Advancing spiritually is just not as simple as just eliminating meat.

I have not eaten meat for a very long time. Did eat some fish quite a while ago. I am pretty sure if I ate some lean meat for protein today that I would not suddenly lose all the spiritual strength and awareness I have developed through all the really hard physical-spiritual training I do.  In my experience, I do not find non-meat eaters overall that much more spiritual than meat eaters. Often people exaggerate the spiritual and physical benefits of certain diets over other ones. I do not automatically assume someone is not very spiritually advanced just because they eat meat, or assume some one is spiritually advanced just because they do not eat meat. I just do not find a lot of people on this planet that advanced spiritually.


I believe a really healthy diet with added vitamin-mineral supplements works well along with really intense meditative/spiritual and cardio(heart) exercises is very important to ones physical-spiritual well being. An ascetic calorie restricted diet with very small frequent meals can help one to get the really lean body type that makes one really strong and aware spiritually. We need more people that are willing to work hard to improve on their spiritual beliefs, and diet, so that they are able to do the really tough spiritual-physical training required in order to develop a great deal of spiritual expertise. It just is not as simple as just eliminating meat.


We need people in the various occupations that are required to make this planet function well for all. Not everyone needs to have the spiritual as their main focus or occupation. People can utilize the expertise of well trained(conditioned)spiritual professionals to help one keep on the right track spiritually while one focuses in an occupational field that ones innate capabilities are well suited to.

I was on a very austere calorie restricted diet when I posted this blog.  I made a lot  of spiritual progress on this extreme diet. but have gone off it to quite a degree since then and gained weight.  My current diet is still very strict, but with more calories and I feel works extremely well for what I am doing now spiritually.

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