Why as a spiritual pioneer I must train so extremely hard spiritually

I survive due to my hard spiritual training. My position is weak on this planet, has been since birth, and my survival is not getting any easier. So, I compensate, by keep increasing my spiritual strength and capabilities. Often necessity is the mother of invention. My abilities are so limited to the spiritual area, that I must find a way to contribute something of a lot of value to the world in this area. My astrology system is not just any astrology system, but one that was designed to work better than those of the past.

It is hard to brings new/better spiritual beliefs and techniques to a world that is very resistant to this. I believe this world is not in a very good spiritual state, and am personally reminded of this everyday. I do not go around totally blaming the victims of all the terrible conditions and problems that exist on this Earth, when these serious problems are the result of the inadequate spiritual beliefs/understanding that exists on this Earth. When one is a victim of the messed up spiritual state this world in in in some way, it is up to you to work extremely hard to change the conditions that exist here.

I have to constantly work at getting stronger spiritually so that I can individually challenge the various spiritual/religious beliefs that exist on this planet which have quite a number of believers in them. When one individually challenges a belief that has numerous believers, one will be at a disadvantage, since beliefs with the psychic support of many are at an advantage over beliefs supported by only one person. A pioneer is often in a position where they have to overcome a lot of resistance to their different/new view of the world.

I am protecting myself from the antagonistic spiritual energy I have directed toward me as a result of challenging the spiritual beliefs of others, by maintaining a diet that keeps me hungry to a degree all the time so that I keep my blood sugar low. I feel low blood sugar helps me to meditate even harder and deeper and stay in a tough/difficult and protective spiritual state. When one is dealing with being hungry, properly and within safe limits, one will pick up on a sort of restless/frantic energy that can be very useful to keep one really tough and sharp spiritually. One can put oneself in a really safe spiritual place from which you can safely challenge the inadequate spiritual beliefs that are responsible for the inadequate spiritual state this world is in.

I understand that a lot of people will see me in a negative spiritual light or will be unable to see the value in my spiritual approach, but all I need to do is reach the right people who are ready to handle the added discomfort that comes with gaining more hard spiritual truth and the training and resultant spiritual capabilities that come with it. Great achievements in any area of value, require being trained really well and overcoming an awful lot. The spiritual is just another field one can achieve a lot in provided one is willing to do the well directed hard work required.

5/6/16:  I got a lot of good spiritual insight and improved my spiritual training technique quite a bit when on the diet that kept me quite hungry a lot of the time.  I am no longer battling hunger like I did when this blog post was published. I have since put on some weight and now train even better and harder.  My astrology system got perfected to the point that I no longer feel any need to improve it further.  My strict diet has not changed much other than adding more calories with my 8 small meal every 3 hours around the clock.  I am on a high protein(about 130 grams), high carbohydrate, and low fat diet with oatmeal being my staple food eaten at practically every meal.  I am now connecting more easily with other people which is required for me to bring my more advance spiritual ideas and training techniques to the world.

Here is a link to my very important meditative walking blog post:   https://astrogoodwin.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/meditative-walking-developing-a-stronger-spiritual-connection-with-the-physical/

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