Pain is an important and valuable part of life!!!!

One has to face the pain inside oneself in order to heal and get stronger and healthier physically and spiritually! The cycle of abuse toward others and oneself must end on this planet to the degree we are able to do this! We all need to develop the character required to carry our part of the burden and responsibility in this world! Pain can destroy people or make them stronger depending on how well they are able to deal with it avoid its destructive side! Hard work can be quite painful a lot of the time especially when done to improve oneself spiritually! We have so many serious problems on this planet and we need everyone to carry their own weight.
Pain lets one know how hard one can push oneself and get away with it safely! Fear works with the help of pain to enable one to be able to do amazing things and to sense when one has to be extra careful and do ones best to avoid really damaging consequences. The reason I can read my body so well is because I do not use pain killers and focus so hard on reading the signals my body sends me to let me know what I can safely get away with and when I need to focus really hard at adjusting what I am doing in order to avoid injury when exercising extremely hard physically and spiritually!! In order to achieve a lot in life one must be able to put up with a lot of pain and hardship and embrace its character building qualities. One should avoid the negative side of both pain and fear, but understand and value their positive side!
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Brains are required to push oneself extremely hard spiritually

People often think that people can work extremely hard at something and get nowhere.  But, what is really true is that one can not push yourself really hard if one does not know what one is  doing.  My really challenging spiritual/meditative exercise techniques enable me to get a lot more out of myself without harming myself.  When one pushes oneself really hard it is so easy to injure oneself.  People who work hard, but do not get smarter at how they do it will reach a point where if they push harder they will be unable to stay on the fine line that is required to keep them safe.  Ones needs to program oneself as to the smartest/best ways to do things safely.  When it comes to the spiritual which is wholistic one must have a strong grip on reality and really be tuned into how the spiritual actually works in order to safely push oneself extremely hard.  One also has to understand the physical/biological mechanics of meditation well enough to figure out how to get oneself safely into a really intense emotional/spiritual state and be able to handle it well.  One needs to have the knowledge in the area of physical fitness and nutrition in order to do what it takes to become healthy enough to handle the stress that comes with dealing with really intense and the difficult emotional/spiritual  states that really intense meditative states can put you in.

All strength comes from the physical, since the physical is hard and resistant.  Really effective spiritual training will strengthen ones physical connection with the spiritual and ones grip on the hard reality that we exist in in this physical world.  My meditative walking technique and my dumbbell swing exercise with its intense meditative breathing is really good at connecting one with the really hard part of reality we exist in.  Spiritual character and backbone does not come easy and requires really effective training techniques and the spiritual theories that give one a reason to put up with how difficult/torturous they can be.  Often people who do intense physical exercise refer to it as torture, but they are often not motivated with the most serious spiritual purpose for doing their exercise routine.

Effective spiritual exercise has to be so extremely rough,  since the spiritual deals with our reality at its roughest/harshest and the trauma and emotions that result from it.    We have so many serious problems in this world and those who truly understand these problems and really want to make a positive difference here will readily want to program themselves with the type of spiritual theories that will enable them to connect with our reality at its roughest and deal with the type of torturous spiritual training that can give them the spiritual strength and awareness to become capable of contributing in a really meaningful way to transforming this planet into a more humane place to exist on.   A lot of good  knowledge trial and error is required to become smarter in how you train yourself spiritually so that you can push yourself extremely hard and do so safely.  When pushing the edge spiritually one has to balance on a really fine line and one really has to know what one is doing in order to do this!

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Humor is no replacement for effective meditative techniques in helping one to better cope spiritually/emotionally

I should point out at the beginning of this post that I developed my own very intense meditative techniques to help me spiritually handle life at its roughest. So, I am very familiar with this subject personally.  I depend on my type of meditative walking and a meditative type 2 handed 20lb modified (barbarian)dumbbell swing to help me handle what life deals my way.  I have not taken any pain killers of any kind in over 30 years.

