My latest adjustments to my strict spiritually ascetic type diet

I have been on a very strict healthy diet for some time in order to maximize my spiritual capabilities. I tightened it up again recently in the area of calorie restriction(eating less in my 8 “around the clock” small meals a day and making sure I get good and hungry before I add more to my next meal). I push myself really hard physically and spiritually, so only a really effective and healthy diet will work well for my needs. I am 65 years old and quite lean as a lot of people who practice calorie restriction(for health purposes)are(5’10” 128lbs).

I do trust my well trained intuition to guide me over a lot of the nutritional/dietary advice that is currently popular or supported by so called “experts” at this time. I do read from a lot of sources about nutrition, but trust my intuition to figure out what sources to pay attention to and utilize along with my own ideas as to what would work best for my needs. I have been really good at not requiring the healthcare industry much in my life and when I have I learned more of how much I must rely on myself to keep myself really healthy physically and spiritually.

This is the diet that works for me. I eat oatmeal with each meal and usually put some canned spinach in it with a tiny bit of salt. I usually have a raw tomato with one of my meals. With my 6:15 meal I take a multivitamin-mineral tablet along with a 500 milligrams C tablet and a B-complex vitamin tablet. With my noon and midnight meal, I take a calcium-magnesium-zinc(1/3 daily value each) and a 500 milligrams vitamin C tablet. With my 6PM meal I take a 500 milligrams vitamin C tablet along with a B-complex vitamin tablet. I usually eat my oatmeal with out any vegetables during my midnight and 3AM meals. This is the diet I developed my really intense and effective meditative techniques, and my really advanced astrology system while on.

28Jul17:  My current diet now has 5 calorie restricted meals similar in content.  I eat a meal at around 3AM with lite salt(contains sodium and potassium), then at 8AM with muti-vitamin-mineral tablet along with 500 milligrams vitamin C and a B complex vitamin tablet, then at Noon with a calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet(1/3 daily values each) and a 500 milligram vitamin C tablet,  then at 5PM with a B complex tablet and a 500 milligram vitamin C tablet,  and at 10PM with calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet(1/3 daily value each) and a 500 milligram vitamin C tablet.

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