Misinformation and conspiracy theories and not enough truth

There is so much misinformation available on the internet, and not enough effort made to debunk it.  Conspiracy theories that appear like they are based on a lot of hard facts are everywhere.  People have to realize the truth is complicated and can be easily spun and manipulated to support the extreme views of people who do not have a solid spiritual grip on reality.   We do live in a world where people are constantly spinning the facts to fit their world view or support the position they have a personal bias for.   One of the reasons we have so many believers in conspiracy theories is because we do not do that well at presenting really accurate factual information about what is really happening in this country.  The media is partially to blame, since it tends to often be biased toward one side or the other, rather than representing things from an objective well research position.

We have a lot of spiritual permissiveness in this world where people are willing to let their imagination go wild and not do the work required to find out what is really reasonable/rational  to believe in.  Everything in this reality is underlied by the spiritual.  Ones ability to see things clearly, and to be intuitively drawn to  more reliable sources  depends an awful lot on how strong a spiritual grip one has on reality.  We live in a world with its predominating spiritual beliefs/theories  do not align us that well with reality and which results in the messed up spiritual state this world is.  Until we advance further in our spiritual theories and training techniques we will continue to not do well at doing the required research to produce reliable sources of information about the nature of the society we are part of and the serious problems that exist in it.

I am not going to reach people who put too much of their spiritual energy into supporting wild conspiracy theories. I avoid overly polarized views of what is happening in this world. It takes hard spiritual training to develop the intuition required to figure out how people in power tend to think and act. It is easy to project the worst motives or overly simplistic motives onto people. It is easy for a lot of people to create or buy into delusional presentations about what is actually happening in this world. There are lot of sources that appear to present the truth. One can develop ones intuition so as to better figure out what presentation represent best how things really tend to happen in this world.

I have a lot of blog posts on this site related to spiritual theories and techniques that interface well with the challenging physical reality we exist in.  Here is a link to my meditative walking blog post:    https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/meditative-walking-developing-a-stronger-spiritual-connection-with-the-physical/

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