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Brains are required to push oneself extremely hard spiritually

People often think that people can work extremely hard at something and get nowhere.  But, what is really true is that one can not push yourself really hard if one does not know what one is  doing.  My really challenging spiritual/meditative exercise techniques enable me to get a lot more out of myself without harming myself.  When one pushes oneself really hard it is so easy to injure oneself.  People who work hard, but do not get smarter at how they do it will reach a point where if they push harder they will be unable to stay on the fine line that is required to keep them safe.  Ones needs to program oneself as to the smartest/best ways to do things safely.  When it comes to the spiritual which is wholistic one must have a strong grip on reality and really be tuned into how the spiritual actually works in order to safely push oneself extremely hard.  One also has to understand the physical/biological mechanics of meditation well enough to figure out how to get oneself safely into a really intense emotional/spiritual state and be able to handle it well.  One needs to have the knowledge in the area of physical fitness and nutrition in order to do what it takes to become healthy enough to handle the stress that comes with dealing with really intense and the difficult emotional/spiritual  states that really intense meditative states can put you in.

All strength comes from the physical, since the physical is hard and resistant.  Really effective spiritual training will strengthen ones physical connection with the spiritual and ones grip on the hard reality that we exist in in this physical world.  My meditative walking technique and my dumbbell swing exercise with its intense meditative breathing is really good at connecting one with the really hard part of reality we exist in.  Spiritual character and backbone does not come easy and requires really effective training techniques and the spiritual theories that give one a reason to put up with how difficult/torturous they can be.  Often people who do intense physical exercise refer to it as torture, but they are often not motivated with the most serious spiritual purpose for doing their exercise routine.

Effective spiritual exercise has to be so extremely rough,  since the spiritual deals with our reality at its roughest/harshest and the trauma and emotions that result from it.    We have so many serious problems in this world and those who truly understand these problems and really want to make a positive difference here will readily want to program themselves with the type of spiritual theories that will enable them to connect with our reality at its roughest and deal with the type of torturous spiritual training that can give them the spiritual strength and awareness to become capable of contributing in a really meaningful way to transforming this planet into a more humane place to exist on.   A lot of good  knowledge trial and error is required to become smarter in how you train yourself spiritually so that you can push yourself extremely hard and do so safely.  When pushing the edge spiritually one has to balance on a really fine line and one really has to know what one is doing in order to do this!

Here is a link to my blog on meditative exercise techniques with link to my dumbbell swing exercise provided at end of it:

Too much forgiveness can harm ones ability to positively transform this world spiritually!

I forgive people, but I do not forgive the type of spiritual energy that is responsible for all the abusive/destructive behavior that happens in this world. That is why I am a spiritual pioneer working hard to improve the level of spirituality on this planet. I work hard to keep my spiritual energy really healthy and work hard to ensure that unhealthy spiritual energy either stays clear of me, or is accommodating to being transformed by me. I often do have to take on or defend myself from toxic type spiritual energy in order to ensure that the energy close to me is not working against me too much. I am use to a type of spiritual explosive energy happening around me, and because of my training I seem to get positive results despite shocking people and often needing to take a sort of protective cover shortly afterwards. Being a spiritual pioneer does have its dangers, but this world will not be easily transformed, and will not be done by the timid. It will not be easy to improve on the spiritual status quo in this world, but it can be done. But, one has to often be willing to push the edge and handle the danger associated with it in order to really positively transform things in a world that is backward and brutal spiritually. Forgiveness has its place, but to forgive and not try to transform the energy responsible for inadequate spiritual behavior is not a positive thing.

After posting this a person gave this response elsewhere: “Hi Thomas, love your work and posts. I am respectful of your view on forgiveness. I on the other hand believe their are 3 key concepts in which one must master in regards to spirtual mastery. 1. Unconditional love 2. Unconditional acceptance 3. Unconditional forgivness. God loves, accepts and forgives all of us. If we are to truly becone one with god, or enlightened, we must be able to forgive all unconditionally. Again just my opinion and of course your truth is yours and i respect that 🙂 much love brother and i love what you are doing and your leadership in spiritual practices!”