There are various forms of escapism(including humor) available to distract one from the tension and challenges of life and the pain that often comes with them.  But these forms of escapism may have some health benefits over the short term provided they are not in the form of some destructive type of addiction.    People often use humor as a means to help them cope emotionally/spiritually from the pain and stress this world provides plenty of.  Humor can tend to lighten ones mood, and give one temporary relief.  But, humor or any form of escapism will not work when one is facing really intense pain.  The more pain one feels the more sober one needs to be in order to cope with it spiritually.  A lot of people have never felt the most intense forms of pain or dealt with the harshest conditions this world has to offer.  A lot of people actively tune out spiritually from the really harsh/painful conditions that exist in this world and the problems that come with them.  We live in a world in which painkilling medications are used frequently and that a lot of people are addicted to them.

The difference between methods that use escapism to avoid pain and using effective meditative techniques, is that effective meditative techniques increase ones ability to cope with even more pain by increasing ones spiritual/emotional strength and awareness.  Also as one tunes in better to the pain one is feeling one becomes better at reading ones body and at figuring out what diet and exercise program will best work for you.  Facing the pain and conditioning oneself to handle it better helps one tune into reality better and the serious often extremely painful problems that exist in this world.  We can not effectively deal with the serious problems that exist in this world without being able to cope with the pain that is associated with them.  A lot of the problems in this world are the result of people not being able to direct their emotions and desires in a positive direction.  Sexual and other forms of abuse happen way too much in this world.  Violence is also very prevalent in this world on both the personal and collective level.   Humor and other forms of escapism do not help us to get better at handle these painful situations that exist in this world, but effective meditative techniques can.  Often people who depend of escapism of different forms to help them cope with emotional pain within themselves will face circumstances where this form of escapism does not work as in a crisis requiring immediate response.  In times of crisis ones spiritual/emotional weakness tend to be exposed and can result in destructive behavior or health problems due to the stress involved.   Effective meditative techniques help one to gain the spiritual/physical strength and awareness required to handle really intense emotions well along with the stress and pain that so often are part of life.

My focus is very much into transforming this world into a much better  place to exist in.  For this to happen individuals have to first work on transforming themselves.  Advanced spiritual theories and meditative techniques geared toward helping people to better cope spiritually with the often painful reality we exist in are required if we are to more effectively handle the serious problems that exist in this world.  Science does not have all the answers, since the spiritual plays a really important role in the challenging physical reality we exist in.  I have blog posts that explain the type of meditative techniques I use which can be found by clicking on”meditation” below this post.  Here is a link to my very effective meditative walking blog post:

Meditation is important to keeping positive emotionally

Meditation requires one focus on on ones breathing, and feelings. One tries to slow down the body so that it will move to a more stable spiritual state more comfortable and grounded in reality. One becomes more connected and one with the physical world one exists in. One needs to calm all the crazy energy that one absorbs from the world around you and become more one with that which is solid and reliable in this reality we exist in. This reality is challenging and will overpower us at times. We can not allow that to happen. We need to fight to remain calm and strong. Connecting more with the hard/solid part of our reality helps us do that. But to do this we need to slow down and connect with this solid stillness. It is not easy to do this
I focus on my breathing and do certain body movements that relieve the tension that prevents one from relaxing and connecting more strongly with the solid reality that provides us with spiritual strength. It takes a lot of work to meditate, just like it does for a physical exercise program. I combine meditation with the physical exercises I do, and get in a very low energy state as a result afterwards that really connects me with reality in a really solid way. Strong people develop the ability to perform in the low energy states that others can not handle! It is all in conditioning oneself to handle a lot and to be able to handle low energy states really well.
Emotional strength is developed when one can handle the challenging emotions that one must face and get use to when one is in a lower energy state than one is comfortable with. One trains oneself through meditative techniques to get use to lower energy states and the challenging emotions and the reality that comes with them. I confront challenging emotions while meditating and overcome their power over me, so I can use them to my benefit!!
1/25/16: Now doing my intense meditative walk in a way I tire out sooner and move from doing one breathing in and out with each step to one breathing in with 2 steps and out with 2 steps when the first one fatigues me. I move my shoulders up and down in a way to massage my neck so as to get more blood flow to the brain when I do both of these. I raise my head a little to make massaging my neck with my shoulders easier to do.
I have other more detailed blog posts I have done in the past that can be reached by clicking on meditation  under this blog post.  Here is a link to my very valuable meditative walking blog post:

