The value of hunger when it comes to really serious/advanced training of oneself spiritually

I am able to handle a pretty strong hunger level.  I believe a set point exists for this hunger level, as well as all hunger levels as far as how low one’s weight and body fat will drop.  I lost another pound this week(5’10” 126 lbs), but should level off weight-wise soon I believe at this hunger level.  I do not either take any drugs or diet in a way that diminishes me from feeling hunger.  I am not addicted to any type foods that can increase my hunger/desire while tuning me out spiritually.  I do a lot of meditation and meditative movement exercises that tune me into my body extremely well.   I eat at  6 small nutritious meals 4 days a week, but add a seventh meal(at 2 AM -salted oatmeal) to fuel my dumbbell swings 3 days a week.  I also take nutritional supplements.  I limit my calories enough at each meal in order to maintain a high hunger level.

My meditative walking&running actually speeds up my metabolism with the type of movements involved.  Meditative movement exercises while hungry are more difficult, but puts me in a more serious spiritual state.  My intense cardio(13 non-stop minutes of 2-handed, overhead and behind neck 20 lb dumbbell swing exercise done 3 days a week)also increases my spiritual intensity and seriousness.  I am able to cope with this really rough/serious spiritual-physical training routine because I have spiritual beliefs that are good enough to help me do so.

I believe a sort of “austere”(lean),  but very healthy body type,  works really well when it comes to having the spiritual strength and awareness to be able to properly handle a really intense spiritual workload in a world where we badly need people who can spiritually/emotionally handle the really serious problems that exist in this world.

This serious spiritual state I am in as a result of my efforts helps to protect me from those who are not on a serious enough spiritual level(due to their inadequate spiritual beliefs and training), who are antagonistic to the high spiritual standards I set and maintain for myself and strive to spread to the world around me.

Updated 8/24/15:  My weight has leveled off at 120 lbs.  I did have to eat a 7th meal every night, in order to get the calories my body needed now that my body has less body fat to feed on.   I believe I now have the ascetic spiritual body type I feel I need to perform the way I need to spiritually in this very challenging physical world I exist in.  I find maintaining the diet to keep this ascetic/lean body type will be as hard to do as the diet I had to use to create it.

Updated 11/3/15:  I have gained some weight lately(about 140 lbs at 5’10”) after changing how often I do my very intense dumbbell swing exercise(12 minutes now nonstop using 20 lb weights).  Being really lean for a while did help me to improve on my technique in meditative walking as well as in  my other types of meditation.  Often one does the thing that helps one to progress further spiritually without having ones reasons that perfect!

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