Here was my response to this: I just go with that which works in the real world which I am very strongly connected to because of the extremely rough training I do and the direct experience I have in it. I just do not automatically believe in what is widely circulating in this world psychically and thus has a strong appeal even if it is not well enough in balance with reality. I do forgive people as I clearly state in the post, but do not accept negative/destructive spiritual energy that lead to unhealthy and destructive behavior. I am very healthy physically and spiritually because of the type of spiritual energy I accept and what I do not believe meets my high spiritual standards. I want the best for people, so will not be an enabler of bad conduct and unhealthy habits. My posts need to be read carefully and not quickly dismissed. Spiritual pioneers are often rejected for what they have of value without people taking the time and effort to really understand where they are coming from. It is so easy to just cling to inadequate beliefs without taking the time to explore something new, that is outside of ones comfort zone. We can all get closer to the common truth that govern the common reality we exist in.

I added the extra above because:   I tend to be triggered by others who have differing spiritual theories/beliefs than I do. I do not like to waste anything I write that can further explain where I am coming from. I am programmed in the spiritual theories that I developed to be very effective in helping me and others at coping really well with the common reality all of us share and have impact on. I do not have a lot of other spiritual theories strongly programmed into me, since they would counteract and harm the effectiveness of my own spiritual theories. I do have an intuitive connection to a lot of spiritual theories/beliefs that are out there in the world, but do not have them taking up the important space in my subconscious needed by my own really effective guiding spiritual beliefs. Deep within oneself spiritually is only room for certain core beliefs, and one has to make sure they are the really effective ones. One does not need to be an expert in all spiritual/ religious beliefs/theories that are out there in this world in order to become really advanced in the spiritual area. One actually functions best spiritually when you only retain the best spiritual theories and the reasons why they work better than the others that compete with them for effectiveness in this challenging world we exist in.

Here is a link to my meditative walking blog post, that includes all sorts of other really effective meditative/spiritual training techniques:

Meditative Walking: developing a stronger spiritual connection with the physical


Warning:  It takes a lot of time(years)to develop the ability to handle this spiritual-physical exercise in its most intense form.  The body needs to be given time to adjust as to frequency, duration, and intensity of any intense type exercise including this meditative type.  One should consult a medical doctor if you have any conditions that could make this exercise unsafe in any way.  This should be done at your own risk.  The spiritual has a really inner individual focus,  unlike science, and one has the accept responsibility for ones own actions and ones ability to sense intuitively what will work best for you.  Crisis always entails risk, and all effective spiritual exercise trains one to handle life at its most intense, so their will be risks, and one needs to do ones best to be vigilant so as to avoid serious trouble even when faces really tough challenges.

All meditation…

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Anxiety and depression can be helped by really effective spiritual-physical training

One can train oneself spiritually to be able to deal with high levels of anxiety! I like to feel anxiety before I face a challenging public appearance , I just meditate the anxiety away and I find this prepares me to do well in relating to new people and to the public. I can handle a really rough state of consciousness without it making me depressed due to my really challenging spiritual-physical training. Of course one has to have guiding spiritual theories that help one to be able to handle a lot and still stay positive. One can train the body to handle really rough body chemistry and rough brain states. The field of psychology deal very much in the area of the spiritual and people in that field would do well to do some serious spiritual training. I have many blog posts on this site dealing with spiritual(meditative)-physical training! This type of training may not be able to help everyone, but may be helpful to a lot of people in conjunction with appropriate professional mental health treatment.

Here is a link to a very effective spiritual-physical exercise I developed:

Meditation/Meditative Walking/Running: developing a stronger spiritual connection with the physical

Warning:  It takes a lot of time(years)to develop the ability to handle this spiritual-physical exercise in its most intense form.  The body needs to be given time to adjust as to frequency, duration, and intensity of any intense type exercise including this meditative type.  One should consult a medical doctor if you have any conditions that could make this exercise unsafe in any way.  This should be done at your own risk.  The spiritual has a really inner individual focus,  unlike science, and one has the accept responsibility for ones own actions and ones ability to sense intuitively what will work best for you.  Crisis always entails risk, and all effective spiritual exercise trains one to handle life at its most intense, so their will be risks, and one needs to do ones best to be vigilant so as to avoid serious trouble even when faces really tough challenges.  FEEL FREE TO SIMPLIFY OR BE CREATIVE WHEN USING THESE MEDITATIVE EXERCISE TECHNIQUES SO AS TO MAKE THEM MORE READILY FIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS!