Religious Freedom and my right to make a living in the area of my expertise

My focus is very much in the spiritual area in everything I do.  I am “differently abled” in a way that make me able to be very creative in the spiritual area.  My astrology system, along with my dumbbell swing(similar to Barbarian swings), my meditative walking,  and other meditative exercises/techniques I have developed and use are all spiritual in their focus.  To me I see no difference between the word “spiritual” and the word “religious”.   They both focus in the same area!   Often people who use astrology or psychic ability have to claim it to be for entertainment purposes only in order to protect themselves legally.  It is true that often entertainment can have quite a positive spiritual impact.  But, the type of spiritual advice I give (with the aid of my astrology system at times)can be very serious and effective at times provided the person is open to my spiritual approach which is very much focused on helping individuals improve on their spiritual  ideas/programming so as to be best able to handle the intense challenges/problems they face and this world faces.  All my spiritual/religious beliefs/ideas I have accepted or have developed are of the type designed to maximizes an individual’s ability to better handle reality at its most intense.  I believe the spiritual/religious beliefs that work the best in helping us perform in our current very challenging reality we exist in will be the ones closest to the truth.

My spiritual focus is very much oriented toward improving the spiritual/physical conditions that exist in this world, so I have a very strong focus on  causes that work toward that goal.  So that is why I am part of the “Starfish Foundation” and put a lot of my spiritual and other energy into it.  People of other religions who are open to further improving on their spiritual beliefs will get along well with me.  Those who feel no need to always be working on trying to improve spiritually through improving on their practices/training and beliefs will be incompatible with me.  I need to work with people who sincerely are always looking for ways to improve on how they function and how effective they can contribute in the area they are capable in.  My focus on spiritual development is important since spiritual change must first start in the individual before positive change can be made spiritually collectively in this world.  The spiritual “status quo” is the enemy of positive spiritual change and to being able to improve on our way of handling the serious problems in the world that are rooted in the spiritual and very much impacted by the spiritual/emotional maturity/development of the individual people that compose our collective society.

I feel I represent someone who really tests how much the belief in Religious Freedom is really valued in the United States of America, and in other countries that claim a similar belief.  I have the right to make a living in the area I am good at even though I am so unique compared to most other people when it comes to my capabilities.  We need to start working harder in this country in using more of the human resources we have available.  Uniquely/”differently abled” individuals should be prized not discouraged or put in positions where they have no constructive ways to develop and contribute to this world.  We live in a society that often likes to overly “blame the victim” for its own inadequacies.  Often the people in leadership blame those that are not that capable of helping themselves rather than showing true leadership and working to change the conditions that they are able to, that are holding people back from living in a more responsible an.d productive way.  We can transform this world into a better place to exist in spiritually, and we can make a lot better use of our human resources.  We need to change the spiritual state of this world, so that we have a spiritual environment here that create a higher percentage of spiritually/emotionally healthy individuals and less spiritually/emotionally unhealthy criminal types.

Here is a link to the “Starfish Foundation” of which I am a member that is just getting started in its quest to make a positive difference in this world:

The diet I use to help me handle my intense physical/spiritual exercise!

Diet seems to be a really controversial subject. Some people are into raw foods. Some believe in the cave man diet. Some think we all should become vegans. Some avoid all genetically engineered foods. Some are into organic food. It can be expensive to be on certain diets that are so particular. But, we all are different and have different biological vulnerabilities.  This diet has evolved as time went on and was higher in protein at times than I would recommend!  It is important to do some good research and self experimentation in order to find a healthy diet that works for you!  Edited 10/13/17

I have to be frugal and I do not fear scientific innovation when it comes to food and nutrition, provided it was done with reasonably good intent(an intuitive value judgement) and has some history(not extremely new). I do tend to use vitamin supplements, but do not use the expensive more natural ones. My calorie restricted lacto vegetarian low fat diet works well for my me and my hard training, but would probably be too harsh for others.

