Value of inner and outer debates in order to get more of a handle on the truth!

I debate the value of my ideas within myself and with others! I appreciate those who can handle a rational debate on where the truth most likely lies. I am into spiritual growth, not just acceptance of ideas that a lot of people are overly attached to without much thought as to the real value they have in helping them perform well in this very complicated technological age we now exist in. People often think they have more of a handle on the truth than they actually have. Life is a complicated puzzle that will never be completely figured out. Mystery will always exist, which is a good thing! It takes a hard mental and spiritual effort to get more of a handle on what is true in any area one wants to excel in. Not questioning things or debating things is an approach that keeps people from understanding any subject more deeply! Some people just want to be around those who agree with them, and demonize those who do not! The truth is complicated, and requires the ability to see things from many sides and angles! I stay clear of people who stifle discussion!


My current situation in life!

Lately, I am so much in survival mode spiritually, which is good to motivate me to push as hard as I can with my spiritual-physical training. I live and depend on someone(a family member)who does not see my meditative training as of much value and has a vision of me that really exclude most of my spiritual expertise which is where most of my value is. I keep being motivated to go further to the extreme as to my spiritual limits as a result. I feel I have no choice. But, this is area I am good at so that being my only choice is a good thing. I do need to change my current situation so that I can better contribute in the area of my abilities to this world. I do need to partner with people who appreciate what I have to offer in the spiritual area. I need to find a way to put what financial resources I have to good use in helping me to have more financial security in the future and less dependence on people that are clueless about me.

I am losing about a pound a week and now am at 127 lbs at 5′ 10″ tall. Still handling my dumbbells swings so maintaining my strength in the way that is important to me. I find meditating while hungry help me to develop the spiritual strength to protect me from those who are antagonistic to my innovative spiritual approach and the type of practical spiritual beliefs I have. I am obviously not reaching people well enough, so I have to push the edge even further spiritually and physically. The spiritual is very linked and dependent on the physical for its strength and awareness.

I am always careful! But, have to do what it takes to get the results I require. If I do not keep moving in the direction I am, I feel like my future will be less safe.   I do what I feel I must do using my very well trained intuition along with what sources of information about what I am doing that I feel I can trust. I am well informed on calorie restricted diets that are used for life extension. I am really good at researching stuff on the internet. My legs are not as lean(fat-wise) as a lot of the really fast runners. My aerobic ability is very upper body focused which helps me get a lot of good circulation to my brain which is so important to how well I am doing spiritually. My dumbbell swing exercise which is very important to keeping me really healthy physically and spiritually is going really well!

I have to believe in myself and the hard work I have put in over a lifetime in the spiritual as well as in the related fields of nutrition and fitness. I just feel that the resistance to spiritual change on this planet is so strong that I will have to really push the fine line required to overcome this resistance at least in a few key people at first. People in the past have attempted to develop themselves further spiritually leading an ascetic lifestyle, but did not have all the resources as well as knowledge about health and nutrition available as we have today.

I am just being open and relating my current situation, I understand that a lot of people on this site will be unable to understand someone like me very well, but I am very complex and unique and very hard to understand. In working spiritually at figuring out my own complexity, I have become really good spiritually at understanding people who also are extremely difficult to understand.  If anyone is interested in connecting with me more closely, I am on facebook.  Put “astrogoodwin facebook” into a search engine to locate me.


Why as a spiritual pioneer I must train so extremely hard spiritually

I survive due to my hard spiritual training. My position is weak on this planet, has been since birth, and my survival is not getting any easier. So, I compensate, by keep increasing my spiritual strength and capabilities. Often necessity is the mother of invention. My abilities are so limited to the spiritual area, that I must find a way to contribute something of a lot of value to the world in this area. My astrology system is not just any astrology system, but one that was designed to work better than those of the past.