What is a meditative walk?  A meditative walk is a walk done with a breathing technique and rhythm that puts one into a meditative state. It involves short steps and rapid breathing and rhythmic movements. Controlled hyperventilation is what puts one into an altered meditative state. One has to get the body use to this state in order to handle it safely and gain the benefits of it, similar to other exercises. Some of the upper body movements are geared to simulating the brain and increasing the blood flow to it so that one can do this exercise in a very low energy fatigued state. Being able to handle a really low energy(survival) state really well helps one to become really strong and sensitive spiritually. Ones stationary meditation practices will get better as a result of doing this meditative walk, so that one can really quiet the mind and better tune into psychically to the energy around you. While doing the meditative walk, I do sense a lot psychically about the environment I am moving through, and do sort of snake through the neighborhood avoiding and energy that feels unsafe, crossing the street and changing course to avoid any thing that gives me an uneasy feeling. Sometimes avoiding dogs and wild parties is involved.

All meditation involves a degree of over-breathing(controlled hyperventilation)which removes extra carbon dioxide in the form of carbonic acid from the blood making the blood more alkaline which I believe adds to the relaxation affect that meditation has.  Different types of breathing tend to come with different emotional states.  Rapid short breaths often result when one is in a really intense emotional/spiritual state.  Spiritual training helps one to handle spiritual/emotional states that are difficult to handle and tend to put a lot of stress on the body.  In order to be able to handle very challenging physical-spiritual states,  one has to condition the body through a training program that involves effort over a long period of time.  When one does anything that the body has not conditioned to handle, it will be unsafe to do.  The medical profession does not tend to see hyperventilation as positive, since they deal with people who are not trained to handle it and tend to have a one size fits all scientific approach, that tends to ignore the importance of the type of inner individual focused spiritual approach that physical-spiritual exercises entail.

I have two breathing techniques I use with my meditative walking training program.  One which is less intense involving breathing in with one step(or forward arm movement) and out with the next.  And another that is more intense that involves breathing in and out with each step(or forward arm movement.  The more rapidly one breaths the shallower the breathing will tend to be.  The diaphragm has to be trained over a long period of time to be able to handle the more rapid movements that are involved in more rapid meditative breathing techniques.  The focus of my type of meditative walking is very much upper body, with the arm and shoulder movements and sideward movement of the waist, sort of powering the legs to move.  This exercise tries to limit the workload on the legs, and shift it very much to the upper body, which helps get more blood flow to the brain enabling one to do this meditative exercise when in a fatigued state in which one would not be able to normally function in.  The sort of exaggerated shoulder movements used in this exercise also help more blood flow get to the brain by sort of massaging the neck.  The rapid breathing I believe does affect one neurologically which also tends to stimulate the brain.

As one improves ones techniques one will tend to move slower as to forward progress and take quick shorter steps which will of course increase the rapidity of ones breathing(especially if breathing in and out with each step).  One can lean forward a little bit while focusing on landing on your toes first then heals and do more of a side to side motion which will help one take shorter somewhat quicker steps(using a sort of kicking motion) that can be done while in quite a deep fatiguing meditative state.  I find doing a sort of kneading action with the legs helps intensify the meditative state!   Closing the eyes for short periods of time(when safe to do)will help one to focus inwardly so that one can more effectively use the meditative state produced by this exercise to help one deal effectively with the emotions(psychological state)that the intensity of the meditative state produced tends to make one more aware of.  Any intensely effective meditative exercise will enable one to become more comfortable with and better able to handle more intense emotional/psychological states.  When doing meditative walking really intensely one can get ocular headaches that closing the eyes tightly for period of time can help you get rid of.  Keeping ones eyes open too long when in a meditative(somewhat similar to sleep) state can strain the eyes.  If one gets cramps or other painful physical symptoms, one needs to slow down and lessen the intensity of the exercise or focus more on the upper body movements that make it effectively work.  If your lower back hurts(from the tension created) you may need to stop and stretch periodically and be slower and more careful!  In time one will become more in tune with your body and become better able to know what will safely work for you, and what will cause you problems.  The object is not to hurt oneself, but to get healthier physically and spiritually.  I do now use a standing in place meditative movement exercise using the very same technique as the meditative walk, but with the feet staying planted in place.