I have very little belly fat. I have to make an effort to eat less than my body would desire. But, enough that my body does not get adversely affected. It is a fine line. I try to get good and hungry at least once a day by eating a little less in my small meals(6 daily-every 3 hrs)until I build up a good appetite. Once I get hungry I eat a little more at my next meal. I have to read my body and figure out if it has gotten enough calories to keep it strong. I do not eat any junk food or add any spices(extra flavoring) to my food. I do enjoy my food, as a result of having a good enough appetite.


I eat 6 small meals a day about 3 hours apart.  My diet includes vegetables(mostly cooked greens), fruit, whey protein, one tablespoon refrigerated canola or soy oil(meals 1&5 only-not used in cooking-do not fry food), salt(need some to feel okay), oatmeal/brown rice, and a lot of vitamin and mineral supplements.  I take Vitamin C(250-500 mg) with 3 of my meals.  I take a multi-vitamin mineral tablet and B-complex tablet twice a day with meals 1 and 5.    I make sure I get plenty of calcium/magnesium/zinc in either my multi-vitamin-mineral tablet or in other added tablets.  I am lately on a very high protein diet – about 140 grams of protein a day.  I can replace rice or oatmeal with fruit.

I did a lot of reading on this subject of eating before and after exercise the last 2 days. I did learn a lot. But, I found no need to change the unique approach that I feel works so very well for me. I just figured out why it may be working well for me. I do believe that we all have to figure out what approach works well for us. I do not seem to have any bad days when I exercise, they all are very rough and very similar. I do keep trying to push harder every time.

I do eat a lot of whey protein in my 6 small meals(3 hours apart) with one being shortly after exercising. When I work out in the morning without breakfast, I will not have a lot of glycogen stored in my body, since(I read) the body uses up a lot while one sleeps. This will affect how long I last when doing my intense exercises. I do feel I last long enough to have a lot of positive impact. Often when you subject your body to more challenging conditions(heat and altitude for example) you gain results from doing this. I believe one can train ones body to burn fat more efficiently(thus needing less glycogen in your fuel mix)and also train the body to store more glycogen. One will then find that when you train under more ideal conditions(with more available glycogen-like after carbo-loading), one will be able to last so much longer.

I have read about different people doing quite well doing different things. It can takes a while for the body to adjust to a quite different program. Science often does not take this enough into account as well as other variables. In the past body builders use to believe in training on an empty stomach. Arnold Schwarzenegger did quite well doing this. I read about a person doing quite well exercise-wise on a very low carb diet. We all are different(genetically) and have different goals. So we have to do our own research and figure out what approach works best for us.

Update 8/13/14:  I now have been eating a 7th meals at 2:00 AM on mornings(4:30 AM Monday-Wednesday-Friday)  I do my really intense 2 handed overhead non-stop (modified)dumbbell swing exercise.  This acts a little like carbo loading and allows me to last longer.  I am now able to last 15 minutes non-stop swings, doing first fifty 40 lb swings followed immediately by as many 20 lb swings as i can safely do.   I forgot to mention that I use Lite salt(contains sodium and potassium) a lot to provide the electrolytes I need to exercise really hard and to help hydrate myself adequately especially when it is hot.

Updated 3/31/15:  I have cut my the amount of protein in my diet down quite a bit to around 90 grams a day.  Updated:  May 2015 lowered protein to about 75 grams a day mostly from whey protein.

I do have to focus a lot on my diet in order to stay lean and fit. My body can easily gain weight due to all the stress in my life. I have had periods in which I have had quite a bit more body fat. The main thing is to focus on eating healthier and eating the amount of food that makes you function at your best. Different diets and body types work better for different people. Everyone is different! Addictive type foods can readily sabotage a diet. I do not eat any junk food, but have not done so for a very long time. Just like exercise, diet requires a lot of effort over a long period of time to get good at it. The body has to adjust to any changes one makes in regard to diet and exercise. So one usually does best to make incremental changes and allow the body time to adjust. If you try to do too much too fast, your body and spirit can become overwhelmed and cause you to have a setback. Also, if you do have a setback and lose control of ones diet, one should not give up, but just go right back on your diet with what ever adjustments you can figure out will help make it work better in the future. One should not allow one bad day destroy your diet. Nothing works perfectly. One will have some setbacks, but one just has to try to maintain a constant effort over time.

