear, but understand and value their positive side!
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The Spiritual Value of Fear

Fear is so very valuable if you have the strength of spiritual character required to handle it well! One needs to be able to be really vigilant in this very precarious world we live in. One does not want to become a victim of some sort, due to ones carelessness or lack of vigilance. Accidents can so easily happen if one becomes too fearless/careless. There are all sorts of natural disasters that one should be prepared for, if one lives in an area prone to them. Fear, certainly motivates one to be prepared.

We have so many really spiritually messed up characters that one does not want to be victimized by. One needs to be afraid of becoming vulnerable to them, and have ones spiritual radar working well so one can sense when one of them might be approaching and you may be vulnerable to them. One can do a lot to make sure one does not do anything to make oneself vulnerable and has the means to protect oneself from harm.

One can use fear to motivate oneself to do to really hard and difficult spiritual(meditative/mind-body)training(with good diet) required to become strong enough and aware enough spiritually so that one will have the spiritual radar to better sense and deal with all sorts of dangers be they from other humans or from the physical world. Also if one want to succeed a lot in this world it is important to be vigilant in taking advantage of every opportunity and avoid costly mistakes. Fear can help motivate one to have that sort of vigilance. ONE HAS TO LOVE HOW VALUABLE FEAR CAN BE!

The Element Earth in Astrology and Fear

In spiritual groups I find people often have a problem with the element EARTH in astrology. The spiritual is most connected with the element WATER which is the opposite of EARTH. The element Earth does tend to be linked with the emotion of FEAR. People do well to fear negative/harmful consequences. Fear is hard to handle well, and one has to strong spiritually in order to handle it effectively. The spiritually weak will tend to have a lot of reasons to be fearful.

I do tend to be very much dominated by an inborn spiritual focus which make it hard for me to keep really grounded so I can be really effective in this physical world. If I just relax and go with the flow, which is a tendency among people with a spiritual emphasis, I tend to mess up when it comes to dealing with the physical(due to my disabilities-poor finer motor skills, limited visual and long term memory). Right now most of my limited visual memory is being used to deal with the internet and my astrology system. This make it even harder for me to handle the other physical things, that I must deal with in order to survive. But, my spiritual focus is what is the main thing that has helped me survive as long as I have on this Earth. It is amazing I have survived this long based on my insecure position in this world.

Fear does help me to take care of my responsibilities related to where I live. Fear that the foundation of the house will have problems makes me water around the house periodically during the drought. This is what people in Texas have to do because of the type of soil we have. Fear that the grass will die motivates me to water the lawn. Fear that my body and mind will not perform as well and my skin will break out, makes me stay on my strict calorie restricted diet. When I post on the internet I try to work things really carefully out of fear I will be misunderstood or will scare people away from me. This fear can be quite automatic at times with me finding it very tricky to communicate certain things because I know how people will tend to react. Fear of the consequences of not being strong enough spiritually keeps me training really hard with my meditative exercises.

Prevention does require a certain amount of fear of harmful/unhealthy consequences. I do tend to feel quite relaxed and secure a lot of the time and do not focus or sense fear a lot of the time. I just can access fear when I need it. I feel like I am balanced emotionally, and do not demonize some emotions as being only negative and glorify other emotions as being only positive as some people do.

  • Thomas Goodwin "astrogoodwin"

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