It is hard to brings new/better spiritual beliefs and techniques to a world that is very resistant to this. I believe this world is not in a very good spiritual state, and am personally reminded of this everyday. I do not go around totally blaming the victims of all the terrible conditions and problems that exist on this Earth, when these serious problems are the result of the inadequate spiritual beliefs/understanding that exists on this Earth. When one is a victim of the messed up spiritual state this world in in in some way, it is up to you to work extremely hard to change the conditions that exist here.

I have to constantly work at getting stronger spiritually so that I can individually challenge the various spiritual/religious beliefs that exist on this planet which have quite a number of believers in them. When one individually challenges a belief that has numerous believers, one will be at a disadvantage, since beliefs with the psychic support of many are at an advantage over beliefs supported by only one person. A pioneer is often in a position where they have to overcome a lot of resistance to their different/new view of the world.

I am protecting myself from the antagonistic spiritual energy I have directed toward me as a result of challenging the spiritual beliefs of others, by maintaining a diet that keeps me hungry to a degree all the time so that I keep my blood sugar low. I feel low blood sugar helps me to meditate even harder and deeper and stay in a tough/difficult and protective spiritual state. When one is dealing with being hungry, properly and within safe limits, one will pick up on a sort of restless/frantic energy that can be very useful to keep one really tough and sharp spiritually. One can put oneself in a really safe spiritual place from which you can safely challenge the inadequate spiritual beliefs that are responsible for the inadequate spiritual state this world is in.

I understand that a lot of people will see me in a negative spiritual light or will be unable to see the value in my spiritual approach, but all I need to do is reach the right people who are ready to handle the added discomfort that comes with gaining more hard spiritual truth and the training and resultant spiritual capabilities that come with it. Great achievements in any area of value, require being trained really well and overcoming an awful lot. The spiritual is just another field one can achieve a lot in provided one is willing to do the well directed hard work required.

5/6/16:  I got a lot of good spiritual insight and improved my spiritual training technique quite a bit when on the diet that kept me quite hungry a lot of the time.  I am no longer battling hunger like I did when this blog post was published. I have since put on some weight and now train even better and harder.  My astrology system got perfected to the point that I no longer feel any need to improve it further.  My strict diet has not changed much other than adding more calories with my 8 small meal every 3 hours around the clock.  I am on a high protein(about 130 grams), high carbohydrate, and low fat diet with oatmeal being my staple food eaten at practically every meal.  I am now connecting more easily with other people which is required for me to bring my more advance spiritual ideas and training techniques to the world.

Here is a link to my very important meditative walking blog post:

Love requires understanding to function well. I had a lot of love directed at me without understanding.

Love is so often used in unknowingly in an abusive way. Love needs to be guided by spiritual beliefs that increase ones ability to understand others. I have spent a lifetime improving my spiritual beliefs so as to be better able to understand myself and others. Being very “differently abled” with really strong talent in the spiritual, people who do not see the value of spiritual expertise are not going to come any where near understanding me. They will abuse me by discounting what value I have in this world. I focus on one area to an extremely intense degree due to my limitation in other areas, I do not fit into the job market and am forced to live off the charity of relatives that do not understand me, and I now do not even qualify for social security retirement. The only thing that has kept me living in this world is my focus in the area that I am so very capable. My spiritual crisis training techniques/exercises techniques and the spiritual beliefs that evolves with them enabled me to survive. I would not have had a strong enough purpose to develop what I did spiritually if it was only for myself. The world is very messed up spiritually and to some one personally very aware of that fact this can be very motivating to try to do something about it. The world badly needs better spiritual beliefs circulating here.

People who feel I should not share my spiritual expertise with others are not my friends, since they are not friendly to my life’s work, purpose and value. I am not suicidal and do not need people who would steal my reason for living as my friends.

Love energy without enough understanding can be very destructive. Love energy invested in negative causes can create a lot of serious problems in this world. ALL EMOTIONS CAN BE DIRECTED IN A NEGATIVE DIRECTION AND CREATE HARM IN THIS WORLD. We all needs to work really hard to improve our spiritual beliefs and training, so that we can direct all the spectrum of emotions that are part of life toward making this world a better place to exist in. One can not just define an emotion as positive and it will always be positive. Or define another emotion as negative and it will always be negative. A lot of the destructive tribal energy that exists in this world is held together by love energy. A lot of the harmful addictions are the result of misdirected love energy. A lot of the addictions to certain spiritual and political ideologies are the result of misdirected love energy. Love energy misdirected can lead to abusive relationships. Often heartache can result when love invested poorly ends.