7/7/15:  I have been on an austere calorie restricted diet(some people use this type diet to increase their longevity) which along with very intense meditative and cardio exercises is helping me develop an ascetic body type that works really well for spiritual strength and awareness.  I now weight 124 lbs at 5’10”.

8/11/15:  I eat 6-7 meals(usually a meal every 3 hours) a day. I eat really small portions at the beginning of the day and try to build up as much hunger as I can. I then use meditative walking to help me better handle this hunger. I find battling hunger a really effective and challenging spiritual exercise. I do tend to push the edge a lot physically and spiritually and have been doing this for a very long time, so am quite good at doing it safely. I do eat a little more the last 2 meals of the day(6PM&9PM)so that I will have some energy for my 4 AM exercise routine. At 2 AM a couple of hours before I do my dumbbell swing routine(3 days a week) I eat an extra meal/snack of salted oatmeal to give me the extra energy this exercise requires.

8/15/15:   I had to increase my daily calories in my diet and eat a 7th meal of salted oatmeal every night. My body made it clear to me that I could no longer feed off of my remaining body fat, which is very little! Maintaining my current body type will be as hard as it was to get there. Being a spiritual pioneer, it takes me a little while to figure out how to mask adjustments when a transition is required. Have to figure things out on my own since have no really good sources/references to use to guide me. But, after a few days of experimentation I seem to have made the required adjustments to my diet. I do do things to the extreme, but we live in an age where we need to be able to handle really extreme situations. We do live in the “Atomic Age” where we have to have experts who are able to handle situations in which the :margin of error” is extremely small and the consequences of mistakes can be extreme!  I now weigh about 120 lbs at 5’10” tall.

6/8/16:  I now have put on more weight and have stopped restricting calories, but am still on my strict diet.  I now have gain weight both muscle and fat, and am doing even better with my daily meditative walking exercises and dumbbell swing(barbarian swing) exercise. I found the calorie restricted diet I was on helped me to leave my really restricted situation living with my sister in San Antonio area, and transition to living in Houston where I could better get my ideas out to the public.  This transition was extremely difficult for me to do spiritually and the extreme diet I was on before and after it opened the doors required to make the transition happen and be successful!

6/19/16:  I have recently eliminated whey protein from my diet, so I am now a vegan with oatmeal the staple to my diet.  I get enough protein due to the amount of calories I consume as a result of all the spiritual training exercises I do.  I continue to supplement my diet with vitamin/mineral tablets.  I take a multivitamin-mineral tablet and 500 milligrams Vitamin C at my 6 AM meal,  take a calcium-magnesium-zinc(1/3 daily value) at 12 AM and PM meal with 500 milligrams vitamin C, and I take a B complex vitamin tablet and 500 milligram Vitamin C at 6 PM meal.

6/25/17:  I am cutting my calories by a quarter by having meals every 4 hours instead of 3(6 meals done around the clock). WHY am I doing this: because I am not reaching people well enough with my fantastic spiritual ideas and techniques. So I need to intensify my stoicism, which I have done in the past with a sort of hunger training. I need to bring really strong(spiritual) survival energy to this world. I do not fool around in a world that is in denial about how backwards it is spiritually! I weigh around 138 lbs at 5’10” but am extremely fit physically and spiritually! I am a spiritual athlete which is quite different from a physical athlete. A spiritual athlete has a body conditioned to handle really strong emotions and the physical stress that comes with it!

7/16/17  Cut down to 5 meals(3AM, 8AM,12PM.5PM&10PM.)

7/28/17  weigh about 131 lbs.

