Passion powers the spiritual and needs to be effectively directed

Where your passion is directed tell a lot about where you are at spiritually. Emotions/passion powers the spiritual. People often are not that willing to blame the predominating and inadequate spiritual beliefs/theories of the times for the messed up state this world is in. They often would rather put their valuable spiritual passion into polarizing politics or wild conspiracy theories. There are many ways to avoid dealing directly with the spiritual roots of the problem in a world in which delusional spiritual energy and beliefs/theories dominates. Of course a lot of passion can be eaten up or dulled by indulging in various excesses in creature comforts and desires or going into some insulating escapist spiritual state.. Obtaining more of the truth can be extremely hard to handle especially by those who are weak due to overindulging themselves.

My really stoic spiritual training approach helps me to be able to get a stronger grip on what is true spiritually. It takes really hard work to transform the state this world is in with all of its serious problems and it all starts on the extremely important spiritual level which underlies and thus greatly impacts all of the reality we exist in. It is about time we develop the spiritual/emotional maturity to direct our passions and desires in a way that counts. We can only do this if we have really good spiritual theories programmed inside us and do the type of spiritual training that enables us to effectively utilize this programming.

I have many blog posts on this site dealing with what I have come up with spiritually as a result of a lifetime with an extremely serious focus in this area. People often dismiss those who are willing to go up against the spiritual status quo on a planet that tends to be attracted to autocratic type spiritual beliefs that are not open to being really seriously questioned and tested as to their effectiveness in transforming the spiritual state this world is in. The spiritual underlies all of the reality we exist in, and any changes we make to this underlying spiritual level in ourselves or in the collective consciousness of this planet will directly impact what is happening on the physical level. We can not tackle the serious problems that exist on this planet unless we develop the spiritual strength(will) and awareness required to do it.  Here s my very valuable blog post on meditative walking:

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