Response to: Brain surgeon’s near death experience convinced him that heaven exists????

People can easily misinterpret what they experience spiritually especially if they have little experience in this area. This experience does not validate any particular spiritual theories. It can be explained differently than he explained it. The importance of the physical-spiritual connection is not diminished, by dying. His brain did not die, since it retained his previous programming after he recovered. We really do not know a lot of how well the brain can function in a low energy or altered spiritual state. Near death experiences are similar to dreams as the subconscious mind(based on its spiritual programming) does attempt to interpret as best it can what is happening when in a state more connected to the spiritual.

One never gets a perfect connection to the spiritual, and must work to improve the one one has along with the spiritual theories one uses to guide oneself spiritually. One doesn’t lose ones spiritual programming when one dies, but retains it in the state it was in at the end of ones life. Often one is programmed while young into a certain spiritual ideology and then ignores that programming. Everyone requires some sort of spiritual programming. In near death experiences our spiritual programming will determine what one envisions is happening to us spiritually. We do not advance in our spiritual awareness or understanding without doing the required work. It is true that spiritual theories and ideologies exist in a psychic form on this Earth supported by the believers in them. When one dies one will be able to retain ones spiritual mindset by connecting psychically with it and some incarnated kindred spirits that support that mindset psychically. Reality-focused spiritual training is important in order to advance further spiritually. One is not just going to automatically advance further spiritually when one dies or come into the next life further advanced spiritually than you left the last life. If one does not do the required spiritual training and deep thinking one will not gain more understanding and competence spiritually.

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