8/1/17  I am reducing my calories even further since my weight has stayed even for about a week at between 130 and 131 lbs. My metabolism has obviously quickly adjusted most likely as a result of how my meditative exercises help my body to quickly adjust to a slower metabolism. I feel I am still not intense enough, since I am not yet getting the support I really need for the fantastic spiritual theories and techniques I have developed! One less meal(4) and around 1300 calories. I started yesterday and already feel I can handle it. This diet may be temporary, I may go back to 1600 calories, I may not. All I want is to keep getting stronger spiritually and so far that is happening.   I have done similar cycling before. It helps makes my spiritual energy sharper and more intense! I can handle spiritual states others are unable to handle and the body has a lot of impact on what type of spiritual state you are able to maintain. I need really strong survival type spiritual energy and I need to be very much on the edge or fine line that can make that happen. I need to be in an extreme state that is opposite from those that are so addicted to various drugs/desires that they have really tuned out this challenging reality that exists on this Earth with all of its problems rooted in the spiritual. So many people have their spiritual perspective distorted or inadequate and have no idea how tuned out they are spiritually as compared to what is required by the demands of these times!  I continue to take the same amount of vitamin and mineral supplements:    I take a multivitamin-mineral tablet and 500 milligrams Vitamin C at my 6 AM meal,  take a calcium-magnesium-zinc(1/3 daily value) at 12 AM and PM meal with 500 milligrams vitamin C, and I take a B complex vitamin tablet and 500 milligram Vitamin C at 6 PM meal.

8/16/17  Went back to 5 meals(1600 calories)with about 50 gm protein on 8/4/17(4 meals 1300 calories lasted only 4 days).  I has a muscle spasm in my lower back that led to a minor injury and threatened my training program so I decided that 1300 calories with about 40 gm protein was too hard on my body.  1600 calories is rough, but it is working well!  It may be a diet that can last long term, since I am not losing weight on it!

10/13/17  Still on same program, but will add an extra meal when I feel I need one to keep my energy up!  My weight is staying even and I still am able to do my extremely intense spiritual exercise routine.  I do a really intense 3/4 of a mile meditative run every other day and a 6 minute nonstop modified meditative 2 handed dumbbell swing exercise the days I do not run!




Diet seems to be a really controversial subject. Some people are into raw foods. Some believe in the cave man diet. Some think we all should become vegans. Some avoid all genetically engineered foods. Some are into organic food. It can be expensive to be on certain diets that are so particular. But, we all are different and have different biological vulnerabilities.

I have to be frugal and I do not fear scientific innovation when it comes to food and nutrition, provided it was done with reasonably good intent(an intuitive value judgement) and has some history(not extremely new). I do tend to use vitamin supplements, but do not use the expensive more natural ones. My calorie restricted lacto vegetarian low fat diet works well for my me and my hard training, but would probably be too harsh for others.

I eat 6 small meals a day about 3 hours apart…

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Our ability to understand and connect to the physical reality we exist in enables us to advance further spiritually

In the modern age we understand the physical reality(as a result of hard science) we exist in a lot more than in the past.  This can give us quite an advantage when it comes to our ability to advance further in the spiritual area.  In the past, a lot of mythology existed that filled the void that existed due to the lack of hard knowledge about the world we existed in.  The religions(spiritual beliefs)of those times were very much limited by this lack of understanding of the physical world and the mythology  that existed then as a result.  Mythology can have an addicted affect and be hard to wean oneself from, since that which is programmed deeply within ones being is very difficult to alter!   Even today, people who see themselves as spiritual will often choose to disregard the value of credible scientists and buy into crazy/wild beliefs about the past or even the present that do not have enough hard facts to back them up.  Some people do not believe a man landed on the moon!  Others think past civilizations were as advanced as our present one!  Some people even believe aliens from outer space have had a lot of impact on our recent technological  advancements!  Often people will choose to quickly believe extreme(not very well researched) views about this reality  from those that are not accepted by the body of the most credible hard scientists.

