Anxiety and depression can be helped by really effective spiritual-physical training

One can train oneself spiritually to be able to deal with high levels of anxiety! I like to feel anxiety before I face a challenging public appearance , I just meditate the anxiety away and I find this prepares me to do well in relating to new people and to the public. I can handle a really rough state of consciousness without it making me depressed due to my really challenging spiritual-physical training. Of course one has to have guiding spiritual theories that help one to be able to handle a lot and still stay positive. One can train the body to handle really rough body chemistry and rough brain states. The field of psychology deal very much in the area of the spiritual and people in that field would do well to do some serious spiritual training. I have many blog posts on this site dealing with spiritual(meditative)-physical training! This type of training may not be able to help everyone, but may be helpful to a lot of people in conjunction with appropriate professional mental health treatment.

Here is a link to a very effective spiritual-physical exercise I developed:

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