Fundamentalists and ideologues can really be insensitive to a spiritual pioneer like me

I have trouble with extreme ideologues of all kinds. They invest too much of their passion into an imbalanced perspective(that does not interface with reality well) that is blind to all that do not agree with them. I have run into problems from people from the extreme right and left. Passion/emotion is what powers the spiritual, and I find people who have their passion lock in too much to extremely one-sided viewpoints are not very open to someone like me who directs his passion to an extreme degree into the spiritual in a way that is practical and balanced(reality based). A lot can be done to improve the conditions that exist in this country, but it has to start with people improving their guiding spiritual theories so that they are able to really train themselves to be really effective using really good and intense spiritual-meditative training techniques. I deal with people as individuals and am not quick to demonize people, I am use to people demonizing me because I dare to go up against the spiritual status quo, that so many people blindly follow often without realizing that they are!

Here is a link to my very important meditative walking blog post:

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