Often religious/spiritual people will devalue the spiritual importance of the physical world they now exist in and depend on.  People who devalue the importance of the physical, not only will have trouble developing the will power to get their physical body in a really fit/health state with the improved brain function(including the spiritual/emotional parts of the brain), but also will have trouble having enough will power to take on and find ways to better deal with the very serious problems that exist on this Earth!  This physical world provide the necessary resistance to challenge us spiritually, and to test and develop our spiritual strength and awareness.  The physical world functions in a rational way,  and demands people to develop a higher degree of sanity in order to better understand it and function in it.

Mythology can very much infer with being logical/rational and sane.    It is true that the images we create and project spiritual can come alive and have a lot of spiritual impact.  These spiritual  images can become strong enough to be seen and even show up on film, but they are still spiritual manifestations, not physical ones and one has to be careful  to see them for what they really are. Often religions generate a lot of images(through the power of belief) that help to guide and inspire them spiritually to living a better life.  The spiritual is not concrete, so we must do the best we can to understand it using what images function the best when challenged by a logical physical world that we must contend with in order to grow further spiritually.

Some people will put animals and their pets on the same level spiritually as their fellow humans.  But, animals can not understand hard science enough to use it to help them function on a higher spiritual level.  But, that is not a problem for those that do not see the extra value of the human brain has in its capability to understand the physical world around them and affect it.  Even humans vary a lot in their ability to spiritually connect to the physical reality they exist in on a more advanced intellectual level.  Some people tend to dismiss the importance of the human mind spiritually and its ability to use reason to improve how one is able to functions spiritual.  But, without our ability to reason things out a lot better than animals can, the distance between us an animals become a lot less significant spiritually.  We need to have more of our spiritual focus on our fellow human beings and the serious problems that they face and create in this world.  We need to be careful about overly focusing on animals spiritually.  It is hard to connect with humans since they are very complicated,  but we must become better at this, if we are to improve on the spiritual state this world is in.

When it comes to developing better spiritual beliefs which are required in order to become a lot more developed and aware spiritually, only humans(on this planet)can do this, and then test them as to how well they help one to perform in this challenging resistant physical world we exist in.  Only humans can use really advanced meditative/spiritual-physical techniques/exercises to improve their physical/spiritual(emotional) health and will power.  Only humans can put themselves through extremely challenging physical-spiritual training that can test how well their beliefs function in helping one handle and perform when put in extremely challenging physical/spiritual states.  Physical-spiritual training helps one to better handle the toughest  physical-spiritual challenges life can present to us and to make sure one has beliefs that are good enough to help one handle these challenges.   Diet and physical exercise(especially cardiovascular) are also important as part of a physical-spiritual training program.   When one is really strong and aware spiritually, one will be well tuned into ones body and able to better do that which is  best for its physical and spiritual well being.  One proves how capable one is spiritually by how effective one can function in this very challenging physical world which is so full of serious/challenging problems that need to be better addressed.

The type of dumbbell swings I do, how they train the body, and their physical-spiritual purpose

This note was in response to questions a person posed to me on a spiritual site.

This exercise does not create large muscles which is why I weigh only 125 lbs at 5′ 10″ tall.  It is mainly a cardiovascular exercise helping my heart and circulation to be really in top form.  When I take the dumbbell behind my head/neck, and then lift it back over, I do use my triceps.  I started doing this when I had been doing a pushup challenge, and decided it was better just to extend my dumbbell swing to behind my head instead.  It is complicated, but this change in my dumbbell swings made them even better at putting me in extremely intense and difficult physical/spiritual states which is why I do them.

The type of modified dumbbell swing exercise that I do is mainly an endurance exercise.  It does keep a lot of muscles well toned!  It does use the neck muscles above the shoulders a lot, which I believe is very valuable since these muscles are so close to the brain.  I use these neck muscles as a focal point when doing my meditative runs and walks, and even use them a lot with my stretching exercises. I do believe the development of the spiritual parts of the brain related to emotion and sleep are essential to one spiritual strength and awareness.  I do tend to focus on these parts of my brain when meditating and exercising.  My lower back has hurt at times, but I just have to regularly stretch my back(especially when doing my meditative walks) in order to prevent muscle tightness there which I believe causes the problem.

