Developing good spiritual judgment/character

It is important we all are(especially children) are trained to have good spiritual judgment.  Often it is not easy to figure out or intuitively sense the difference between healthy/positive/constructive behavior and unhealthy/negative/destructive behavior.  Practical spiritual beliefs/programming, along with the healthy type of spiritual/physical training these beliefs should inspire one to do, should help one to become better able to sense how to progress in a direction that will be good for your well being.  One needs to develop a good spiritual rudder to help steer oneself in a positive/healthy spiritual direction in all of ones behaviors.  The more one is tuned into oneself spiritually, the more one will be able to tune into others, so one can interact  with them in a healthy way spiritually.  Hard/serious physical/spiritual training can help one to better tune into the very hard/serious problems that exist in this world, the people most affected by these problems, and the spiritual causes of these problems.  Cardiovascular/heart exercise, meditative exercise, and a strict healthy diet(with nutritional supplements if needed)can help one to become able to more tune into the serious side of life, so that one can better figure out how to create serious positive consequences in ones life/world and avoid serious negative consequences in ones life/world.

It is so easy to get hurt when training ones body really hard in order to become really healthy physically and spiritually.   There is a fine line between safely pushing oneself extremely hard, and pushing oneself too hard and harming/injuring oneself.  Practice can help one to better develop the body awareness and intuition to become good at sensing this spiritual fine line.  But, one needs to have the practical spiritual beliefs that enable one to handle really the intense physical/spiritual states that hard/difficult physical/spiritual training involves.  Physical/spiritual training includes meditative movement exercises like the meditative walking&running that I have developed on a very intense level, and cardiovascular exercise like the dumbbell swing exercise I do.  It takes a long period of time to become good at these types of physical/spiritual exercises, and to adjust ones diet so that it supports ones ability to do these well.  One will find that a lean/leaner body will help one to better tune in spiritually when doing intense physical/spiritual training.  I find that the leaner my body becomes, the more important it is that I exercise even more intensely, so that my body will be able to be fit enough to handle being really lean.  Everyone does not have to become really lean, but they need to figure out what weight works best for giving them the spiritual/physical health they require to be able to perform their mission/purpose here in this life.

I feel people(like me) who specialize in the spiritual require the extra spiritual strength and awareness that a really lean well trained(cardiovascularly&meditatively) body without much extra muscle can provide.   People who use calorie restricted diets for life extension often have very low body weight, but are very healthy because of the very nutritious diet they are on.  In the past spiritual people have often used an austere lifestyle and diet to help their spiritual development, but they did not have the scientific knowledge we have today to help them do this in the healthiest way.  We have the knowledge today, that was not available in the past to be able to be able to make a lot more progress spiritually.  But, since we now live in an age in which overly permissive lifestyles(along with supportive overly tolerant/permissive spiritual beliefs) tend to be popular, it can be hard to not be controlled by a spiritual mindset, that is antagonistic to anything that is really difficult/challenging spiritually .

I have a lot of  blog posts on this site covering in more detail the type of training and beliefs that should work really well to improve ones spiritual/physical well being!

5/6/2016:  I have changed my training routine and have put on extra weight since printing this blog post.  I got a lot of good spiritual insights and improved my training when on this extremely austere(calorie restricted) diet I was on at that time.  I am now getting stronger in my training as a result of the weight gain which involves a combination of muscle and fat.  My strict diet has not changed except that I am not restricting calories as much.  I now eat small meals when ever my body gets hungry(8 meals every 3 hours around the clock).  I an training extremely hard and depending on the difficulty of my physical/spiritual training to keep me extremely healthy physically and spiritually.

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