Pain is an important and valuable part of life!!!!

One has to face the pain inside oneself in order to heal and get stronger and healthier physically and spiritually! The cycle of abuse toward others and oneself must end on this planet to the degree we are able to do this! We all need to develop the character required to carry our part of the burden and responsibility in this world! Pain can destroy people or make them stronger depending on how well they are able to deal with it avoid its destructive side! Hard work can be quite painful a lot of the time especially when done to improve oneself spiritually! We have so many serious problems on this planet and we need everyone to carry their own weight.
Pain lets one know how hard one can push oneself and get away with it safely! Fear works with the help of pain to enable one to be able to do amazing things and to sense when one has to be extra careful and do ones best to avoid really damaging consequences. The reason I can read my body so well is because I do not use pain killers and focus so hard on reading the signals my body sends me to let me know what I can safely get away with and when I need to focus really hard at adjusting what I am doing in order to avoid injury when exercising extremely hard physically and spiritually!! In order to achieve a lot in life one must be able to put up with a lot of pain and hardship and embrace its character building qualities. One should avoid the negative side of both pain and fear, but understand and value their positive side!
Here is my YouTube video on this subject:

Trauma, denial, distortion of reality and projection of ones flaws on others and outside world.

We live in a world full of all sorts of #abusive behavior some directed toward others and by lashing out at the outside world(society). Some people indulge in reckless behavior; others in bad eating habits or harmful #drug #addictions. Collectively groups of people will get #angry and irrational and often countries will be propelled by this #anger to lash out at other country militarily without first coolly evaluating how to rationally work out their differences. In a world like this trauma will occur an awful lot with the psychological problems that come with it. The cycle of #abuse will continue as the #trauma even when healed physically will often leave #psychological scars and the #denial that comes with not wanting to face the deep #emotions that come with them. This denial and the distortion of reality that comes with it leads to a continuation of abusive behavior in this world. We all are abusive to some degree,since no one is perfect! But, we have a very high level of abusive behavior on this spiritually backward planet that needs to be addressed in order for us to develop the spiritual maturity to deal with the intense problems that living in a very technological advance world presents to us!

    Our spiritual programming determines how well we are able to face reality at its most challenging! If we have spiritual beliefs that tune of out of or devalue part of the reality we exist in, we will weaken our ability to tune into and cope with this reality. Seeing reality from all sides and angles is not easy to do! People often like to see only the part of reality that they are comfortable with based on where they are at psychologically and the impact of past trauma on them. One can not heal and grow further spiritually if one does not face ones flaws and the spiritual theories one has that tend to be supportive of the view of reality ones currently accepts. When ever one spiritually distorts reality one will suffer self abuse and also will be abusive of others. One can feel really justified in being abusive as a result of the denial that becomes part of ones psychology and spiritual state of being.
     One can not advance further spiritually if one is not willing to see ones spiritual/psychological problems and the #spiritual theories that underpin them. If one is locked into some spiritual beliefs as a result of them being supportive of the state of denial that comes with not facing and healing the spiritual/emotional impact of past trauma, it can be quite difficult to advance to a healthier level spiritually! When someone tries to reach these people with the strong spiritual energy and spiritual theories required to help them to heal they will often lash out at that person no matter how rational their presentation is. Irrationality and the distortion of reality is often part of those who have suffered abuse or trauma and not healed psychologically from it. Arrogance and an inability to face ones spiritual shortcomings is what prevents people from being receptive to the type of spiritual help they need. One can not help someone spiritually until they feel that they could benefit from such help. Often it takes a really challenging situation in their life and the hard lessons that come with it to get people to really see their shortcomings and want to spiritually #heal and improve their understanding of reality in a way that will prevent future hard lessons of the same type from happening again!
     The truth is most often in the complicated middle and requires one is able to see things from many angles and sides. One can through really challenging spiritual #meditation type training gain a stronger spiritual grip on reality and enable one to better handle the pain/struggle that often comes with getting more of a grip on reality and the truth that comes with this. #Pain is part of life and must be faced in order to gain more spiritual maturity and connection with reality. Once one has obtained an ability to handle a heavier dose of reality, then one will develop the #intuition required to sense which people are reliable/serious sources and thus become better at determining what sources are unreliable or not solid enough or have a feel to them that do not gibe with your sense of how #reality actually works.
Here is a link to my blog on the meditative/spiritual type training I do:

Too much forgiveness can harm ones ability to positively transform this world spiritually!

