My shoulder dislocation situation and intense need for further spiritual advancement on this planet!!!

Since my dislocated shoulder will not be able to be fixed by medical means, I will continue to stretch my right arm so as to continue to gain more flexibility and use my 20 lb dumbbell to make it stronger. I surprised the Orthopedic Doctor with my flexibility! I have been doing this for 2 days including this morning after taking a break from it. My right arm actually became stronger during the break from weight training on it and now can handle the 20 lb dumbbell quite well! I use my right arm for carrying things quite often in my daily routine. I do not baby it, but act like it is normal except when it tells me I am out side of its range of flexibility. I do not feel disabled, and am quite comfortable with my current situation except for times when the lack of flexibility limits what I can do. I can no longer cut my hair and do struggle to cut my toe nails. But, I may gain even more flexibility even with my arm in the dislocated position.

I am so use to dealing with any medical problems I have on my own which my extreme spiritual focus helps me to be quite good at. The medical industry has strong limitations, since they are really limited by their lack of spiritual competence, and because the spiritual is such a valuable part of the healing process, as well as in preventive medicine. Advanced spirituality involves dealing with individual differences. We are still in the dark ages as far as where we are spiritually on this planet. And every field is affected by this! Science/medicine is sort of put on a pedestal in our world right now, and needs to become more aware of its limitations. We need to advance spiritually in order for all other occupational fields to advance even further.

WE have so many problems in this world rooted in the spiritual, and so many limitations within ourselves spiritually affecting how fare we can develop any expertise we desire. Spiritual advancement on this planet will drastically advance our potential in every facet of our lives. We need not be held back so much by our spiritual immaturity any longer. An amazing future can happen on this planet, even more amazing that our recent advancements in science and technology! I focus on spiritual development and see so many limitations that can be overcome with more spiritual development and maturity. So many serious problems exist on this planet that could be handled better if we had the spiritual/emotional maturity to address them with a serious enough approach!!!!


Update on Shoulder Dislocation recovery problem

11/21/18  Finally went to Doctor using my medicare and medicaid and had my arm x-rayed and the shoulder is definitely dislocated! I think it was not completely relocated in the VA emergency room and over time went back to complete dislocation. I did nothing in my sleep or other wise that should have dislocated it if it had been put back all the way! I was really careful! There nay have been reasons related to other damage done at the time that affected the situation! The medical people involved in trying to fix the dislocation may not have been the best due to it being early Easter morning that they had to be called in! I waited a long time for them to arrive! My arm never felt right and did not move toward my chest properly even immediately after the procedure. I should have it done correctly this time! They should be able to do it in such a way that it will not easily dislocate again. I am always careful and realize that having one dislocation increases the odds of another happening. I am not using the VA hospital this time.

12/3/18 Went to Orthopedic specialist and found out that all my options are risky, so I decided to live with the limitations of my right shoulder. I can live with them! I do not want to do anything that will not guarantee an improvement in my present state. I will continue to stretch my dislocated shoulder and focus my energy into my extremely intense spiritual focus. I do best when taking care of my own health and not depending on the healthcare industry. There is risk involved in being a spiritual pioneer. But I feel I have achieved a lot despite the price I had to pay as a result. Dealing with the accident to my right shoulder did give me the focus required to make a great deal of progress spiritually. I went with out pain killers almost completely while healing from the accident/fall to the degree I have.

Key to my new astrology system

My astrology system has 5 different  levels to the chart.  The 1st 4 levels of the Chart are set up by last exact aspects to either the Midheaven,  or Nadir before spiritual birth.  The 5th level is set up by  the first exact aspect to the  Moon after spiritual birth’.  Spiritual birth happens very close to physical birth.


Fire=action, doing, assertion, purpose, future, improvement,  creativity, anger

Earth=solid, concrete, practical, physical. resistant, sober, rational, careful. precision, fear,

Air= adjustable, mental, social, abstract, theories, variables, information, communication, anxiety

Water=spiritual, sensitivity, intuition, dreams, images, analogies, feelings, passion, psychology, caring, empathy,


Aspects(orb 30 degrees) used:  Fire=Conjunction (00 degrees), Earth=opening square(90 degrees), Air=opposition(180 degrees), and Water=closing square(270 degrees)

LEVEL ONE;  Individual personal.   Deals with past traumas, lessons,  healing, and intimacy,  Monthly cycle.  Ruler of level one set up by having the same element of last exact aspect of Moon to Midheaven before spiritual birth that set up this level of the chart..  Aspects to Moon count on this level.

