I am a “differently abled”spiritual pioneer trying desperately to elevate spiritual expertise on a backward planet

In order to advance to a higher level spiritually you must first develop the will to do so! Delusions are everywhere along with the irrational habits/ addictions that come with them. The mind can not perform on a really high level if one is unable or unwilling to do what it takes to become as healthy as one is able in order to maximize the unique abilities one possesses! I focus on intense physical-spiritual(meditative)training and a very strict healthy diet for that reason which I have developed over decades! We do live in a permissive age in which people who excel are often put down for hurting the self-esteem of those who do not! Limitations are part of life, so we need to figure out what areas we are good at and what areas we are limited in!

Our grip on the truth in the present is no where near as good as so many “professionals” would like you to believe! Often we only see how messed up things are when they become history, but are unable to see how inadequate we are in the present! It is easier to condemn the past, than to face the harsh realities in the present and our own inadequacies in understanding and addressing them! People will often put a positive spin on their reality in order to make them appear better so that they do not have to face how delusional or distorted their evaluation of their competence is when it comes to their ability at contributing to the state of well being of themselves and the world around them! Delusions develop when one puts a spin on reality like sales people and politicians often do! People often want to believe they know more than what real evidence actually exists! Conspiracy theories will develop supporting various ideological extremes when not enough solid facts exist or even when no really reliable information backs up their conclusions. Junk knowledge is everywhere today, just like junk food!! It is hard for that of real value to be found when so much junk is blocking the view!
People who are delusional and have irrational/unhealthy addictive(locked in) beliefs or habits will often become arrogant and quickly dismiss any growth in spiritual understanding that could threaten the delusional state that they so enjoy being in! How so many people are able to arrogantly tune out how messed up this world is spiritually is hard for those whose survival requires them to face this harsh reality to understand! Irrational beliefs/delusions and the arrogant attitudes that enable them are the enemy of those rational people truly trying to address the extremely serious problems of our modern age! Spiritual maturity is very lacking in an age in which selling intoxicating “feel good” creature comforts is what supports so much of the world economy! Addictions and delusions do tend to mess up individuals and societies as a whole and the crises that inevitably will result will force these people to face and address the reality they are fighting to avoid or else face really harsh and sometimes fatal consequences!
I have so much valuable spiritual stuff on the internet that need to reach the minority of people who are really searching for better spiritual understanding and thus will see the value of what I have come up with as a result of a lifetime of intensely focused creative spiritual effort and purpose! After this paragraph will be a link to links to my spiritual stuff on the internet that has not yet reach many people. I have a new astrology system based on very advanced spiritual theories that needs to be tested that can become the focus of a new spiritual movement! Science develops new theories and formulations that really impact our reality on this planet, the same can be done in the spiritual area!

Spiritual energy invested in supporting wild conspiracy theories!

When big events happen on the world scene that are traumatic and cause quite a bit of political upheaval often the whole truth is hard to find since life is so complicated and often all the facts are just not discoverable. People who expect more of the truth than the official one and that is possible to obtain, will find many sources that will offer a different, but distorted version of what really happened that are presented by people who will come up with conclusions that fit a world view that demonizes certain people with power in this world and gives them credit for being able to pull off things beyond their level of competency. I am into hard evidence before drawing conclusions and an leery of those who tend to not have a very balanced perspective on how this complicated reality works. A lot of innocent people are convicted of crimes in this world when the evidence is not really solid, but they appear to be guilty to a lot of people. People have been put to death, who were later found to be innocent. So, it is so important to be very careful about jumping to conclusions without really solid evidence and to make sure your sources are reliable and do not present a distorted view of the reality of a situation due to having a distorted vision of this world and certain groups with power that exist in it.

Conspiracy theories may be intriguing and satisfying to how one would like to picture this world, but they are rarely a very accurate version of what has really occurred.  The portion of the truth that really counts has a lot of power contained in it and will eventually come out and be accepted by most of the informed public. It just takes too much effort to hide the truth from the public when it is backed up by enough evidence from credible sources. People like to believe they are smarter than others and thus have a better version of the truth than others, but one has to be careful about allowing ones ego to become too inflated as to how much of the truth one is capable of obtaining. Belief in wild conspiracy theories can eat up a lot of ones spiritual energy defending them within oneself and outside oneself and can distort ones vision of this world and a lot of the people in it. The part of the truth that is solid and obtainable when it comes to big events happening in this world has its own very strong energy and can not be readily hidden. The established order in this world may not be perfect, but they are not as messed up as a lot of people believe, or as competent at pulling off the great deceptions some people are so ready to believe they are.

