It is up to the inhabitants of this planet to make a positive difference here!

So often people look for or expect help from the “outside” to somehow change the conditions on this planet for them or provide them with a better place to exist in after they die. But, why should they deserve a better place to exist in if they are not willing to do the really hard work required in order to make the changes required in order to improve the conditions they now have in their life as individuals and as part of a bigger society?
What has happened in the past or what people want to believe happened in the past has a strong impact on what people expect to happen in the future and how it will come about. People who believe most of humanities past achievements especially in ancient times were mainly the result of the help of “ancient astronauts” or that only certain “special” individuals born with a “special” connection with God have provided us regular human inhabitants of this Earth with special knowledge to help us understand how things work spiritually, will tend not to be so willing to do the work required to achieve amazing things themselves in order to make a real difference in the physical/spiritual knowledge/conditions that exist on this planet.
Our spiritual progress on this planet is being held back by “autocratic type” spiritual beliefs from “special” sources that supposively give us the “Truth” that can not be questioned or improved on. This sets up a spiritual status quo that is very hard to change on this planet, and since the spiritual underlies everything, really limits what progress we can make on this planet. And we do need to progress a lot further on this planet if we are to advert quite negative consequences in its future. Amazing things may have been achieve by ancient civilizations, but these advance civilizations of the past did not survive in their advanced state. They may have been as advanced spiritually as we are now, but that may have not been good enough spiritually to ensure their survival in an advanced state. I believe the amazing things achieved by these ancient civilizations(pyramids etc., that scientists have a hard time figuring out) were made by the native inhabitants that existed there, without any need for outside intervention! I believe human being have been very capable for quite some time on this planet.
I believe we, the individual spirits that are incarnated on this Earth, are the prime spiritual forces that are responsible for creating the conditions that exist here. Our Universe has a universal spirit that underlies it and provides it with the necessary degree of unity required for it to function adequately. God, the universal spirit, just makes sure that the challenging physical reality we exist in is able to serve us well provided we do the required work to understand it and to perform well in it! God makes us earn whatever results we achieve here.
I feel that we, the incarnated inhabitants of this planet, are the ones with the spiritual power here. That any positive change that occurs here will be up to us. I believe God will only help those who do the required work to deserve/earn God’s help. I see God as existing in order for us to have a physical reality that enables us to exist. That if individual spirits like us did not exist, God would not exist. That a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship exists with each requiring each other in order to exist and perform their important roles.
The main point I am trying to make is that it is up to us and our efforts individually and collectively to make a positive difference on this planet physically and spiritually. We do not need to depend on outside forces to do it for us. We do need to learn more of how this universe functions both physically and spiritually and do the hard work required to tune into the Universal Spirit(God)in order to help us do this.
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