One has to pay attention to your foot placement when doing meditative walking so that you can maintain good balance in an altered meditative state, the side to side movement of this exercise should help ones balance along with keeping ones feet far enough apart to increase stability.  One needs to pick a route that one is familiar with and is pretty safe especially when one is just beginning this exercise.  One can stop at anytime when faced with any possible dangers or obstacles.  When one becomes good at this exercise, one will be able to sort of snake through the territory one is walking through in a way to avoid any possible dangers or obstacles.  One will draw spiritual energy from the earth as one does this exercise which gives one more spiritual strength to be able to handle more and more challenging spiritual/emotional/psychological states as one improves at this meditative walking technique.

Please read the updates that follow, since my meditative techniques continue to evolve!

2/2/17 I also now started running again and am doing a 3/4 of a mile run(after over a year off) using the breathing in with one step and out with the next!  This breathing is a little more than normally required making the run more meditative in nature.  This helps me to get more out of myself spiritually so as to further intensify this exercise when doing it alone!  When exercising in a group I can feed off the spiritual energy of the group and require less of my own spiritual motivation to drive me!  Aerobic exercise like running or my dumbbell swing exercise increases circulation which helps the nerves to handle more.  Meditative walking does help exercise the nervous system and make it stronger.  Dealing with intense spiritual/emotional/traumatic situations does create stress which takes a strong nervous system to be able to handle well!

8/13/17:  Lately when doing my meditative walk, I close my eyes tightly with 3 steps and open them with the fourth when I can and still be alert to cars, dogs, obstacles etc.  I focus mainly on my back of my neck(an important brain-body connection point close to the reptilian part of the brain that it is so important to gain spiritual control of)and how my vigorous shoulder action in rhythm with my walking motion massages it.  The closing of the eyes tightly also create another focus on the third eye or spiritual center of the brain.  My movement does have a certain amount of side to side motion with its short somewhat quick steps which helps stimulate the connection between the right and left sides of the brain.  My lower back tends to get a lot of tension also because of the intensity and precision of the movements so I must stretch my back periodically to relieve some of this tension.  I do continue to breath in and out with each step!  When pushing the edge spiritually you need a lot of body awareness to ensure you do not  hurt yourself in a way that would put you out of action!  You can always stop doing the meditative walk at any time to prevent hurting yourself and just do a really safe easy walk or even stop and rest a while!

8/20/17:  This is how I now do my intense meditative morning 3/4 of a mile run routine 4 days a week! I do dynamic stretching before and after and brief running warm up before. I now run breathing in and out with each step using short quick steps and rapid arm movement! After really pushing my meditative walking to clear out some really deep emotions in me, I found I had to run this way to avoid certain pains in my feet from occurring. I focus on massaging my neck with my shoulder movements and on the reptilian part of the brain which can cause problems if not gotten under good control spiritually! I tired out quite a bit at the end. I feel I must exercise really intensely daily to protect my energy since it is so different spiritually as a result of its programming. My spiritual survival depends on me being able to handle the physical stress created by extreme spiritual/emotional states.

Please read the updates that follow, since my meditative techniques continue to evolve!

10/2/17: I have started focusing on the top of my head while using the same meditative technique as I mentioned on my 8/13/17 update above!  It seemed to give me more energy, but make me a little woozy especially when done at night!  It may be a technique that requires a lot of more basic meditative walking training first so that one has the really good balance and careful foot movement required!

