Stretches, dumbbell warmup & 6 minutes non-stop 2-hand overhead behind back dumbbells swings

WARNING:  All the intense meditative/physical exercises I do require a body that is conditioned and able to do them safely.  They require a period of adjustment as one needs to gradually get use to them as to their frequency, intensity, and duration.  Although my spiritual focus requires I try to inspire people to do what it takes to improve their physical and spiritual wellbeing,  I am not a medical/health-care professional.   Important: Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning.  Do this exercise at your own risk and do them carefully.  Better to start out slow and gradually get use to them.   The intense type training I am able to do came as a result of decades of intense physical-spiritual training.   The most intense type spiritual-physical exercises are for people who have an extreme spiritual focus in their lives that enable them to handle the years of training required,  along with spiritual sensitivity and body awareness needed to prevent them from hurting themselves.

I eat something to fuel my dumbbell swing exercise routine, and then about 2 hours later drink some water  and started exercising.   I first do  careful stretching movements holding them very briefly covering all muscles for about 5 minutes, then some light weightlifting(warmed up using 20 lb dumbbell and arms for about 2 minutes doing all types of movements a few times in standing position), then do dumbbell swings,  and 5 minutes more of stretching, followed by a  mile slow meditative walk(breathing in and out with each step/arm movement). [Updated 10/25/15 to no longer  walking or running at the end of this routine-do meditative walk(s) later in the day)  I do as many 2-handed overhead modified(bending elbows when lifting dumbbell overhead, limited squat, and extended to behind head) 20 lb dumbbell swings as I can do in a total of 13 minutes(11/2/15 cut to 12 minutes, 11/30/15 cut to 11 minutes, 12/7/15 cut to 10 minutes, 12/16/15 cut to 9 minutes, 12/20/15 cut to 8 minutes-less minutes more intensity,  3/20/16 cut to 6 minutes with even more intensity per minute) of nonstop cardio! I do these with my eyes closed at times while breathing in and out 6 or 8 times with each dumbbell swing. I do move my head looking down on the high part of the swing and looking up when on the low side of the swing which massages my neck.  10/4/15:  Found out that the dumbbell swings I do are called Barbarian Swings. 1/25/17: I am now breathing in and out 15 times per swing and doing a deeper squat to give me the tiny bit of extra time to make this possible.  4/16/17: I am now often doing quite a bit more than 15 times in and out breaths per swing during my routines.

When I close my eyes during my dumbbell swings and with every few steps with my meditative run and walk, I try to tune into what ever emotions I can pick up or feel.  Recently, I have started quite forcefully opening and closing my jaw with each breath without bringing my teeth together while doing the dumbbell swings and also really focusing on the clock and how slow the minutes are going by.  I try to put myself in the most intense and difficult physical/spiritual state while being really careful not to overdo it and hurt myself.  I have to put all my spiritual focus into this dumbbell swing exercise in order to do it, so it becomes very much a meditative exercise as a result!

I have carefully worked up to this dumbbell swing routine for a period of four years as of October 2016..  I was in pretty good shape before I got started.  So it took me quite a while to condition myself to where I am at right now.   I have a blog post on the history of the dumbbell swing:


  • The swing as I do it works real well for me! That is why my body can handle it everyday. I am really strongly in tune with my body due to all the meditative training I put it through. I often disagree with the experts as to what works best for me! I actually believe I have quite a bit of expertise in this area, since I have put so much intense focus here over a lifetime. I plan on training others to do it. They can actually start without a dumbbell and gradually get the body use to handling a heavier dumbbell. They can adjust their technique to what is comfortable for them. This upper body cardio exercise with its head and neck movements I feel helps the circulation to the brain improve and allows one to really push ones limits as to what difficult states the body and mind can handle both physically and spiritually.
  • My focus on upper body cardio, has taken away from being able to focus on running. But, I do well with my meditative walking which can be done in a fatigue state with the shoulder/neck movement giving my brain the extra circulation to allow me to do it while fatigued. My focus is on the spiritual, not on being an athlete. But, I am very much an athlete as to being able to perform spiritually which requires the body be in condition to handle an awful lot of stress.
  • 2/2/16  I changed my schedule and am now doing my dumbbell swings around 6 pm every day!
  • 2/16/16 My afternoon schedule varies from day to day.
  • 4/6/16 I have been varying my schedule from late morning to afternoon depending on when I can fit it in.
  • 6/9/16 I start out now breathing in and out 10 times per dumbbell swing(do not last very long)and then do all but the last minute breathing in and out 8 times per swing.  The last minute I breath in and out 9 times per swing or more due to how slow I do them.
  • 12/27/16 I start out now breathing in an out up to 15 times per swing and will alternate between 15 and 12 per swing for a short time.  After about a minute I settle into a continuous 12 in and out breaths per swing.  The last minute go down to 9 in and out breaths per swing.  I have definitely gotten better as to how many breaths I can take with each swing.  It is an extremely difficult and intense exercise both physically and spiritually!
  • 1/25/17 I deepened the squat to these modified(bent elbows and behind head) 2 handed dumbbell swings so that they would take a little longer so that I could breath in and 15 times during the whole 6 minutes.  I need a huge amount of spiritual intensity to reach a world that is so backward spiritually and so stuck in its ways!
  • 3/5/17 I decided to no longer am doing these dumbbell swings  everyday.  Started running(non-meditative) again February 2nd after more than a year off and ran for 31 days straight 3/4 of a mile each day focusing on intensity.  Now I will be running 3 days a week(Tu, Th, &Sa) and doing the dumbbell swings also 3 days a week(Mo,We,&Fr).  I need to release more energy for making things happen in the world.  Also do a lot of 3/4 of a mile meditative walks and quite a bit lying down meditation for recovery and transforming the spiritual energy within me and around me!
  • 3/16/17  I decided to do both the intense  dumbbell swings and  the intense 3/4 mile run again everyday.
  • 5/19/17  Now doing the squat a lot deeper bringing the 20 lb dumbbell close to my knees with my head also brought down at the lower part of the swing to be very close to the dumbbell also with my elbows very bent while at this lowest position.  My head does follow the dumbbell up as it rises and then is lifted over the head and behind it.  I may seem like quite a convoluted form of dumbbell swing, but it works well to put me into the most intense of spiritual states possible!  I now do 17 in and out breaths per dumbbell swing.  Extremely hard exercise to do which I can only do as a result of all my previous exercise training, my spiritual theories(astrology system) that help me tune my body in really well  spiritually, my other meditative training techniques, and my diet!
  • 6/4/17  New exercise routine: 6 min 20 lb Dumbbell swings= Mo, We,&Fr. 3/4 of a mile run=Tu, Th, Sa, &Su. Should maintain fitness and continue to improve my running!
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  1. Hi Thomas, Lynda rose glad to be following your blog. Very interesting regime.

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