Reincarnation – Empowering us spiritually

The spiritual theory of Reincarnation is empowering to us spiritually and make us more aware that our future is in our hands even beyond this life. That we as individual spirits are an important factor spiritually in making a positive difference in this challenging physical universe we are part of. That God(the universal spirit) is not autocratic and thus shares power with advanced individual spirits like us and we are responsible to continuously do our part spiritually as valuable assets on the front lines when incarnated in challenging physical worlds that can bring out the most in us spiritually. That escaping from dealing with the challenges this world deal us is not a smart option since we will face similar challenges in the future beyond this life and need to keep developing our coping skills and ability to contribute what we have of unique value.

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YouTube videos on advanced spiritual theories and techniques

I do get affected by the lack of response to the YouTube videos I am helping to create and posting that I know have really good content. I just channel my frustration into training even harder spiritually. I know most people are not that willing or able to handle more of the truth, and prefer to stay within their comfort zone. But, I am trying to reach the few who really appreciate the need to advance further spiritually as individuals and as a society. People tend to fear the unfamiliar especially in our permissive and indulgent world where addictive energies tend to dominate and hold people into spiritual mindsets that support the spiritual status quo on this Earth at this time. People often put spiritual blinders on and refuse to see the connection between antiquated /autocratic spiritual beliefs and the messed up spiritual state this world is in.

Personally due to my really tough and effective spiritual training, I have my desires and emotions well under control, unlike almost everyone else in this world. Violence and abuse of all kinds along with the harmful addictive energies that create the spiritual insensitivity and incompetence that continue this harmful behavior will continue until people are willing to do the required hard spiritual work to improve the spiritual state they are in and this world is in. We will not be able to properly address the serious problems that exist in this technological age we now live in, if we are unable to find a way to get more out of ourselves spiritually.

This area, spiritual development, is the area I have specialize intensely in my whole life. I am really good at it, but the reason this world is so backward spiritually is because the resistance to spiritual growth on this planet is very strong. Addictive/autocratic type beliefs just make it really difficult for more effective spiritual theories and techniques to not only be developed, but find a receptive audience. Often receptivity to that which is new spiritually happens only when a crisis nudges people out of their comfort zone. We need individuals to advance ahead of the curve spiritually, so when a world wide crisis does happen we will have leaders to help those who are less prepared spiritually to transform in the way required to survive the crisis and help the world to reach the level of spiritual maturity required to address the serious problems this highly advanced technological age challenges us with. We can have a much better world than we now have, but we must be mature enough spiritually in order to do what it takes to bring this about.

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Being a spirtual pioneer on a spiritually backward planet.

I am a spiritual pioneer who connects with God(the universal spirit that maintains our physical/spiritual reality so that it is able to serve us well provided we put in the effort to understand how it functions) directly. I am a spiritual independent free to develop the most effective spiritual theories and techniques possible. People in this world connect with God various ways, with various degrees of effectiveness. I do need to stand up for what I have to offer to this world spiritually , since my survival here depends on this. So many people do not read my  blog posts on the spiritual. I am creating videos on youtube and struggling to reach people with my innovative spiritual ideas and techniques.

Spiritual development requires one find/develop better spiritual theories that enable one to handle reality in heavier doses. The better one is able to handle the difficulty that come from living in this hard resistant physical reality, the more effective one will become spiritually. Spiritual/meditative techniques can help one to become really good at becoming able to handle extremely difficult spiritual/emotional states provided one has guiding spiritual theories that enable one to see the value in putting up with such difficult and often painful states of consciousness. One ability to handle pain and difficulties has a lot to do with how much one can achieve in life. The truth can be quite painful, and one has to be able to face the pain that comes with the truth in order to grow further spiritually in a world that has a lot of serious problems that cause pain and hardship for those being directly affected by them.

