Brains are required to push oneself extremely hard spiritually

People often think that people can work extremely hard at something and get nowhere.  But, what is really true is that one can not push yourself really hard if one does not know what one is  doing.  My really challenging spiritual/meditative exercise techniques enable me to get a lot more out of myself without harming myself.  When one pushes oneself really hard it is so easy to injure oneself.  People who work hard, but do not get smarter at how they do it will reach a point where if they push harder they will be unable to stay on the fine line that is required to keep them safe.  Ones needs to program oneself as to the smartest/best ways to do things safely.  When it comes to the spiritual which is wholistic one must have a strong grip on reality and really be tuned into how the spiritual actually works in order to safely push oneself extremely hard.  One also has to understand the physical/biological mechanics of meditation well enough to figure out how to get oneself safely into a really intense emotional/spiritual state and be able to handle it well.  One needs to have the knowledge in the area of physical fitness and nutrition in order to do what it takes to become healthy enough to handle the stress that comes with dealing with really intense and the difficult emotional/spiritual  states that really intense meditative states can put you in.

All strength comes from the physical, since the physical is hard and resistant.  Really effective spiritual training will strengthen ones physical connection with the spiritual and ones grip on the hard reality that we exist in in this physical world.  My meditative walking technique and my dumbbell swing exercise with its intense meditative breathing is really good at connecting one with the really hard part of reality we exist in.  Spiritual character and backbone does not come easy and requires really effective training techniques and the spiritual theories that give one a reason to put up with how difficult/torturous they can be.  Often people who do intense physical exercise refer to it as torture, but they are often not motivated with the most serious spiritual purpose for doing their exercise routine.

Effective spiritual exercise has to be so extremely rough,  since the spiritual deals with our reality at its roughest/harshest and the trauma and emotions that result from it.    We have so many serious problems in this world and those who truly understand these problems and really want to make a positive difference here will readily want to program themselves with the type of spiritual theories that will enable them to connect with our reality at its roughest and deal with the type of torturous spiritual training that can give them the spiritual strength and awareness to become capable of contributing in a really meaningful way to transforming this planet into a more humane place to exist on.   A lot of good  knowledge trial and error is required to become smarter in how you train yourself spiritually so that you can push yourself extremely hard and do so safely.  When pushing the edge spiritually one has to balance on a really fine line and one really has to know what one is doing in order to do this!

Here is a link to my blog on meditative exercise techniques with link to my dumbbell swing exercise provided at end of it:


Indigo “spiritually gifted” children and getting the most out of oneself spiritually

There are a lot of reasons including nutrition, stress, and modern medicine keeping more people alive that in the past would not have survived, that lead to more births resulting in learning disabilities(differing learning styles) and unique psychological challenges, that when overcome or adjusted well to can result in special abilities being developed, that sometimes can be very spiritual in nature. With any challenge comes opportunity, provided one is willing to do the hard spiritual work to overcome the adversity that comes with being born with such unique challenges.

Indigo children are said to be born with special spiritual gifts. Indigo children are said by some sources to have a strong right brain emphasis with a tendency to have ADD or ADHD. Some sources say that almost everyone born recently in the west is an Indigo. We live in a world that is so backward spiritually and in which it is hard for anyone to readily find a way to get the most out of themselves spiritually so as to maximize what potential they are born with. Emotion powers the spiritual, so those who want to maximize their spiritual development must do what it takes to become good at handling hard and difficult emotions well so that they can utilize them to motivate themselves to overcome what strong spiritual/emotional obstacles that come in their way. Learning patience and the ability to put up with very challenging conditions helps one to develop spiritual character. Often has to do ones best to deal with the conditions life hands one and make the most of what limited circumstances that one currently finds oneself in. Being overly rebellious can handicap ones ability to get the most out of the situations life presents one with. Too much permissiveness and a desire for instant gratification can handicap one ability to handle the really tough challenges of life and the opportunities these challenges present one with.

Great achievements require overcoming a lot of obstacles and putting in the required effort to deserve the results. One is not automatically entitled to a certain result, but must pay ones dues so to speak. A reasonable respect for authority and those who have achieved success in this world is important to have if one is to become successful oneself in this world. Spiritual success is not at all easy to achieve. Too much of a focus on creature comforts and materialism tends to dull ones spiritual sensitivity and weaken ones character. Really spiritually developed people master their emotions and desires and are able to live very ascetic, stoic existences and experience a feeling of great well being due to how they are able to contribute to others with their spiritual gifts. It is so important to get ones pleasure and purpose in life from contributing what one has to offer to making this world a better place to exist in.

Different people have different abilities and not all need to specialize in the spiritual, although all does well to keep in good enough shape spiritually to get the most out of what potential they have in what ever important field they best can contribute to. The spiritual is but one field of many that one can excel in. It is important that people focusing in the spiritual field do not develop an “ego” that makes them feel superior to those who focus on other fields important to helping this physical world we exist in function well!

Here is a link to my very effective meditative walking exercise:

Picking up on hurtful feelings

I am picking up on some sort of “hurtful” emotions that probably relate to my intense connection to a person with a more traditional spiritual mindset. I can meditate(meditative walk or run) on this emotion and get stronger in handling the way a lot of the people on this planet intuitively judge me. Often when one picks up on a certain emotion as a result of an intense spiritual interaction(verbal dialogue) the other person will be feeling similar(sometime challenging) emotions. But intense spiritual discussions are best done by those who can handle them or benefit from them. A lot of people in this world are mistreated as a result of the insensitivity that come from the inadequacies of the dominating spiritual beliefs that exist on this planet at this time. The dominating spiritual/religious beliefs are easily tuned into spiritually and when they intuitively pick up on these beliefs people often believe they are from perfect sources. But, no spiritual sources are perfect, and even God is not a perfect source, since no one has a perfect connection with God.

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