A lot of people my age and even younger tend to have a lot of aches and pains.  I am doing very well keeping myself extremely healthy physically and spiritually and avoiding any injuries that could harm my progress in this area.  I am good at this because I have had an extreme spiritual focus on health and fitness my whole life and have become really tuned into my body and can read it really well as a result.  I will not go into the reasons for my extreme motivations in this area and why I feel I do things that others would be unwilling or unable to do because they would see no reason to do it based on their beliefs, and the fact that they can survive well enough to meet their spiritual/physical needs without having to deal with the extreme emotional/spiritual duress involves in developing and performing such exercises!

1/25/17 I deepened the squat to these modified(bent elbows and behind head) 2 handed dumbbell swings so that they would take a little longer so that I could breath in and 15 times during the whole 6 minutes.  I need a huge amount of spiritual intensity to reach a world that is so backward spiritually and so stuck in its ways!

  • 10/03/17  Now doing the squat a lot deeper bringing the 20 lb dumbbell close to my knees with my head also brought down at the lower part of the swing to be very close to the dumbbell also with my elbows very bent while at this lowest position.  My head does follow the dumbbell up as it rises and then is lifted over the head and behind it.  I may seem like quite a convoluted form of dumbbell swing, but it works well to put me into the most intense of spiritual states possible!  I now do 19 to 21 in and out breaths per dumbbell swing.  Extremely hard exercise to do which I can only do as a result of all my previous exercise training, my spiritual theories(astrology system) that help me tune my body in really well  spiritually, my other meditative training techniques, and my diet!

My purpose and the purpose of the intense meditative and cardiovascular exercise I do.

I do really intense meditative and cardiovascular(heart&circulation)exercises that I designed to be as difficult physically and spiritually as possible.  I have been doing these exercises(meditative walking, running, and 13 minutes non-stop 2 handed 20lb non-stop (modified) dumbbell swing cardio exercise for a long time(from 2&1/2 years  with the dumbbell swings, to decades of running and meditative walking).   It takes a long time to get improve techniques and to get really good at it!  The desire for instant gratification really works against any successful spiritual/physical training program. I do stretching and warm up exercises before my more intense early morning exercise routines that involve running and again afterwards when it come to my extremely intense dumbbell swing routine.  I do stretch my back a number of times during my meditative walking/running routines.  I have to be on a really strict diet with supplements to help my body to handle this extremely demanding exercise routine.   I can not cover this all in detail here.  Here is a link to one of my word press blog post you may need to copy and past it into your browser:…

I do not really enjoy the exercises themselves since they are really hard to do.  But, I do enjoy the results I feel I am getting from them.  It is hard to bring different spiritual ideas to a world in which certain spiritual ideologies and mind-sets dominate.  I am still struggling to find not only a way to continue to survive in this world, but a way to contribute as best I can in the spiritual area where my abilities are really concentrated in.  My motivation is very much into helping to transform the spiritual shape this Earth is in.  Individuals tend to reflect the spiritual state of the social circles they are connected with.  I am one of the very few spiritually independent type spirits and tend to be very cut off from others spiritually.  I find people tend to fear anything unfamiliar to them spiritually which will affect how they intuitively respond to me.  I have to get so strong spiritually that I can overcome this resistance to me and to the type of spiritual energy/ideas I represent.  I have to know the dynamics of what I am dealing with, so that I can train in a way to overcome the dynamics that are impeding my progress in reaching other people on the level I require in order to be effective in this world.

This world will be facing some very challenging times in the future due to its resistance to progress/advancement in the spiritual area.  A lot of people are not in very good physical/spiritual(emotional) shape on this planet which really limits our collective ability to handle the extremely serious problems that come with the highly technologically advanced age we have just entered.  Our financial and political systems need to be improved if we are to better deal more effectively with these serious problems we have here on this Earth.  All is rooted in the spiritual, so we must first advance in the spiritual area in order to make further needed progress in other areas.

  • Thomas Goodwin "astrogoodwin"

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