The spiritual theories that enable one to handle the most discomfort and difficulty are going to be the ones that are closer to the truth. Tough spiritual(meditative) training can not be handled unless one is programmed with spiritual theories that are good enough to enable one to see the great value in putting up with a high level of spiritual difficulty. The spiritual beliefs of the past that have such a foothold in this world are very responsible the current state this world is in and tend to be addictive and resistant to being improved on. Science keeps working on improving on its theories and knowledge, we need to do the same in the spiritual area. The spiritual senses have to be developed in order for one to tune into what is happening on the spiritual level. Tough spiritual/meditative training can not only help one to tune in better to the spiritual, but help one to better understand how things on the spiritual level works so that one can have positive impact spiritually there. Better spiritual theories then can be developed which will help one to train even harder spiritually and thus tune in ever better to what is happening on the spiritual level. It is a constant circular type(spiral) process of training, tuning in, developing better theories, and then training even harder, and tuning in even better, and developing even better spiritual theories.

The spiritual theories that make one the most effective spiritually at dealing with the serious problems in this world will be the ones that are closest to the truth. The problems in this world are all rooted to a considerable degree in the spiritual. As we improve the spiritual state this world is in by improving the spiritual state we are in as its individual inhabitants, we will automatically be inspired to effectively take on the challenges that are happening on the physical level here. So often we are handicapped by out of control desires and emotions that not only handicap our effectiveness in this world, but can cause a lot of harm and destruction in this world. A rational spiritual approach to solving the problems in this world can not work if we are unable to properly direct our emotions and desires in a way that is constructive and healthy.

Addictions prevent one from making progress spiritually, and addictive/autocratic type beliefs do the same. It may be comforting to be addicted to that which you are familiar with spiritually, but we can become comfortable with a more adventurous spiritual approach in which we are constantly exploring new spiritual territory and discovering better ways to understand this universe on the spiritual level. Going beyond ones comfort level is required in order to achieve a lot in this world. And achieving a lot in this world can be extremely rewarding to ones spiritual wellbeing and bring more actually spiritual comfort/peace than one will ever get from being stuck where one is at spiritually.

My spiritual theories are developed rationally with no concern for the fact that they may be contrary to the spiritual theories/beliefs so many hold so dear. I am not here to win a popularity contest, but am here to get the most out of my capabilities and thus contribute as much as I am able that I have of value to the world. I am “differently abled” with my abilities very focused in the spiritual on a very core level. I am a very unique person as to my abilities, but everyone is unique to some degree, and can get more out of themselves by further developing this uniqueness(specialness). I do identify strongly with those individuals who are the most unique(specialized) in their capabilities and that often are destroyed or greatly damaged by a world that is so much into forcing a rigid type of mental/spiritual conformity that is greatly responsible for holding back positive spiritual/social progress on this planet.

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The spiritual needs to break away from antiquated addictive divisive autocratic types ideologies/religions

We need a type of spirituality in this world that is not organized like our religions are. We need to deal with the spiritual in a similar way as we deal with its opposite Science. Science is able to keep developing better theories and understanding of how this physical world actually operates. The spiritual can do the same in regard to constantly working to develop better theories and techniques that will enable individuals to focus more on getting the most out of themselves, and be less adversely affected by addictive type desires for indulgences of various kinds, that harm their ability to put more of their passion into directions that can actually make a positive difference in their life, and also contribute to making this world a better/healthier place to exist in. Science does best when dealing with the physical and the spiritual does best when dealing with the human factor. A lot of occupational fields deal in areas that combine physical factors with spiritual/human factors. Science needs to work more with the Spiritual in the future, as these two opposing areas do best when working cooperatively together.

This world is obviously not doing very well spiritually at this time with all the terrible wars and abusive behavior of all kinds that exist here. It is hard to change deeply entrenched spiritual beliefs that have been around a very long time, but it can be done. We just need to develop the spiritual strength, awareness and maturity to do this. Our technology and the science behind it can only be handled well when we have developed the spiritual maturity needed to do so!

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Did alien technology develop amazing ancient structures?

