Recent events show that the people in the USA really need to work hard to get their act together spiritually now!

Our recent election showed how decadent the USA has become. Both parties put forth candidates that represented this decadence. People have been left behind in our society and this discontent hit the candidate that represented the political party currently in power. Of course quite a few of the people who feel they have been being ignored do not understand how well they have it compared to people living in other places in the world that are completing with them for jobs. Hard lessons are ahead for this country.

People who are unable to evaluate people as individuals and just place them into large groups/categories in order to demonize them need to work hard at developing more spiritual sensitivity. I will always evaluate people as individuals and not based on how they vote. I will not automatically condemn huge groups of people and ignore that a lot of them had good reasons for why they voted. Quickly condemning others who have a different perspective based on circumstances is often supported by a media that often spins the news to fit their own mindset and the mindset of the demographic they tend to focus on reaching. Why do I tend to have this approach? Because, I am a very unique individual who tends to be ignored by so many who are unable to tune into individual differences well enough and evaluate individuals in a deep and meaningful way. It is so easy to just make blanket determinations about people based on limited information rather than take the effort required to really deeply understand the degree of positive energy they really have and the degree they are really working at contributing to making this world/country a better place spiritually to live in.

Being arrogant and overly self-righteous is a strong characteristic throughout out country(USA) and is very strongly reflected in our policies within our country and especially in the world as a whole. We have wasted a lot of money and caused a lot of havoc in the world with both political parties to blame. We will pay the price for our wasteful ways related to how we use our money which is an extremely valuable resource which needs to be utilized to do the most good in this world. Individuals do well to try to utilized their financial resources in a way to do the most good, and so do countries.
Decadence is way too prevalent in this country and the qualities of self-discipline and responsibility are not developed enough or respected enough so as to help us do what it takes to effectively deal with all the extremely serious problems that exist here. I feel our country has been headed down hill for quite some time and that we need to start really examining ourselves on the spiritual level here and stop being so quick to condemn people who do not represent a demographic that we do not easily identify with. It is so easy to be overly self-righteous and not have to look within oneself to see how one can improve oneself spiritually, in a way that could enable one to better relate and cooperate with others that differ from us, rather than be so quick to lash out at them and demonize them without making an attempt to understand where they are coming from and what they really have to offer that is of value.

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