Working at overcoming the resistant spiritual energy on this planet to better(more practical) spiritual beliefs!

I weighted 122.5(5’10’ tall) after snacking and doing my extremely difficult dumbbell swing exercise routine this morning, and 122 without snacking and  before doing my 2 mile run routine yesterday.  I feel I will be reaching a new set point weight wise soon.  I do not diet in a way to tune me out to my body and do feel intensely the affects(including hunger) on it of my really challenging diet and exercise routine.   I am really developing the ascetic body type required to be able to be extremely effective in the spiritual area.  We live in the atomic age where often one has to be able to do things with very little margin for error in order to gain the positive results required in the highly technologically/scientifically advanced we now live in.  That is how I approach  the spiritual and feel we need to have this spiritual approach in order to better handle the problems of this world  we currently  live in.

I am really pushing my limits in my spiritual-physical training in order to imprint my astrology system(and the spiritual beliefs that come with it) so strongly into myself,  that it will not be able to be adversely affected by the spiritual beliefs that now dominate this planet and tend to be accepted without a lot of questioning or really deep rational/practical thought.   Often people who have a higher degree of sanity than others can see things others are unable to see and what is possible as a result.  Those who conform to the spiritual status quo will often feel they are saner than those who challenge it even when those who challenge it are doing so as a result of having better connection with reality and the greater awareness that comes with this.  I need to break through the resistant spiritual energy that exists on this planet that make it hard for better spiritual beliefs to be accepted here.  This is not easy to do on the planet Earth!

For more details on my physical-spiritual training program and spiritual beliefs read some of my previous blog posts.

5/6/2016: When this blog post was published I was pushing the edge when it came to a calorie restricted diet.  I had to be very careful and precise in order to do this safely.  It was very good training at the time and helped me improve on my spiritual insights and training.  It also helped me to make a very dramatic move/change in my life.  I have  gone off the calorie restriction part of this diet to a considerable degree since then and gained weight.  My spiritual training has improved even further.  My astrology system has gotten to a good place.  But really pushing the edge safely on a calorie restricted diet did help me get where I needed to be.  It is not easy to go where no one on this Earth has gone before which is what a spiritual pioneer has to do.  People often believe being a spiritual pioneer is not possible, so one has to be super strong spiritually to bring more advanced spiritual ideas and techniques to a world that is very resistant to change in this area.


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