No, ancient man was extremely capable with their own tools and knowledge. We have to depend on ourselves to make things happen on this planet, and we are very capable when we focus hard on what we do. It is easy to let ones imagination go wild when the facts are not clear enough. People who readily believe in wild conspiracy theories or stuff that is not supported by enough reliable evidence are not going to be interested enough in the spiritual theories, and techniques that I developed through a life time of effort. People often put their spiritual energy into supporting strange beliefs that do not have enough solid evidence to rely on. I could not have developed a new astrology system if I did not train myself really hard spiritually to have a very strong connection to reality. Delusional energy is very prevalent in this world that is so backward spiritually.

Response to: Brain surgeon’s near death experience convinced him that heaven exists????

People can easily misinterpret what they experience spiritually especially if they have little experience in this area. This experience does not validate any particular spiritual theories. It can be explained differently than he explained it. The importance of the physical-spiritual connection is not diminished, by dying. His brain did not die, since it retained his previous programming after he recovered. We really do not know a lot of how well the brain can function in a low energy or altered spiritual state. Near death experiences are similar to dreams as the subconscious mind(based on its spiritual programming) does attempt to interpret as best it can what is happening when in a state more connected to the spiritual.

One never gets a perfect connection to the spiritual, and must work to improve the one one has along with the spiritual theories one uses to guide oneself spiritually. One doesn’t lose ones spiritual programming when one dies, but retains it in the state it was in at the end of ones life. Often one is programmed while young into a certain spiritual ideology and then ignores that programming. Everyone requires some sort of spiritual programming. In near death experiences our spiritual programming will determine what one envisions is happening to us spiritually. We do not advance in our spiritual awareness or understanding without doing the required work. It is true that spiritual theories and ideologies exist in a psychic form on this Earth supported by the believers in them. When one dies one will be able to retain ones spiritual mindset by connecting psychically with it and some incarnated kindred spirits that support that mindset psychically. Reality-focused spiritual training is important in order to advance further spiritually. One is not just going to automatically advance further spiritually when one dies or come into the next life further advanced spiritually than you left the last life. If one does not do the required spiritual training and deep thinking one will not gain more understanding and competence spiritually.

Reliable/effective spiritual development

If we are going to advance further in the spiritual area on this planet we are going to have to do the work required to improve in this area. We will not just get “reliable” spiritual information/answers just given to us from some sort of “magical”source. Our inspiration will only be as good as we are able to receive based on our current spiritual development and will always need work by us to improve on it so it will adequately meet our needs. People who are psychic have to translate what they are picking up spiritually and will not do so perfectly making mistakes quite often. But, they should make enough hits that they will be helpful to people who will tend to remember the hits and not the misses. Some psychics will be more advanced spiritually than others and have more accuracy than others. Channelers are just psychics that work from a trance state and will also be limited by their own spiritual development as to how good the information they tune into and translate really is.

We all have to evaluate any spiritual information we obtain from any source including our own inspiration and figure out what is of value to us, and what needs to be further refined by us, or needs to be discarded as not being accurate enough or of much use to us. We all have to be careful what we accept as true spiritually, since what we accept spiritually affects us directly in how well we perform spiritually in the real world. We do well to be open minded to information that serve us really well in this challenging physical reality we exist in, and closed minded to information that is not adequate to meet our needs here. Having high standards as to what we accept spiritually is a good thing. Nothing is perfect spiritually, so spiritual growth is an endless process with new puzzles always be presented for us to figure out to some degree. One stops growing spiritually when one stops searching for better spiritual answers. We need to be constantly working to improve our understanding of the spiritual no matter how advanced we believe we are. We need to be an example for others as to the value of being always open to improving further spiritually.

Effective spiritual/meditative training techniques can make a big difference in helping us develop the physical spiritual health required to handle the really intense spiritual/emotional states required in order to handle a lot more of what is true spiritually. One has to be able to handle more of the truth and the intense spiritual/emotional energy that comes with it. Emotions power the spiritual, and as one grows spiritually one becomes more passionate about making a positive difference on this planet by spreading positive spiritual energy and information to others who are able to see the value in it.