Individual personal characters:   Mars=personal fire, Venus=personal earth, Mercury personal air, Moon= personal water

LEVEL TWO:  Individual purpose/goals, deals with plans, self improvement, transforming  the future. action.  12 year cycle.  Ruler of this level set up by having the same element of the last exact aspect  of Jupiter to Nadir before spiritual birth that sets up this level of the chart.  Aspects to Jupiter count on this level of the chart.

Individual purposeful characters:  Jupiter=individual purposeful fire, Saturn=individual purposeful earth, Uranus=individual purposeful Air, Neptune=individual purposeful water

LEVEL THREE:  Universal, practical, work, deals with present and day to day needs.   Yearly cycle.  Ruler of this level set up by having  the same element of the last exact aspect of the Sun to the Nadir before spiritual birth that sets up this level of the chart. Aspects to the Nadir as positioned by its exact aspect to the Sun count on this level of the chart..

Individual practical universal characters:  The Sun=universal fire, the Nadir=universal earth, The Midheaven=universal air, and the Galactic Center=universal water

LEVEL FOUR:  Outer Social,  deals with society and needed social connections and communications to function well.   Daily cycle.  Ruler of this level set up by having the same exact element of the last exact aspect of the Midheaven to the Galactic Center before spiritual birth that sets up this level of the chart.  Aspects to the Midheaven as positioned by exact aspect to Galactic Center count on this level of the chart.

Outer social characters:  Uses characters that set up the first 4 different levels of the chart as rulers. expression, but with them redirected into the social realm.  This creates a certain duality.   Social Jupiter=fire, Social Nadir=earth, Social Midheaven=air, Social Moon=water

LEVEL FIVE:  The time of the fifth level of the chart is set up by the first exact aspect after(spiritual) birth between Alpha Centauri and the Moon.  This level of the chart will be set up up to a week after birth with the character of the chart being in these later positions when determining aspects to Alpha Centauri. This externally focused level of the chart is dominated by Alpha Centauri which represents an external wholistic point that connects one with the complicated reality and the public that connects us with it.  Alpha Centauri is the character that helps one connect with God/reality and the mysteries that challenge us to seek to find more of the truth!  Being locked in to certain beliefs or mythologies can harm ones ability to handle the all important reality we exist in right now.   The aspects to Alpha Centauri will connect with other aspects on the chart of a similar element and help them express themselves externally to the degree of how strong they are.  The element of the aspect between the Moon and Alpha Centauri that sets up this chart will be strongest.

Why is this world (the Earth)so messed up!

Getting the most out of our potential individually is not at all easy especially if one is not very well programmed spiritually and am  addicted to various things that dulls or harms their ability to tune into  reality especially the most challenging parts of it.  Everyone who is not constantly working at improving the spiritual state they are in and the  spiritual theories they are guided by will automatically fall into the prevailing mindsets that dominate this world and are supported by traditional religions or the mass media that are very locked in in their beliefs.  Science also can fall victim to a lock in mindset.  Human being are conscious spiritual beings capable of a lot more spiritually than being harmfully controlled or limited by instinct and biological urges.  We can do so much better on this Earth spiritually and not be so abusive to ourselves and others and to the planet Earth we play such an important spiritual role on.  But we need to become a lot more mature spiritually, which is not easy to do since growing up requires a lot of growing pains and lessons that we make a really intense effort to learn.

People with polarizing overly simplistic mindsets(which is especially present in politics) who are off in perspective in opposite directions that enjoy a sort of arrogant self-righteous condemnation toward each other tend to dominate in this World, and often gain access to money to push their antiquated ideas.  The truth is never that simple and can be very challenging to figure out to a reasonable degree.  One has to work hard to be able to see and weigh all sides of an issue.  and do the hard work to figure out what will actually work in a world that now has very sophisticated technology,  that can be extremely complicated to figure out as to how to best take advantage of their positive value,  and not be harmed due to not knowing how to avoid the the problems that also can come with them.