I forgive people, but I do not forgive the type of spiritual energy that is responsible for all the abusive/destructive behavior that happens in this world. That is why I am a spiritual pioneer working hard to improve the level of spirituality on this planet. I work hard to keep my spiritual energy really healthy and work hard to ensure that unhealthy spiritual energy either stays clear of me, or is accommodating to being transformed by me. I often do have to take on or defend myself from toxic type spiritual energy in order to ensure that the energy close to me is not working against me too much. I am use to a type of spiritual explosive energy happening around me, and because of my training I seem to get positive results despite shocking people and often needing to take a sort of protective cover shortly afterwards. Being a spiritual pioneer does have its dangers, but this world will not be easily transformed, and will not be done by the timid. It will not be easy to improve on the spiritual status quo in this world, but it can be done. But, one has to often be willing to push the edge and handle the danger associated with it in order to really positively transform things in a world that is backward and brutal spiritually. Forgiveness has its place, but to forgive and not try to transform the energy responsible for inadequate spiritual behavior is not a positive thing.

After posting this a person gave this response elsewhere: “Hi Thomas, love your work and posts. I am respectful of your view on forgiveness. I on the other hand believe their are 3 key concepts in which one must master in regards to spirtual mastery. 1. Unconditional love 2. Unconditional acceptance 3. Unconditional forgivness. God loves, accepts and forgives all of us. If we are to truly becone one with god, or enlightened, we must be able to forgive all unconditionally. Again just my opinion and of course your truth is yours and i respect that 🙂 much love brother and i love what you are doing and your leadership in spiritual practices!”

Here was my response to this: I just go with that which works in the real world which I am very strongly connected to because of the extremely rough training I do and the direct experience I have in it. I just do not automatically believe in what is widely circulating in this world psychically and thus has a strong appeal even if it is not well enough in balance with reality. I do forgive people as I clearly state in the post, but do not accept negative/destructive spiritual energy that lead to unhealthy and destructive behavior. I am very healthy physically and spiritually because of the type of spiritual energy I accept and what I do not believe meets my high spiritual standards. I want the best for people, so will not be an enabler of bad conduct and unhealthy habits. My posts need to be read carefully and not quickly dismissed. Spiritual pioneers are often rejected for what they have of value without people taking the time and effort to really understand where they are coming from. It is so easy to just cling to inadequate beliefs without taking the time to explore something new, that is outside of ones comfort zone. We can all get closer to the common truth that govern the common reality we exist in.

I added the extra above because:   I tend to be triggered by others who have differing spiritual theories/beliefs than I do. I do not like to waste anything I write that can further explain where I am coming from. I am programmed in the spiritual theories that I developed to be very effective in helping me and others at coping really well with the common reality all of us share and have impact on. I do not have a lot of other spiritual theories strongly programmed into me, since they would counteract and harm the effectiveness of my own spiritual theories. I do have an intuitive connection to a lot of spiritual theories/beliefs that are out there in the world, but do not have them taking up the important space in my subconscious needed by my own really effective guiding spiritual beliefs. Deep within oneself spiritually is only room for certain core beliefs, and one has to make sure they are the really effective ones. One does not need to be an expert in all spiritual/ religious beliefs/theories that are out there in this world in order to become really advanced in the spiritual area. One actually functions best spiritually when you only retain the best spiritual theories and the reasons why they work better than the others that compete with them for effectiveness in this challenging world we exist in.

Here is a link to my meditative walking blog post, that includes all sorts of other really effective meditative/spiritual training techniques:

More spiritual maturity/seriousness is needed in today’s very challenging world.