Strong, but positive emotions are often thought of as negative by those who are not receptive to the amount of truth that comes with it. People who are really advanced spiritually are able to handle emotions no mater how powerfully they are expressed. People often will listen to music that is so loud that it hurts their ears because they like it. But, will often complain about someone being too loud when they passionately represent something of spiritual value that they do not want to hear. It is not like their ears are actually being hurt. The people who are really open to new spiritual information will not be hurt by someone who speaks with the intensity and passion that a spiritual message requires in order to be delivered with the required deep impact on them. It is when one actively fight to not hear something spiritually that it will hurt your ears and make one uncomfortable. People who are really advanced spiritually need to find those who are receptive to their passion and avoid those in which the passion hurts their ears and respond in a way that is hostile and insensitive to the value of what they have to offer and the way they passionately and intensely deliver it verbally.

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My limitations visually has its advantages,but make certain spiritual techniques not work for me.

I was asked whether I was familiar with the “Maharic Seal” Technique and interested in a book “Angelic Realities, The Survival Handbook”. This basically was my response:

I had to look up “Maharic Seal” technique in an internet search engine. I can not deal with complex visuals, as I have a limited visual memory that does really well with simple core or structural visuals. The reason I am such a good spiritual pioneer is that I am unencumbered by having a lot of visual images/memories within me. I am not good at a lot of other things because of the importance of visualization when it comes to doing most tasks required in the job market.

But. with limitations comes advantages. I can go at really intense speed through a lot of spiritual theories and explore and map out new spiritual territory. I move at a speed that would strip the gears of someone who had a more complex visual/spiritual connection to the world around them. One has to be able to move at intense speed and have the intensity of focus to get out of the trouble one will get into when one is using the trial error process required to figure out more about how the spiritual really works.

My connection to the spiritual is very rational and logical, as the spiritual does work in a rational logical way at its core. I am working at getting the spiritual theories and techniques I have developed to the world and will be broadcasting on a website soon. New spiritual ideas are hard to get out since they do not have the psychic/spiritual support for them already out there. I know that a spiritual pioneer can only reach a limited number of people at first, but will reach the type of people who are the type that are good at reaching a lot more people. I will try to align myself with people who are more connected to the visual than I am, but appreciate what I have of value to offer spiritually. I will not be able to reach “fundamentalists” and those who have an “autocratic” type of spirituality that is not open to being questioned as to ways to improve on what they have to offer.

Nothing is perfect spiritually and is not meant to be. That is because it is so important that everyone be willing to constantly look for rational/effective ways to improve their connection to the spiritual. A lot of different spiritual techniques do work to quite a degree for different people. My techniques can be adjusted to work for a large range of people, but when done on a really intense level are geared more for those who are trying to become spiritual professionals/experts. I am not concerned that a lot of people reject what I have put so much intense work and effort into, I just focus on those people that can see the immense value that what I have to offer due to my efforts over a lifetime of intense investigation into the spiritual has to offer them.

The book you offer(Angelic Realities, The Survival Handbook) is not really for me. I look up what I could readily find about what that book is about. My extremely well trained intuition does not see much credibility in most stuff written about UFO’s.  I avoid referring to any spirits as ET’s, since most advanced individual spirits I believe incarnate on many different planets in this vast universe. The population on this planet has grown too fast to have all the spirits existing here be home grown. I believe similar planets exist that can accommodate spirits that desire to be on planets similar to this Earth. I do not believe that advanced individual spirits like us are so limited spacially that they are locked into a particular planet. I am sure I came from somewhere else. One beliefs do project certain type spiritual energy and images out into the universe and is it important that these images we project interface well with the reality we exist in. We need better explanation about spiritual phenomena, not ones that give us images that do not represent the spirits and spiritual energy very accurately. Obviously the way I envision the spiritual differs from what that book represents.



Pushing the edge in a way that I do not at all envision anyone else doing!

