I believe people sometimes will badly misinterpret the physical/spiritual experiences they have or witness

It is often  believed that the type of spiritual energy that can have a negative affect on people can originate from other than human sources on this planet.  I feel negative/delusional spiritual energy comes from spirits that are actually incarnated on this Earth with their spiritual/emotional parts of their brain functioning on a strong enough level to cause trouble to others.  Often spiritual phenomena can be explained many ways.  I feel that  negative/destructive/delusional spiritual energy is supported by a lot of the inhabitants of this planet.  I feel that the inhabitants of this planet are very responsible for the spiritual state this planet is in.  I do not see alien spirits(not now incarnated on this Earth) as having much power spiritually here, since they are not connected to this planet strong enough to have any power here.  Ghosts, I believe have to be energized by real(alive) people with the spiritual/emotional capability of doing so.  I believe alien abductions are misinterpretations of what someone is experiencing in an altered spiritual state and set off by spiritual energy directed toward this individual from some living human source.  A lot of humans are good at sending out really crazy/delusional type spiritual energy and many individuals are vulnerable to it.  I believe people will dream up something to represent the type of energy they are picking up spiritually on a psychic level.  I feel even groups of people with shared beliefs that help distort how they interpret what is happening can even experience a sort of group delusion with the members of the group helping each other to see things in a distorted form.

I feel that spiritual energy will affect people often in a way similar to how it affects ones dreams at night.  One will go into an altered state of consciousness and then your subconscious mind will represent the spiritual energy directed at use in the form of some sort of analogy(often exaggerated) with the images produced  being very much affected by your beliefs.  People who have beliefs that are less grounded in this solid physical reality we exist in, will be more vulnerable to be adversely affected and to imagine rather crazy/wild things happening to them when exposed to the messed up spiritual energy directed their way.  Spiritual energy can actually be strong enough to manifest itself visually and can even be captured on film at times, but is not real in the physical/scientific senses.   Often people will have delusions that they mistake as real, or they will misinterpret what they are experiencing.  Delusions can sometimes be of a more positive nature in how they feel even a little intoxicating, but can still seem real(physical) and be misinterpreted due to the images ones subconscious creates being distorted by ones willingness to accept certain wild beliefs that are accepted to readily in certain spiritual/religious circles.

The hard truth is not easy to obtain.  Often people are too willing to believe almost anything and that can lead them to have life-like spiritual experiences that are badly misinterpreted, or even real life experiences they experience being spiritually distorted and misread.  One has to be quite skeptical of a lot of the information people put forth as the truth in this world, since so much misinformation is present here, often on both side of subject/issues, with those who differ  believing their life experiences back up their viewpoint.  The truth is not easy to discover, and jumping quickly to certain conclusions(often as a result of a bias caused by ones beliefs) will often distort all your experience especially those that have a strong spiritual component to them.


I strongly believe that a spirit can not be impactful spiritually on this planet, unless it is incarnated in a body with an adequate brain and has done the necessary training required to develop the spiritual strength required.  That the brain actually has spiritual parts(related to sleep and emotions) of it that need to be developed in order for a spirit to be able to impact this world spiritually.  I do not believe a spirit without a body has much power in itself, but will gain power only through the energy channeled their way by those with a physical body that enables them to do so.  I design my spiritual beliefs so that they will work really well in this challenging physical world that really can test how well ones spiritual beliefs really work when one is facing really strong physical/spiritual challenges.

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