My current situation in life!

Lately, I am so much in survival mode spiritually, which is good to motivate me to push as hard as I can with my spiritual-physical training. I live and depend on someone(a family member)who does not see my meditative training as of much value and has a vision of me that really exclude most of my spiritual expertise which is where most of my value is. I keep being motivated to go further to the extreme as to my spiritual limits as a result. I feel I have no choice. But, this is area I am good at so that being my only choice is a good thing. I do need to change my current situation so that I can better contribute in the area of my abilities to this world. I do need to partner with people who appreciate what I have to offer in the spiritual area. I need to find a way to put what financial resources I have to good use in helping me to have more financial security in the future and less dependence on people that are clueless about me.

I am losing about a pound a week and now am at 127 lbs at 5′ 10″ tall. Still handling my dumbbells swings so maintaining my strength in the way that is important to me. I find meditating while hungry help me to develop the spiritual strength to protect me from those who are antagonistic to my innovative spiritual approach and the type of practical spiritual beliefs I have. I am obviously not reaching people well enough, so I have to push the edge even further spiritually and physically. The spiritual is very linked and dependent on the physical for its strength and awareness.

I am always careful! But, have to do what it takes to get the results I require. If I do not keep moving in the direction I am, I feel like my future will be less safe.   I do what I feel I must do using my very well trained intuition along with what sources of information about what I am doing that I feel I can trust. I am well informed on calorie restricted diets that are used for life extension. I am really good at researching stuff on the internet. My legs are not as lean(fat-wise) as a lot of the really fast runners. My aerobic ability is very upper body focused which helps me get a lot of good circulation to my brain which is so important to how well I am doing spiritually. My dumbbell swing exercise which is very important to keeping me really healthy physically and spiritually is going really well!

I have to believe in myself and the hard work I have put in over a lifetime in the spiritual as well as in the related fields of nutrition and fitness. I just feel that the resistance to spiritual change on this planet is so strong that I will have to really push the fine line required to overcome this resistance at least in a few key people at first. People in the past have attempted to develop themselves further spiritually leading an ascetic lifestyle, but did not have all the resources as well as knowledge about health and nutrition available as we have today.

I am just being open and relating my current situation, I understand that a lot of people on this site will be unable to understand someone like me very well, but I am very complex and unique and very hard to understand. In working spiritually at figuring out my own complexity, I have become really good spiritually at understanding people who also are extremely difficult to understand.  If anyone is interested in connecting with me more closely, I am on facebook.  Put “astrogoodwin facebook” into a search engine to locate me.


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