I have really been pushing the edge extremely intensely lately as a spiritual pioneer in a backward world must. I know an awful lot of people are not capable of understanding someone like me very well. I just focus on those that are capable of appreciating my efforts to some degree. So many people are addicted to spiritual beliefs that limit their ability to get more out of themselves and to understand that some people get a lot more out of themselves spiritually than they do. We need to respect those who are specialists who excel in really limited and focused areas. I get along well with people who are really specialized and are willing to pay the price to become really good at something. The spiritual is just another field of study that one can achieve a lot in provided one does the work. I do not see the spiritual field as any more important than any other field required to make our world function well. We all are unique and can excel in some area that is important to this world. I just happen to have my abilities limited in a way that I can only do well in exploring new territory in the spiritual area. I focus on a practical type spirituality that work well in the challenging physical world we all(reading this)exist in right now here on this Earth!


Wild spiritual experiences vs reality based ones

I avoid a lot of posts on spiritual sites about spiritual experience that people explain they are having that do not easily fit into the realistic way I envision the spiritual actually works.. The imagination can often go wild and misinterpret what is actually happening to someone. I do believe there exists a spiritual/emotional center in the brain that one can refer to as the “third eye” with the pineal gland playing a role in. I do believe that since we all are spirits we all are connected spiritually to others spirits to some degree on the spiritual level with the spiritual parts of our brain playing a key role.

I am programmed with spiritual theories that give me a very practical spiritual focus that is useful in the real world I exist in right now. I do not have spiritual beliefs/theories that allow my imagination to distort my spiritual perspective that much. This is because I made an effort to make myself that way with my reality based spiritual training. Of course we all are always connected spiritually to some degree since we need to be so in order to function well as the social being we are. If we lost this spiritual connection, we would cease to exist as a spirit and our body needs an operating spirit in order to exist. Some sociopaths have very distorted spirits, but still have spirits and can cause a lot of trouble as a result.

No higher life form is without a spirit with quite a bit of development so as to be able to relate emotionally with others especially of their own species. There exists these invisible connection between individuals and we also have a connection to our own body that can be maintained even when we project our spirit to quite a degree outside of oneself. Our body is very vulnerable when it has a lot of its spirit projected somewhere else. But, I find that the spirit can quickly return to its body when needed. I feel that one can learn a lot about how the spirit behaves by studying one dreams(while asleep). When one meditates one can go into dream-like states in which the subconscious mind will attempt to interpret what is actually happening spiritually to you. But in any dream-like state, one spiritual beliefs/theories will have to help the subconscious translate what is happening into dream/symbolic language. The accuracy of this interpretation will be limited to how well ones spiritual theories connect one to reality.

Those who have experienced life really intensely and have as a result gotten a really strong dose of reality, will tend to have dreams that are more aligned with reality and of practical value as a result. Those who are less realistic and willing to accept wild beliefs and a wild imagination needed to support those beliefs will have dreams or visions(often appearing quite real)that do not interface with reality well and are to me quite removed from how the spiritual actually works. We all are constantly learning lessons, and to me it is so important to have spiritual beliefs/theories that help us to function well spiritually in the physical world we now exist in. It is not safe to have ones spirit be affected by spiritual visions that weakens ones ability to be really strongly connected to the physical reality we exist in and that requires we act responsibly and maintain a high level of vigilance most of the time. One can get into a lot of trouble if one does not know what one is doing spiritually. Having strong survival energy is so important when one deal with the spiritual on a really intense level. One can get into a lot of serious trouble if one is not careful what one is doing spiritually!!

I have gotten really sick a number of times and also had near death experiences(1992) as a result of not knowing enough of what I was doing spiritually in the past. My strong survival energy and never give up approach helped me to survive and become really good at avoiding really serious trouble in the future. I have always taken the spiritual very seriously and that is why I believe I survived. My really intense spiritual focus enables me to get away with a lot that would not be safe for others to deal with. I was born really good in this area, and had to be to survive in this world. Necessity is often the mother of invention, and I feel like that is why I am good at what I do.

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