A statement about my extremely strong independent spiritual focus and expertise

I am a spiritual independent who is free to find/develop the best spiritual beliefs and training techniques possible. I do not believe the spiritual beliefs of the past which dominate this planet are at all adequate to cope with the challenges this highly technologically advance planet is going to face along with the people on it. I attribute the really messed up spiritual state of this planet to the messed up spiritual beliefs that exist here. I am very serious and work extremely hard in the spiritual area as those my existence depends on it, which it does(being differently abled in the way I am)), because that is the type of spirit I am. I am very hard to understand spiritually, and require really good spiritual beliefs to understand me. I have had to really work extremely hard to improve on the spiritual beliefs and training techniques of the past in order to understand myself and by so doing be able to understand others spiritually and how the spiritual works at a lot more advanced level when compared to the spiritual beliefs circulating on this planet psychically and through communication on this planet. I do not mind if my belief in myself and my life’s work scare people off. I just need to connect with those who are willing to make the effort to explore the real value of what I have to offer. I take the spiritual extremely seriously and am not playing games. Reading my previous blog posts can give those who are capable a better understanding of me.

I feel it takes extremely HARD WORK over a long period of time to develop real expertise in the spiritual area. Someone who is really capable spiritually should be able to spiritually handle really challenging hard work. Because I do not fit into a planet that is so backward in the spiritual area, people often believe the reason I do not fit in is because I do not work hard enough. So I have made the effort over my lifetime(63 years old now)to work harder than anyone else in the area I am capable. I will still get comments by those that are not capable of understanding me due their inadequate spiritual beliefs, that I do not work hard enough. I can project emotions as powerful as the spiritual work I do. So I am capable of sending(through direct communication) emotions their way that represent the intense degree of work I do as represented in my daily spiritual training routine. Direct face to face communication works better than others forms, since it is not that easy to ignore someone as it is with the written word.

Reading my other blog posts can help one to better understand the training required to develop expertise in the spiritual area. We need experts in many different fields in order for this world to function well. It takes really hard work to become one. We have too many people who think they are experts at something, but really do not do the required work and study to qualify. As we become more advanced in the spiritual field on this planet, we will be able to advance a lot further in our expertise in every other field important to our well being on this planet.

About me and the value of limitations

THIS IS MY END OF A DISCUSSION I HAD IN A FACEBOOK GROUP, SO IT MAY HAVE REDUNDENCY IN IT!  YOU CAN SKIM OVER THE REDUNDENT PARTS.  This issue hits me on an extremely deep and personal level.  I am very serious in the spiritual area and this is one of the areas that I take the most seriously and feel is extremely important to understand if we are to advance further spiritually on this planet!

 1.  Having limitations helps one to better channel ones energy in the areas one is good at. People are all unique to some degree with some areas they are limited to various degrees, and with other areas they are less limited in. We all have to make the most of what we have to work with. The limitations I have in the area of finer motor skills and visual memory are not just products of my imagination. 

  But, it is because I have such limitations that I am sensitive to others who also have to deal with limitations in a world that often makes things really difficult for people with very unique abilities and limitations. Hard work can help one make the most of what one has to work with. One has to be practical and not just keep hitting ones head against a wall. People just have to make the most of what unique abilities they have and be aware that in some areas they will never be that capable at least in this lifetime. Some people can not handle that some people are just better in certain areas than others.

2. Those who really deal with and are constantly challenged with really strong limitations do know how these limitations stay pretty much the same know matter how hard you push up against them. I do not believe anyone that lost a leg ever grew one back. I do not know of anyone who as capable as me of pushing their limits. I have made it a point over a lifetime of effort to try to push myself harder than anyone else would be able to tolerate. People who really push their limits really can understand how certain limits are not worth putting a lot of extra effort challenging. It is so important to focus on what one is good at, than focusing overly on areas that progress is very slow or does not happen at all.