Life is very serious especial these days and it is so important that people mobilize more of their spiritual energy in areas that are serious in nature. Game playing of all kinds predominate in a world that has a lot of spiritual energy that is used for frivolous pursuits. One can train oneself to transform more of ones energy to be serious in nature, so that one can make really positive things not only happen in your life, but in this world that has so many serious problems. One can enjoy being serious because one should get pleasure out of seriously contributing what one has to offer to making this world a better place to exist in. Having too many people making excuses for not utilizing a very serious amount of their energy to overcoming the challenges in their life and the world around them, will not help this world to handle the serious problems that come with this highly technological age we live in. Seriousness comes with maturity, a quality that is badly needed in today’s world.

People who have an arrogant spiritual attitude will tend to get violent when their arrogant energy is challenged! The addictive/repressed type energy that makes people arrogant can be utilized in a positive serious way to enable them to develop a lot further spiritually and to become healthier in body and mind as a result. One develops a lot further spiritually when one develops an attitude that one can always seriously improve spiritually. When one becomes really advance spiritually, due to really intense spiritual-physical training and improved spiritual theories, one does not have to hold on to a self righteous attitude within oneself. One will automatically connect with what is important/serious and healthy spiritually when the energy around you triggers it. Ones intuition when it is working well will tune one into the important/serious spiritual understanding and energy required to ensure that positive spiritual energy is upheld even when challenged. People and circumstance will often be intimidating in a world that has so many serious problems that are rooted in the spiritual.

This link will connect one to a lot of the very serious meditative/spiritual training techniques I developed and use:

Karma and the strong need to transform the spiritual energy that dominates this world.

Karma will eventually catch up with everyone who acts really badly in this world no matter how much power they have politically. It is often hard to make a strong enough case against certain people. People on the far right do want to see the other side in a bad light as do people on the far left . People do get falsely accused at times so evidence has to be strong enough to make a good case against someone especially when they are in a position of power in this world.

The problem of abusive sexual and violent behavior is very prevalent in this world due to how backward the predominating spiritual energy is here. We can not change the amount of negative behavior happening in this world just by catching as many as possible of those that are responsible. We have to change the overall spiritual climate that exists in this world that creates such abuse behavior in order to have a lot of impact on this problem. It is up to everyone individually to work hard to gain more control over their desires and the behavior that comes with it. We do not need to have such brutality in this world of all kinds. We can transform this world spiritually and that is where I focus.

When this world collectively develops a higher spiritual standard, then less of this terrible behavior will happen and more energy will be available to catch those who are responsible for it. We need to get our priorities in the right place spiritually, and we have a long ways to go in this area. We can not change this world immediately no matter how much we desire to do this. But passion powers the spiritual. And being really passionate about improving the level this world is now at spiritually can help one to become a strong agent for change in this world.  Here is a link to my very effective meditative walking(spiritual training) blog post:


We need to end the cycle of abuse in this world!

We live in a world that is so messed up spiritually that it will produce a lot of really messed up individuals. A cycle of abuse will move from one generation to another. This cycle of abuse has to be stopped! Those who have been abused can not use it as an excuse to continue this cycle, but need to make the effort to change it starting with themselves. If we do not deal with the spiritual roots of this problem this problem will continue no matter how many people we lock up so as to prevent them from harming others. We must lock them up once they are caught doing harmful abuse especially sexual abuse, but the out of control desires that are the root of so many of the problems in this world need badly to be addressed. We are so backward spiritually on this planet, so it is not surprising to me that we have such terrible wars and abuse of all kinds happening on this planet.

What people do not understand is the spiritual is able to do amazing things, but only if we advance a lot further in our understanding of it. Science has advanced a lot in recent times and amazing result have come from it, although not always applied very well due to our lack of spiritual maturity. We can advance in a similar way in the spiritual area, provided we are willing to challenge and improve the spiritual beliefs and techniques that dominate our world today. It is not easy to improve the spiritual conditions that exist on this Earth, but it needs to be done if we are to be able to address the serous spiritual problems that come with this highly advanced technological age we now exist in.