11/4/17:  I am now breathing through my mouth a lot while doing my meditative walk while opening and closing my mouth(without closing completely)with each step in a way that tightens my jaw muscles when breathing out!  Not easy to explain!  Focus on 4 steps at a time(per cycle) and keeping my eyes close most of each cycle!  Try to put a lot of intensity in each cycle and push hard enough that my mind shuts down as my focus goes completely into technique with its short rapid steps and side to side movement with the legs apart enough to provide more stability! The elbows and shoulder movement helps create the side to side motion that helps make the steps stay close to ground so that the steps will become more rapid.  The legs tend to be rather stiff and a little bit of a forward leans of the body helps!

11/4/17:  My meditative run that I now do 3 days a week and is now 1/2 mile long with shorter rapid steps.  It is getting more meditative which makes it harder to do!

3/12/18:  I am adding more cat like movement in my meditative walking using crouching type movement which I do with waves of deep crouching followed by more upright movement to rest, since intense crouch type movement is so rough on the body that it can not be done continuously!  It does put one into a super vigilant type state ready to handle any emergency that may comes ones way!  Meditative walks of the type of intensity I do tend to affect the energies around me and I have to be in a state to protect myself from what I set off!  Often dogs and people stay clear of me when my intensity is extremely strong.  But, I can really scare aggressive dogs off by growling at them intensely and can shock or inform people about me with my intense verbal interactions with them!

5/26/18 Doing a meditation of a different type after my more intense early morning meditation where instead of breathing in and out with each step, I breath in with 2 steps and out with the next 2 with cat-like movement with focus on really breathing deeply and being in a quite really vigilant aware state.  Careful exacting type movement that is ready for whatever crazy spiritual energy or encounters may occur during the walk!  May need to scar dogs off with intense vocalizations.  Loud and intensely passionate verbalization can transform the spiritual energy around you when encountering obstructive spiritual energy which when found in dogs will just represent the human spirits that they are strongly bonded with!  Human spirits are responsible for the type of spiritual energy they send out that has a very strong impact on they world around them and whatever influence they have on other other humans or animals spiritually! Objects and locations can have certain spiritual energy attached to them based on what spirits are close to or attached to them.  Traumatic events can spiritually imprint/influence certain locations!

One can use similar technique while doing a meditation lying down on ones back using similar shoulder movements and even legs movements to some degree.  One can move ones feet and hands/fingers a little bit also when doing this in order to gain more of a wholistic connection to the body.  One can even do some hand/finger movements when doing the meditative walk.  I find tensing the stomach muscle as though attempting to do a crunch(but without any actual body movement occurring) when breathing in can create tension that help one the breath more intensely and thus increase the effectiveness of this lying down exercise.  When doing a sitting meditation similar techniques can be used, but one may need to do a little back and forth movement of the body  above the waist in order to create tension in the stomach muscles in a similar way as I mentioned above in regard to the lying down meditation.  Also in both lying down and sitting meditation, it can be helpful to close ones eyes extra tightly when breathing in so as to help prevent or alleviate ocular headaches. One can close ones eyes or not when breathing out depending on what ones finds works best for you!  One can do various arm movements with sitting and lying down meditation for short periods of time in order to intensify the meditative state.  When the body gets more relaxed you will not be able to do as much body movement, but that is fine as you will then be in a very comfortable meditative state or may sometimes go into a dream sleep state and connect with the spiritual realm.  Dreaming is a very important spiritual state which is very much affected by how good your spiritual programming tunes you in!

IMPORTANT;  You can do even more intense meditative exercises and avoid ocular head aches by squeezing the eyes really tightly shut when exhaling the air forcefully out:  sort of squeezing forcefully what ever emotions out of ones body.  One does not have to keep the eyes continuously shut and can do this while walking and running while opening the eyes enough to proceed safely!  One will get better at this with practice as practice is what makes one really good at anything provided one uses good techniques so that one does not injure oneself.  Pain needs to be paid attention to and one may need to increase one shoulder movements and slow down a little or stop at times until one figures out how to keep from having any pain of the type that can injure oneself.  Recovery time is important!  It can takes decades of practice to become really good at pushing ones limits to the extreme and have developed the intuition and skill at making adjustments required to safely get away with it.  I been doing this most of my life and I am 65 years old!