We have a lot of delusionary energy in this world and fringe/extremist groups tend to feed off of this. A lot of delusionary people can appear quite credible! Con men are all over the place with some of them believing the distortions of reality that they come up with. Conspiracy theories can dominate the internet with more and more people elaborating in an imaginative way on the theory. The established version of what happened can readily be buried in an internet search engine by a sea of articles supporting a conspiracy theory. To those who are psychologically predisposed to believe in these theories this can make these theories seem so much more credible. I am into intense physical-spiritual/meditative training geared to give one a stronger spiritual grip on reality. It is not easy to get a stronger grip on reality so that one will develop the intuition required to sense what people/sources are reliable and what version of the truth is most credible and in spiritual harmony with how our reality works..

Misinformation and conspiracy theories and not enough truth

There is so much misinformation available on the internet, and not enough effort made to debunk it.  Conspiracy theories that appear like they are based on a lot of hard facts are everywhere.  People have to realize the truth is complicated and can be easily spun and manipulated to support the extreme views of people who do not have a solid spiritual grip on reality.   We do live in a world where people are constantly spinning the facts to fit their world view or support the position they have a personal bias for.   One of the reasons we have so many believers in conspiracy theories is because we do not do that well at presenting really accurate factual information about what is really happening in this country.  The media is partially to blame, since it tends to often be biased toward one side or the other, rather than representing things from an objective well research position.

We have a lot of spiritual permissiveness in this world where people are willing to let their imagination go wild and not do the work required to find out what is really reasonable/rational  to believe in.  Everything in this reality is underlied by the spiritual.  Ones ability to see things clearly, and to be intuitively drawn to  more reliable sources  depends an awful lot on how strong a spiritual grip one has on reality.  We live in a world with its predominating spiritual beliefs/theories  do not align us that well with reality and which results in the messed up spiritual state this world is.  Until we advance further in our spiritual theories and training techniques we will continue to not do well at doing the required research to produce reliable sources of information about the nature of the society we are part of and the serious problems that exist in it.

I am not going to reach people who put too much of their spiritual energy into supporting wild conspiracy theories. I avoid overly polarized views of what is happening in this world. It takes hard spiritual training to develop the intuition required to figure out how people in power tend to think and act. It is easy to project the worst motives or overly simplistic motives onto people. It is easy for a lot of people to create or buy into delusional presentations about what is actually happening in this world. There are lot of sources that appear to present the truth. One can develop ones intuition so as to better figure out what presentation represent best how things really tend to happen in this world.

I have a lot of blog posts on this site related to spiritual theories and techniques that interface well with the challenging physical reality we exist in.  Here is a link to my meditative walking blog post:    https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/meditative-walking-developing-a-stronger-spiritual-connection-with-the-physical/

Passion powers the spiritual and needs to be effectively directed

Where your passion is directed tell a lot about where you are at spiritually. Emotions/passion powers the spiritual. People often are not that willing to blame the predominating and inadequate spiritual beliefs/theories of the times for the messed up state this world is in. They often would rather put their valuable spiritual passion into polarizing politics or wild conspiracy theories. There are many ways to avoid dealing directly with the spiritual roots of the problem in a world in which delusional spiritual energy and beliefs/theories dominates. Of course a lot of passion can be eaten up or dulled by indulging in various excesses in creature comforts and desires or going into some insulating escapist spiritual state.. Obtaining more of the truth can be extremely hard to handle especially by those who are weak due to overindulging themselves.

My really stoic spiritual training approach helps me to be able to get a stronger grip on what is true spiritually. It takes really hard work to transform the state this world is in with all of its serious problems and it all starts on the extremely important spiritual level which underlies and thus greatly impacts all of the reality we exist in. It is about time we develop the spiritual/emotional maturity to direct our passions and desires in a way that counts. We can only do this if we have really good spiritual theories programmed inside us and do the type of spiritual training that enables us to effectively utilize this programming.

I have many blog posts on this site dealing with what I have come up with spiritually as a result of a lifetime with an extremely serious focus in this area. People often dismiss those who are willing to go up against the spiritual status quo on a planet that tends to be attracted to autocratic type spiritual beliefs that are not open to being really seriously questioned and tested as to their effectiveness in transforming the spiritual state this world is in. The spiritual underlies all of the reality we exist in, and any changes we make to this underlying spiritual level in ourselves or in the collective consciousness of this planet will directly impact what is happening on the physical level. We can not tackle the serious problems that exist on this planet unless we develop the spiritual strength(will) and awareness required to do it.  Here s my very valuable blog post on meditative walking:    https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/meditative-walking-developing-a-stronger-spiritual-connection-with-the-physical/

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