We are not the universe. We can become better connected with the universe/reality if we put in the effort to do so. I have a lot of problems with the overly simplistic beliefs that tend to circulate a lot on facebook and the internet. People who are really challenged a lot in this world spiritually will come to the realization how complicated the reality we exist in is spiritually. I do get along well with people who have strong limitations that give them extra insight into how difficult and complicated life is.

3. I am really good in the spiritual area because of my limitations in other areas. Individual differences are very important if we are to have anyone to really excel in any particular area. Limitations are a valuable part of life. It is just a shame that we live in such a backward planet spiritually that we are so insensitive to the value of individual differences. Facebook has given me serious problems because of my limitations in the visual area, and I am really justified at being angry at their insensitivity toward me. Limitations are a positive thing. I will fight hard to represent the value of the physical world we live in with the limitations and challenges its presents. I tend to want to stay clear of people who are insensitive to the value of differences and limitations.

4. I have very good reason for believing what I do, I have a very strong grip on reality and must in order to keep surviving under conditions that keep becoming more challenging for me. It is obvious a lot of people do not value the type of spiritual expertise I have to offer to this world due to my really hard spiritual work that is the result of my limitations in other areas. We all can not do anything, we are all limited in what we are able to excel in. We need people to focus on the areas they can excel in and to be very aware of their limitations in other areas that they are not as capable in. We will not be able to improve the backward state this planet is in spiritually if we do not have people working really hard to become good in the area they are most capable. We all need to become better spiritually at getting the most out of ourselves so we can contribute to this world in the way we best can!.

5. I am sort of an extreme case. So often people have spiritual beliefs that do not deal very effectively with really challenging conditions and with people/spirits that are extremely hard to pigeonhole.

6.  I feel the word “weakness” can have a negative connotation. I feel people can be quite good in some areas and quite limited in other areas. I may be “weak” in certain areas, but that is what helps me to focus more at what I am really good at. A machine can be good at doing a specific think and not good at doing something it was not designed to do. It is my limited visual memory that helps me to see things on a very basic mechanical level spiritually. I am good visually on a very basic level. I just do not have the type of visual abilities to make me very capable in regular occupations that tend to demand one be able to visualize ones role and required tasks. I find can be quite hard for me to explain this to people who have normal or even really advanced visual capabilities and memory.


Being limited in one area actually helps me to be more capable in another area. I am a very specialized spirit. Specialized spirits will often be really good in one area, and not very good in a lot of other areas. Having too many abilities can actually make it hard to focus on one specific area and become really good at it. Some people have more of a normal range of abilities and thus fit more easily into society. Some people do not do very well at being normal, and must make quite an effort to stand out from the masses so that their unique abilities will be seen.. I lot of trial and error comes with trying to break new ground spiritually. I often had to make very quick changes in course in order to keep from getting into serious trouble as a result of the mistakes I have made, but because my mind is limited in its capabilities and focus, I am really good at this. Not having the distractions that a less limited visual memory world create has a lot to do with why I am able to get away with things spiritually others would not be able to.

Not everyone needs to be spiritual specialist.  It is hard to become really good in any vocational field.  This world needs people with skills/capabilities in all the vocational fields that help this world to function really well.  Everyone does well to know enough spiritually to get the most out of themselves in the area they are most able to contribute something of value to this world.

7.  People can specialize in different ways in the spiritual area. Visual people can be spiritual specialists, provided they are able to mobilize a lot of their focus in this area. I have to be very creative in order to compensate for my limited visual memory. This creativity works well in the spiritual area. Basic spiritual mechanics which is where my focus is does not require a lot of visual memory. There are a lot of areas related to the spiritual that others are more capable than me in. But, one has to understand basic spiritual mechanics well in order to have a really good spiritual foundation to support any other special spiritual capabilities.

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