Here is a YouTube video I did to demonstrate meditative walking:

Here is a link to another extremely effective form of spiritual-physical training/exercise:

After my accident/fall and dislocation and other damage to my right arm, this is the new exercise I do with about 13 breaths in and out with each individual exercise!  Doing these non-stop for about 2&half minutes as of 6/8/18!

Here is a bunch of links that can connect you with a whole bunch of my spiritual stuff:





The importance of being grounded in this “insane” world

So many spiritual beliefs(theories)that dominate on this planet tend to tune people out quite a bit spiritually from the very challenging physical reality all that are reading this are a vital part of.  We are incarnated in a physical reality that can really test how well our spiritual beliefs/theories really work.  So many spiritual beliefs/theories tend to sort of slander this physical reality or discredit its value and prefer fantasy type beliefs that envision a better type reality that is easier to handle as an afterlife/existence.  People often have spiritual beliefs or theories that distract or remove their focus away from the important challenges that this world offers us as a means to help us grow further spiritually and give us a serious purpose to help us get the most out of what positive value we can develop and contribute to making this world a better place to exist in.

Delusional spiritual beliefs  can be intoxicating like an addictive drug that puts one into a “feel good” state that has not been earned by doing the hard work in order to make one really healthy spiritually and physically and capable of contributing something of real value to a world full of so many serious problems that are not being properly addressed.  Permissiveness, over indulgence, and the desire for  instant gratification tends to weaken people spiritually and make them less responsible and disciplined and unable to carry a reasonable amount of the burden of transforming this world into a place we can really  be proud to be part of.  So many people desire to escape from this world spiritually rather than directly face their responsibilities to do their part to address the really messed up conditions that exist here that are rooted in the spiritual.

We can not adequately address the serious problems that exist on this planet if we can not handle the emotions and pain connected with them.  The truth is often quite painful, but the pain is worth the price of gaining the spiritual strength that enables one to handle more of the truth and thus enable one to be able to be a lot more constructive at finding and implementing solutions to serious problems existing here on this Earth.  The stronger and more aware one is spiritually the more one can handle the painful/challenging side of life.  Pain can really test how grounded one is spiritually.  The spiritual is powered by emotions, and the people who are the most effective are the ones who can not only handle really intense and difficult emotions, but channel these emotions to make really positive things happen in this world.  When one can really feel the emotions related to a extremely difficult situation or serious problem, one can do a lot spiritually to transform the situation.  Meditating on difficult emotions enables one to not only transform these emotions in a positive way, but impact the source of these emotions in a positive way.  Prayer/meditation can be used to help people in trouble provided one has a good spiritual connection with them and what their challenges are.  But, one can only help people who desire that help and are open to improving on the inadequate spiritual beliefs/theories that contributed to their problems.

One can train oneself to become able to handle really intense spiritual-spiritual states.  Challenging spiritual/emotional states always have an impact on oneself physically due to the stress involved.  Intense physical exercise when combined with intense meditative breathing techniques can condition oneself spiritually and physically to be able to handle extremely difficult(torturous)spiritual states.  People who exercise hard often refer to their exercise sessions as torture.  I have blog posts on the dumbbell swing exercise I do for 6 nonstop minutes that I developed in order to help me handle the most intense and difficult emotional/spiritual states possible without adversely affecting my health!  When one becomes really strong and grounded spiritually it becomes a lot easier to resist harmful temptations and to do what is healthy in ones life when it comes to diet and exercise.  One can develop the ability/intuition to find the diet and nutritional supplements that help you to handle pushing yourself extremely hard physically and spiritually.   One can develop the spiritual theories and mindset that can help one to handle extreme spiritual and physical states and still be able to sense intuitively what one can safely get away with.  One has to be able to become very vigilant(aware) and careful when one is pushing the edge an awful lot spiritually and physically.