Hedonism often comes with the overly materialistic focus that the development of advanced technology tend to create. Spiritual development/advancement is so needed so that we develop the strength spiritual focus required to help us better handle our desires so that we can direct them in healthier directions rather than direct them in a way that creates self abuse and the abuse of others as is currently happening so much in our current world.  Here is a link to a very effective spiritual training technique:

Humor is no replacement for effective meditative techniques in helping one to better cope spiritually/emotionally

I should point out at the beginning of this post that I developed my own very intense meditative techniques to help me spiritually handle life at its roughest. So, I am very familiar with this subject personally.  I depend on my type of meditative walking and a meditative type 2 handed 20lb modified (barbarian)dumbbell swing to help me handle what life deals my way.  I have not taken any pain killers of any kind in over 30 years.

There are various forms of escapism(including humor) available to distract one from the tension and challenges of life and the pain that often comes with them.  But these forms of escapism may have some health benefits over the short term provided they are not in the form of some destructive type of addiction.    People often use humor as a means to help them cope emotionally/spiritually from the pain and stress this world provides plenty of.  Humor can tend to lighten ones mood, and give one temporary relief.  But, humor or any form of escapism will not work when one is facing really intense pain.  The more pain one feels the more sober one needs to be in order to cope with it spiritually.  A lot of people have never felt the most intense forms of pain or dealt with the harshest conditions this world has to offer.  A lot of people actively tune out spiritually from the really harsh/painful conditions that exist in this world and the problems that come with them.  We live in a world in which painkilling medications are used frequently and that a lot of people are addicted to them.

The difference between methods that use escapism to avoid pain and using effective meditative techniques, is that effective meditative techniques increase ones ability to cope with even more pain by increasing ones spiritual/emotional strength and awareness.  Also as one tunes in better to the pain one is feeling one becomes better at reading ones body and at figuring out what diet and exercise program will best work for you.  Facing the pain and conditioning oneself to handle it better helps one tune into reality better and the serious often extremely painful problems that exist in this world.  We can not effectively deal with the serious problems that exist in this world without being able to cope with the pain that is associated with them.  A lot of the problems in this world are the result of people not being able to direct their emotions and desires in a positive direction.  Sexual and other forms of abuse happen way too much in this world.  Violence is also very prevalent in this world on both the personal and collective level.   Humor and other forms of escapism do not help us to get better at handle these painful situations that exist in this world, but effective meditative techniques can.  Often people who depend of escapism of different forms to help them cope with emotional pain within themselves will face circumstances where this form of escapism does not work as in a crisis requiring immediate response.  In times of crisis ones spiritual/emotional weakness tend to be exposed and can result in destructive behavior or health problems due to the stress involved.   Effective meditative techniques help one to gain the spiritual/physical strength and awareness required to handle really intense emotions well along with the stress and pain that so often are part of life.

My focus is very much into transforming this world into a much better  place to exist in.  For this to happen individuals have to first work on transforming themselves.  Advanced spiritual theories and meditative techniques geared toward helping people to better cope spiritually with the often painful reality we exist in are required if we are to more effectively handle the serious problems that exist in this world.  Science does not have all the answers, since the spiritual plays a really important role in the challenging physical reality we exist in.  I have blog posts that explain the type of meditative techniques I use which can be found by clicking on”meditation” below this post.  Here is a link to my very effective meditative walking blog post:

Thought about my current spiritual/physical situation in this world

Last night I managed not to injure myself using a dolly to bring in a heavy potted small tree from outside to protect it from the frost.  It had been brought in earlier, but was put out again since we had an extended period of frost-less days following a really early frost(in the San Antonio TX area).    I am not much into pets, whether they be animal or plant.  But have my duties to take care of my sister’s.  I do not believe my sister was aware we were likely to have a frost, which we did!

I am currently not speaking to my sister(who I live with-my previous blog post give other details pertaining to my current precarious situation) and avoiding being around her as much as possible.  After a verbal  interaction regarding a problem that occurred,  I decided that was the  approach I had to take.  It may not be a very good option, but sometimes ones options are very limited.  I have to always do what it takes to avoid abusive situations that can harm my ability to function the way I need to in order to survive.  I feel I have often had to invest a lot of my spiritual energy to maintain the conditions I require to survive and continue my life’s purpose.

