Communication with the dead

I believe this happens often in ones dreams especially soon after a loved one has died. Communication of the spirit to spirit type is not perfect since it relies on telepathy(psychic ability) to work. A translation has to be done by the subconscious mind which will translate with the accuracy that it has programmed into it. Psychic ability is never perfect, but varies with good training and programming. I did connect with my brother in a dream immediately after his accidental death in which he express his feelings about what happened to him. Feelings count a lot on the spiritual level. I did have further communications with him in which I remember reminding him that he was dead. I also did connect with my mother after her death at age 93. She had dementia before she died, but I remember telling her while dreaming that I was glad that her mind was back to normal. When some one dies, I believe their spirit loses the burdens imposed by a poorly functioning body, so it did not surprise me that her mental capabilities came back not long after she died. I am a spiritual pioneer, so I do not automatically accept that which is popularly accepted by a lot of people about the spiritual. I believe we are still in the dark ages as to our understanding of the spiritual as the poor spiritual state this world is in right now demonstrates.

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  1. Very informative post! My mother has passed away 5 years ago Dec 23. Every time around this year, I’ll see her in my dreams and she always tell me she’s okay and to stop worrying. That dream was two years ago and I haven’t had one since I stopped worrying. Thanks for sharing!


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