Also required in order to handle this challenging physical world we are such a vital part of is the ability to function spiritually in a very low energy state.  In a low energy state the spirit becomes a lot more sensitive and aware spiritually.  In order to have a great deal of spiritual control over oneself, one needs to be able to adjust ones energy to the requirements of the situation you find yourself in.  Also when you push yourself very hard doing things that require a lot of energy one needs to be able to rest and recover which is best done spiritually in a love energy state.  Healing from an illness often requires that one not eat much and lower ones blood sugar quite a bit. In times of crisis one often needs to go from high energy state to low energy state quickly based on the situation.  Sometimes it is best to sort of disappear from the scene and let others take over while you recover and evaluate what you need to do next while in a very aware/sensitive low energy spiritual state .  I use slow intense meditative walking with short quick steps, shoulder movement and rapid breathing to enhance my ability to function in a low energy state spiritually.  I find meditative walking help my stationary type meditation work so much better.  I have blog posts on this site dealing with all forms of meditation.  Here is a link to one of them:

I have developed spiritual theories and techniques through a really intense spiritual focus over a lifetime especially over the last 30 years.  I am almost 65 years old, so it has taken me a lot of time to get where I am at now.  My spiritual theories and techniques have helped me develop an astrology system that has a great deal of spiritual understanding represented in its formulation!

Humor is no replacement for effective meditative techniques in helping one to better cope spiritually/emotionally

I should point out at the beginning of this post that I developed my own very intense meditative techniques to help me spiritually handle life at its roughest. So, I am very familiar with this subject personally.  I depend on my type of meditative walking and a meditative type 2 handed 20lb modified (barbarian)dumbbell swing to help me handle what life deals my way.  I have not taken any pain killers of any kind in over 30 years.

There are various forms of escapism(including humor) available to distract one from the tension and challenges of life and the pain that often comes with them.  But these forms of escapism may have some health benefits over the short term provided they are not in the form of some destructive type of addiction.    People often use humor as a means to help them cope emotionally/spiritually from the pain and stress this world provides plenty of.  Humor can tend to lighten ones mood, and give one temporary relief.  But, humor or any form of escapism will not work when one is facing really intense pain.  The more pain one feels the more sober one needs to be in order to cope with it spiritually.  A lot of people have never felt the most intense forms of pain or dealt with the harshest conditions this world has to offer.  A lot of people actively tune out spiritually from the really harsh/painful conditions that exist in this world and the problems that come with them.  We live in a world in which painkilling medications are used frequently and that a lot of people are addicted to them.

The difference between methods that use escapism to avoid pain and using effective meditative techniques, is that effective meditative techniques increase ones ability to cope with even more pain by increasing ones spiritual/emotional strength and awareness.  Also as one tunes in better to the pain one is feeling one becomes better at reading ones body and at figuring out what diet and exercise program will best work for you.  Facing the pain and conditioning oneself to handle it better helps one tune into reality better and the serious often extremely painful problems that exist in this world.  We can not effectively deal with the serious problems that exist in this world without being able to cope with the pain that is associated with them.  A lot of the problems in this world are the result of people not being able to direct their emotions and desires in a positive direction.  Sexual and other forms of abuse happen way too much in this world.  Violence is also very prevalent in this world on both the personal and collective level.   Humor and other forms of escapism do not help us to get better at handle these painful situations that exist in this world, but effective meditative techniques can.  Often people who depend of escapism of different forms to help them cope with emotional pain within themselves will face circumstances where this form of escapism does not work as in a crisis requiring immediate response.  In times of crisis ones spiritual/emotional weakness tend to be exposed and can result in destructive behavior or health problems due to the stress involved.   Effective meditative techniques help one to gain the spiritual/physical strength and awareness required to handle really intense emotions well along with the stress and pain that so often are part of life.

My focus is very much into transforming this world into a much better  place to exist in.  For this to happen individuals have to first work on transforming themselves.  Advanced spiritual theories and meditative techniques geared toward helping people to better cope spiritually with the often painful reality we exist in are required if we are to more effectively handle the serious problems that exist in this world.  Science does not have all the answers, since the spiritual plays a really important role in the challenging physical reality we exist in.  I have blog posts that explain the type of meditative techniques I use which can be found by clicking on”meditation” below this post.  Here is a link to my very effective meditative walking blog post:

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