People with very entrenched spiritual beliefs(not very open to improving on them). are not going to understand someone who is “differently able” like me with specialized creative spiritual abilities.  Often those who have too much confidence in the value of their spiritual beliefs will be friendly to a person they are unable to understand,  because they believe they can convert them to their beliefs and thus solve that person’s problems.  I feel a lot of people are friendly to me because they feel I am a good candidate to convert to their autocratic type spiritual ideology.

Family members can feel obligated to help other family members with the hope to convert  them to their spiritual beliefs that they are overconfident as to their benefits.  Often people abuse people because they are unable or willing to improve on their spiritual beliefs so they can understand them. Love without understanding does not work well and often leads unknowingly to abusing others.  It can take a lot of spiritual energy to keep from being abused when around someone that thinks they know best, but do not due to their lack of understanding.

Why Do People Face So Much Abuse/Victimization? Karma?

Some people do not like the idea of Karma or Reincarnation because they do not believe anyone deserves to be born with certain disabilities or conditions that make their life extremely rough, or be the victim of terrible crimes etc.  I believe we have these primitive/harsh conditions in this world because we have not advanced this far spiritually here on this Earth at this time.  We have improved on a lot of the really harsh physical conditions that we faced in the past, as a result of our technological advances.  We have conquered a lot of disease and have made our homes more comfortable and have added a lot of useful labor saving devices.  But, we have not really done that much to improve in the spiritual area in regards to our spiritual ideas/beliefs(that really affects how well we are able to behave) as we have done in regards to our ideas/beliefs in the scientific area.  I strongly believe that this world is really messed up spiritually and we really need to improve on our spiritual beliefs, and practices/training so that we will live in a world with less abuse and unhealthy conditions that are rooted in the spiritual and how well human behave spiritually.

Terrible things happen everyday in this world and still people hold on the the primitive beliefs of the past that often have a certain acceptance of brutality built into them. A GOD that is autocratic(all powerful)and  believes in eternal torture without hope is really the most abusive GOD one could conceive of.   We can certainly improve our understanding of God and reality, and become more responsible in regards to our important spiritual role we play in improving the spiritual conditions around us.  Some religious/spiritual beliefs tend to be too passive and accepting of what abusive/harsh things are happening in this world and tend to de-emphasize the importance of this physical world we exist.  We need to stop being so passive spiritually and start really making an effort to bring real spiritual change not only to ourselves, but to the world around us.  We need to realize that we really do not know much about the spiritual at this time and need to start doing the really hard spiritual research to figure out what spiritual beliefs/ideas will help to improve the conditions we exist in in this world the most.


Spiritual beliefs run really deep, so do not change easily  It takes really hard inner work in order to change ones inner spiritual programming/beliefs.  That is why it often takes a crisis or really rough circumstances for individuals to be willing to change what they believe and for collective spiritual beliefs changes to happen.  I know from personal experience that It is rough having certain disabilities that make surviving in this current world extremely difficult I would not be able to push the edge as well as I can if my life had been easy and I was not so aware by personal experience how abusive/harsh a world we live in and how desperately it needs to advance to a better place spiritually.

Primitive type spiritual/religious beliefs lead to primitive spiritual/physical conditions and the abuse/hardships that come with it. We live in a fertile spiritual environment for all sorts of really messed up individuals to grow in and for cycles of abusive behavior to continue over and over again. We really need change to happen in this world, and often the people who help make this change are themselves the victims of abuse or those really hurt by having someone close to them be victimized. Sometimes people are victims of disease or tragedies that we really need to address.  People who face tragedy often do really valuable things in this world by taking on causes to try to prevent similar tragedies.  They can gain in empathy and become much stronger and better characters as a result of facing such a trial or person crisis.  Facing a crisis or tragedy can be really rough on a person, but can lead them to changing into a more valuable person spiritually and give them a valuable spiritual purpose to their life.  Crisis is often so valuable in helping people to advance spiritually.  We really need to  advanced spiritually a lot more individually and collectively so we will be able to do an awful lot to make this world a healthier and less abusive place to live both physically and spiritually.

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