Academia really needs to get its act together spiritually

The find the media tend to have a certain sort of arrogant mindset that tend to make them have a hard time not spinning their news stories. I find a lot of academia tends to also be very affected by the type of arrogant spiritual mindset that tends to dominate in this world at this time. A lot of academic degrees are not that practical(useful) and cost an awful lot of money to obtain.

I speak from the position of someone who is self educated and in which academia was not good at all at serving my needs. I have not had the ability to arrogantly rest on some sort of academic degree, so I always have to demonstrate my intellectual intensity and capabilities when ever I connect with people, and expect them to do the same. I am really good at doing research which is easier these days because of the internet, and because I am well trained spiritually(which trains me to have a really strong spiritual/intuitive grip on reality), I can really sense which sources are more reliable and which are not. So as a result, I find so much information on the internet, and in this world in general is not that reliable.

The spiritual underlies everything, and those who are quite aware spiritually should be able to see how backward we are spiritually especially reflected in academic fields that are not the type based on hard science. Hard science deals with the physical in which experiments tends to get such reliable results that one can base technology on and expect the same consistent results every time. A chemical reaction will tend to happen the same way each time when the conditions are similar. Bridges and concrete objects have to be built based on hard science in order to stand the test of time.

A lot of academic fields are very much impacted by the spiritual which represents the human factor with the emotions and desires that can bias the results. Until we advance further spiritually on this planet, we will have serious problems in which academia’s elite will be unable to provide adequate help in dealing with, This is due to their spiritual limitations brought on by their lack of effective spiritual training(with the advanced spiritual theories that must come with this) in order to provide them with the core spiritual strength and awareness required to help them mobilize more of their mental capabilities.  Here is a link to an effective spiritual-physical training technique  I developed:

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