Indigo “spiritually gifted” children and getting the most out of oneself spiritually

There are a lot of reasons including nutrition, stress, and modern medicine keeping more people alive that in the past would not have survived, that lead to more births resulting in learning disabilities(differing learning styles) and unique psychological challenges, that when overcome or adjusted well to can result in special abilities being developed, that sometimes can be very spiritual in nature. With any challenge comes opportunity, provided one is willing to do the hard spiritual work to overcome the adversity that comes with being born with such unique challenges.

Indigo children are said to be born with special spiritual gifts. Indigo children are said by some sources to have a strong right brain emphasis with a tendency to have ADD or ADHD. Some sources say that almost everyone born recently in the west is an Indigo. We live in a world that is so backward spiritually and in which it is hard for anyone to readily find a way to get the most out of themselves spiritually so as to maximize what potential they are born with. Emotion powers the spiritual, so those who want to maximize their spiritual development must do what it takes to become good at handling hard and difficult emotions well so that they can utilize them to motivate themselves to overcome what strong spiritual/emotional obstacles that come in their way. Learning patience and the ability to put up with very challenging conditions helps one to develop spiritual character. Often has to do ones best to deal with the conditions life hands one and make the most of what limited circumstances that one currently finds oneself in. Being overly rebellious can handicap ones ability to get the most out of the situations life presents one with. Too much permissiveness and a desire for instant gratification can handicap one ability to handle the really tough challenges of life and the opportunities these challenges present one with.

Great achievements require overcoming a lot of obstacles and putting in the required effort to deserve the results. One is not automatically entitled to a certain result, but must pay ones dues so to speak. A reasonable respect for authority and those who have achieved success in this world is important to have if one is to become successful oneself in this world. Spiritual success is not at all easy to achieve. Too much of a focus on creature comforts and materialism tends to dull ones spiritual sensitivity and weaken ones character. Really spiritually developed people master their emotions and desires and are able to live very ascetic, stoic existences and experience a feeling of great well being due to how they are able to contribute to others with their spiritual gifts. It is so important to get ones pleasure and purpose in life from contributing what one has to offer to making this world a better place to exist in.

Different people have different abilities and not all need to specialize in the spiritual, although all does well to keep in good enough shape spiritually to get the most out of what potential they have in what ever important field they best can contribute to. The spiritual is but one field of many that one can excel in. It is important that people focusing in the spiritual field do not develop an “ego” that makes them feel superior to those who focus on other fields important to helping this physical world we exist in function well!

Here is a link to my very effective meditative walking exercise:

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