We are all delusional to some degree, since no one has a perfect grasp of what is true.  Perfection does not exist in this world spiritually, but is not required, since we only need to have a good enough grasp of the truth to function at a reasonable level to meet the needs for the demands of the times we live in.  Now, anyone that thinks that the we are doing that well at this time when it comes to our individual and collective health and as well as the health of our planet really is deluding themselves to quite a degree,  I have found that people with delusional type mind-sets will tend to see those who have a very different but more rational mindset as the ones who are delusional, since otherwise they would have to question their beliefs and get out of their comfort zone and do the hard work to improve them.  One has to have a certain amount of humility to be able to see ones inadequacies, so that one will be able to improve.  One has to see ones inadequacies before one can improve on them.  When one gets a poor grade in school, one can then figure our what areas one need to put hard work into in order to improve.  As one progresses in any field one wants to develop more expertise in, one must be able to handle the complexities that come with it.  We can not advance very far in any field if we can not get beyond the simplistic.  As we advance in education in any field of study we eventually will face the most complexity required when it comes to the subject we choose to specialize in.  The spiritual field is no different than any other field when it come to the level of complexity required in order to become very good at it.

When we are not individually and collectively adequate enough in our spiritual programming to adequately handle really complex issue/problems of our times a lot of serious problems will result in this world.  Homelessness, for example, will result for those who do not have the capabilities to adjust to a society that demands too much of them and is not designed well enough to meet their needs.    Often those that are “differently abled” end up as homeless or with tragic lives.  Many of the great personalities in the history of our Planet have been “differently abled”.   We need to make more of an effort to utilize the special unique abilities that these people often have rather than just condemn them for not fitting in to a society that is not designed well enough to meet their needs.  We all need to get more out of ourselves even if we are lucky enough not to be homeless.  We can all do a lot more to direct our desires to live a healthier life style.  So many people are not very healthy in this World, with a food industry that markets food that acts more often act like drugs, than contributing to health.  It is not easy to get the most out of our abilities without having the spiritual programming that is good enough to help us to do the hard work to get the most out of ourselves when it comes to our own health and abilities even if we are in a more comfortable position in our society.  We will need to work really hard to get the most out of every member of our society in order to successfully get through the crises that lay ahead of us in a world that badly needs us to advance enough spiritually to enable this to happen.

I am one of the “differently abled” people who has a lot to contribute to this world that has really struggled to survive in a spiritually backward world.  My beliefs(spiritual theories) are unique since I developed them to be an improvement over those that currently dominate in this World.  New ideas, no matter how good, often have to really fight to be heard in a World that is backward spiritually.  One thing so many people do not understand is that when beliefs become popular due to how many people believe in them they gain psychic support for them.  That means they are easily attainable without a lot of work.  Inspiration that comes easily will tend just to be drawn psychically from the energy of beliefs that are already well represented in this world.  New spiritual theories(having little psychic support in this world) will always have to struggle to gain acceptance especially in a World that tends to cling to the beliefs of the past and tends to have a lot of addictive qualities in the life styles of its inhabitants.  It takes work to explore or try out new spiritual ideas as to how well they will actually work in ones life or can positively impact this world.   One has to be willing to make the effort to understand the value of something before you can experiment and find if it useful.   Rational/useful ideas will have an intuitive ring of truth to them that will reach those who have experienced enough life to appreciate their value.

Over 4 decades I developed a new spiritually focused Astrology System.  This is because I believe the physical-spiritual connection is so important in this world and provides a structure to the spiritual. The physical is what challenges and grounds our spiritual beliefs and tests how well they actually work when really tested by the resistance on the physical can provide.  This physical-spiritual connection is what connects us to our Earth and the natural world we are part of.  Native tribes often see our Earth as sacred and will have special connections to the land they are part of.  The physical-spiritual connection is what Astrology is based on, but the ancients that developed the traditional Astrology System that a lot of our public is drawn to, did not understand much about the Planets and Stars that they used to create it.  But, people tend to cling to the ideas of the past, even if they are not that good.  Something is better than nothing when a spiritual vacuum exists.  In ancient times they did not need to be as sophisticated spiritually as we need to be today, since we now have become so advanced in our technology and the scientific knowledge that come with it.  But, we  need a stronger connection spiritually with the physical world we now understand so much more about than in ancient times.  Cycles play a strong role in the spiritual and the movements of the very huge objects that are close to us  have to have a strong impact on the subtle and sensitive spiritual level of our being and the vital intuition that exists there and guides us.  Being well connected spiritually to the greater physical universe we are part of is what makes an effective Astrology system developed in a rational way so important.  The spiritual is not irrational.  We can not be guided by anything that is irrational spiritually and then behave in a sane and rational way in a physical world that demands it.

