I was born with certain abilities and disabilities(neurological-poor finer motor skills, limited visual memory-abilities to keep track of that many things, and limited long term memory)that made me unique and to being very capable in the spiritual area in a non-traditional creative way.  I have developed my own astrology system, my own meditative/mind-body techniques/exercises,  and my own spiritual beliefs which have helped me advance spiritually in this world and given me a sense of mission/purpose to keep me motivated to survive in a world that is often not very friendly to those who do not fit in easily.  I have depended a lot on the spiritual to survive in this world with my life being pretty much constant crisis, and me spending a lot of time doing my own type of “crisis training” spiritually so as to be able to handle the future better.  I have also done an awful lot of dream interpretation(a lot of which can be found at Yahoo! Answers!), and believe that dreams are a window into the spiritual and the spirit world.  You can find links to my other web sites through clicking the link made visible through moving the mouse pointer over my picture.

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  1. Pamela

     /  February 4, 2015

    I thought this was very informative. who knew you could be born with this disorder. The meditative walking sounds pleasurable, I think I will try 5 steps open and 2 steps shut 😄thank you


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