In response to a video on nutrition I was urged to check out

The video was posted under this facebook status I posted:

I have made my diet more calorie restricted lately. I feel I really need to push the edge physically and spiritually in order to make things happen in this world for me and my spiritual ideas. I feel like I listen too much to those who are not the type that would be really interested in what i have to offer spiritually. I feel I can safely do things to become extremely healthy physically and spiritually that would not be safe for those without the really good spiritual beliefs I have. For those who my extreme spiritual-physical focus is too much for you to handle, you can unfriend me. I really need deep friendships, not good at other types!

I do take a multi-vitamin-mineral tablet twice a day and extra vitamin C, and vitamin B complex tablets. I also take a calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet(1/3 daily value). I trust my diet, since it has helped me to really push my physical and spiritual limits. I have had a strong focus on nutrition my whole life. Individuals do differ and must adjust their diet so it works well for them. I tend to be very unique, so my diet had to be tailored to my uniqueness by me over a life time of trial and error in this area. I did listen to parts of that video, but it is very long and not as concise and to the point as I prefer. Most video presentations I find do not get to the point quick enough for me.

The spiritual plays a very strong role as to health and helps one to better read ones body in order to figure out what works best for you individually. I train in a way spiritually unlike anyone else, and that affects my bodies nutritional/dietary requirements. One size does not fit all, and I am aware of that more than practically anyone else. I really trust my own extremely well trained and programmed intuition to figure out what sources to trust(including what I figure out on my own) when it comes to nutrition and diet. I like the fact I rarely get sick or hurt with my dietary and exercise approach! I have charted an independent course spiritually for some time, and until I find people who are on the same spiritual wavelength as me, I will have to trust myself over them as to what is best for me physically and spiritually.

People just have not been appreciating all the extremely deep and valuable stuff I have posted on varies sites on the internet. So, I must be willing to go further using myself as an experiment(as I have done most of my life)to demonstrate what a person with really effective spiritual beliefs is capable of. I will scare away those who are unable or unwilling to truly explore the value of what I have come up with spiritually over a lifetime of very intense exploration in this area.

Individuals have often had to make certain breakthroughs in this world, and to do things people believe it is not possible for an individual to do. I understand why people would not be open to someone as “differently abled” as me. But, I have no choice but to chart the course that works best for me, and what I can contribute to this world. I will listen to a lot of sources, but I must recognize that my physical/spiritual uniqueness make me have to not be very trusting of most sources of information that are available on this planet at this time as to them being good enough to apply precisely to me..

This is a previous blog post that deal with my diet and its recent evolution:

My diet is not as calorie restricted now(5/7/2016), but I did advance spiritually a lot while on a really calorie austere restricted diet and was also able to make some very difficult changes in my life’s situation.


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