It takes work to become stronger and more sensitive spiritually.   Often people who claim to be really advance spiritually do not actually do the hard work to train their body to better connect to the spiritual.  The body, mind, and spirit needs to be developed through hard work.  One has to do the spiritual work to get healthier and more tuned in physically in order to get the most out of your unique potential.  It takes a lot of spiritual strength to get the most out of your unique abilities.  The spiritual is powered by our emotions, and these all need to be directed in a constructive/positive/healthy direction in order for us to get the most out of ourselves and contribute the most of what we have to this world.  So, I have developed really challenging meditative/spiritual techniques to develop the spiritual strength and sensitivity I needed to develop a new spiritual theory based Astrology System and to help others to also gain spiritually in a way to get the most out of the abilities they have.  I am very much a doer spiritually and demand results in the real world.  So everything I have developed has been done with and eye on positive results and the trial and error required to make this happen.

Here are my links to most of my spiritual stuff I have on the internet including my astrology system and meditative exercises.  Some of it is easier to understand.  My astrology system is a formula and will not be easy to understand.  I need people with interest in astrology that want to move to a more advanced system to explore it:



Training really hard in Vegas

I have been doing an awful lot of meditative walking while in Vegas the last 3 months! I do not do them slowly even with my very advanced meditative technique and tend to pass almost everyone when walking on the Vegas Strip. I get in a very serious spiritual state so am becoming very grounded in reality spiritually unlike the predominating spiritual mindsets that exist here on this Earth where zombie like humans are everywhere that just tune in spiritually to what is readily available psychically due to lots of other believers locked in to these autocratic type beliefs that tend to be accepted with out serious thought as to how well they work in the very challenging reality we exist in right now here on this Earth! The strong connection to this physical world does require one really have ones act together as the result of being programmed in really great spiritual theories that are strongly imprinted as a result of really effective meditative exercises as well as being tested by the serious/strong challenges that this Earth has so many to offer!
Besides all the walking, I do run a half mile almost every day while also doing some strength exercises with my 5 lb weights and 20 lb weights along with stretching.  My right arm(which was dislocated along with other damage), I also stretch with all my might using my good left arm!  It still can not reach above my nose, but I slowly make progress!  I am very fit as a result of all the effort I put in!

“Church of Spiritual Research and development” needed

In a world that tends to hold on too strongly to the spiritual beliefs of the past, a new approach to the spiritual is badly needed, especially when so many of it problems are rooted in the spiritual,  and in which science has advanced beyond the level of spiritual maturity required to properly deal with the problems it presents.  We need a practical type of spirituality that focuses on the world we exist in right now rather than devaluing its challenges by creating future existences that eliminate and devalue the importance of these challenges in furthering spiritual development and bringing out the most in us all spiritually.  Since the term “Religion” applies to institutions that deal with everything spiritual and is often protected to some degree from being interfered with by governmental control and interference,  we are forced to use it in order to gain the protections that come with it!  Often those who describe themselves as “spiritual” get shutout from real religious freedom because they are into psychic/spiritual abilities, astrology or certain forms of meditation.

The physical-spiritual connection is so important when it comes to bringing the spiritual more effectively into the type of realty we presently exist in.  I developed a new Spiritual Astrology System using decades of trial and error while also simultaneously improving on my meditative (spiritual training)  techniques and spiritual theories!   So I do have an extremely strong focus on spiritual research and development which was made possible by being “differently abled” as is often the case with people with the most in spiritual potential.  Here on wordpress I have so many posts dealing in more detail about myself to be explored by those who desire more details about me and my spiritual research.

I now live in Las Vegas, NV which tends to really regulate those who are different in what they are into spiritually!  Often that which is new or different scares those who have a more traditional approach!  The forces trying to maintain the spiritual status quo are often strong and can really fight against anything that challenges their spiritual mindset!  New spiritual approaches do have their risks, but not making an attempt to find ways to improve spiritually is also risky especially in the highly challenging technologically advanced world we now exist in.  Science cannot do it all, the Spiritual also plays a counterbalancing role.  Emotion and desires requires a lot spiritual maturity to be properly directed!  So many harmful addictions exist in this overly commercially focus world!  Religious freedom needs to be properly applied to those on the cutting edge spiritually.

