Pushing the edge in a way that I do not at all envision anyone else doing!

I have really been pushing the edge extremely intensely lately as a spiritual pioneer in a backward world must. I know an awful lot of people are not capable of understanding someone like me very well. I just focus on those that are capable of appreciating my efforts to some degree. So many people are addicted to spiritual beliefs that limit their ability to get more out of themselves and to understand that some people get a lot more out of themselves spiritually than they do. We need to respect those who are specialists who excel in really limited and focused areas. I get along well with people who are really specialized and are willing to pay the price to become really good at something. The spiritual is just another field of study that one can achieve a lot in provided one does the work. I do not see the spiritual field as any more important than any other field required to make our world function well. We all are unique and can excel in some area that is important to this world. I just happen to have my abilities limited in a way that I can only do well in exploring new territory in the spiritual area. I focus on a practical type spirituality that work well in the challenging physical world we all(reading this)exist in right now here on this Earth!



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