The value of the internet in helping really unique people connect with similar people worldwide.

Some people get cut off from meaningful relationships with others due to circumstances and the internet can help them to connect with like minded people. It is best to connect with people directly, but one has to make the best of what resources one has available to connect with others in as meaningful a way as possible. I am connected with good people on the internet, and the direct “in person” connections I now have all started with one connection that was an internet connect for over 5 years first. When you are as unique as me, the internet can be so useful.

One can really find very unique and special people on the internet that share similar interests. One has the whole world available on the internet and sometimes one can find special rare people there due to its large selection, and the special sites that can bring together people who share special interests, and have developed special and very unique gifts in themselves and desire people to help them to develop them further, and to help you to do so in return.

I plan to get a website open with live streaming so that I can reach people from all over the world more directly using the internet as the valuable communication/interactive tool it is. I feel a lot of my spiritual theories and techniques will find a lot of receptivity in places far removed from my present location. We have a media that does not provide access to those that have a mindset that differs too much from theirs. The internet helps those who are really unique to be able to bypass the traditional and limited mass media that so dominates our world and enforces and maintains a certain conformity of mindset.

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