Smug, arrogant, and clueless

A lot of people on the planet Earth buy into lock in(addictive) authoritative belief that give them a superior spiritual attitude unjustified by how well they are able to perform in the challenging reality they exist in! Human beings have the capability to take charge of their spiritual energy and to stop being passive and a victim of instinctual impulses! Not only do most Religions take a very passive spiritual approach while conceding to an authoritarian dogma not to be questioned, but Science often also tends to deny our spiritual potential to have much impact on our own spiritual destiny individually and thus have greater spiritual impact on the future of our planet! Science tends to see our biology and instinctual side as being really dominant and tend to discount the positive value spiritual will power has in transforming us. Drugs and medications tend to be over depended on and will power tends to be discounted.

It is just hard for most people on this planet to see how backward they are spiritually and the part they play in helping to keep this planet so backward spiritually! The spiritual actually operates in a very rational way, but antiquated spiritual beliefs are often based more on mythology than on how reasonable they are when it comes to helping us adjust to and perform in the challenging reality this highly advanced technological age we live in has brought about!

Human being are actually capable of behaving in a more rational in tune with realty way. Our rational mind created our advanced technology and now our rational mind needs to help us to advance a lot further in regard to our spiritual maturity and our ability to take on more responsibility spiritually for the state this world is in. We can become major spiritual actors with a lot of positive impact on the world we exist in, and become more empowered as front line spirits rather than just concede to the spiritual status quo and the inflexible authoritative energy that supports it. An all powerful God is not going to solve our problems for us, we must grow up spiritually and take on the spiritual role we are capable of! A lot of people in this world are just smug, arrogant, and clueless spiritually and are upholding a spiritual status quo that is keeping this world in such a really backward state spiritually through their unwillingness to challenge and work to improve on the spiritual beliefs/theories they have been programmed with deep within themselves!

Below this paragraph is a link to links to a lot of the huge volume of spiritual stuff I have place all over the internet over a ten year period. I developed a new astrology system not based on ancient mythology, but on rational spiritual theories and tested by how well they enable me to push the edge safely with the extremely intense spiritual/meditative training I developed and do! I have had an extreme creative spiritual focus my whole life, since I am “differently abled”(limited visual memory and finer motor skills) in a way that I am not good at anything else. My uniqueness has made my survival on this planet extremely difficult which required me to really depend on continuous spiritual growth to an extreme degree to ensure this survival as things in this world  for me became rougher an rougher over time! The shoulder dislocation and disability in my right arm only added to my challenges and spiritual demands on me. Necessity is often the mother of invention, and I am an extreme case of this being true!

Links to meditative exercises+other very important links to connect with me&my spiritual stuff

Other important links:

Here is a link to others links connecting to a huge  volumn of spiritual stuff I have on the internet:

Forced to move in order to survive and reach the right people with my advanced spiritual ideas!

Just got our eviction notice, so we(me&3 other associates)will be moving to Las Vegas the middle of June! I always live on the edge of survival although most people caught up in the normal inadequate spiritual programming of our times are clueless as to my unique situation in this world. I am a one of a kind spiritually due to my decades of efforts in this area, and will count on my spiritual uniqueness and extremely advanced spiritual capabilities I have developed through years of extremely hard creative work to make my value noticed to the right people.

I have so much spiritual stuff on the internet that just has not reached many people despite its value. We live in a world in which some people just are not in position to be heard and a certain dominating and limiting mindset prevents certain ideas from being heard! But, ! must make myself heard and go to a place where I can attract attention to myself and what I am capable of! I may have a very weak position in this world, but I feel extremely strong spiritually and will take on any spiritual challenges that come my way as I always have!

My astrology system(based on universal physical-spiritual connection) is amazingly good as a rational spiritual tool, but because it is so unique and not based on some ancient addictive type mythology, it is hard to get most people to see its value! Addictive mythology based beliefs just still dominate this world with most people being clueless as to how this is holding this world back spiritually while creating so many serious problems here that can not continue to be ignored without disastrous result in the future!

This link will connect people who are seriously interested in an effective rational reality based spirituality to an awful lot of the spiritual stuff I have  posted on the internet!  Astrogoodwin is my internet name!

New exercise I am able to now do despite injured right arm!

See previous videos on this site for more information on the shoulder dislocation and associated injuries that occurred as a result of a fall on a concrete sidewalk the night before Easter(APR 1).

Here is the video demonstrating the exercise that is replacing my previous dumbbell swing exercise!

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