My purpose and the purpose of the intense meditative and cardiovascular exercise I do.

I do really intense meditative and cardiovascular(heart&circulation)exercises that I designed to be as difficult physically and spiritually as possible.  I have been doing these exercises(meditative walking, running, and 13 minutes non-stop 2 handed 20lb non-stop (modified) dumbbell swing cardio exercise for a long time(from 2&1/2 years  with the dumbbell swings, to decades of running and meditative walking).   It takes a long time to get improve techniques and to get really good at it!  The desire for instant gratification really works against any successful spiritual/physical training program. I do stretching and warm up exercises before my more intense early morning exercise routines that involve running and again afterwards when it come to my extremely intense dumbbell swing routine.  I do stretch my back a number of times during my meditative walking/running routines.  I have to be on a really strict diet with supplements to help my body to handle this extremely demanding exercise routine.   I can not cover this all in detail here.  Here is a link to one of my word press blog post you may need to copy and past it into your browser:…

I do not really enjoy the exercises themselves since they are really hard to do.  But, I do enjoy the results I feel I am getting from them.  It is hard to bring different spiritual ideas to a world in which certain spiritual ideologies and mind-sets dominate.  I am still struggling to find not only a way to continue to survive in this world, but a way to contribute as best I can in the spiritual area where my abilities are really concentrated in.  My motivation is very much into helping to transform the spiritual shape this Earth is in.  Individuals tend to reflect the spiritual state of the social circles they are connected with.  I am one of the very few spiritually independent type spirits and tend to be very cut off from others spiritually.  I find people tend to fear anything unfamiliar to them spiritually which will affect how they intuitively respond to me.  I have to get so strong spiritually that I can overcome this resistance to me and to the type of spiritual energy/ideas I represent.  I have to know the dynamics of what I am dealing with, so that I can train in a way to overcome the dynamics that are impeding my progress in reaching other people on the level I require in order to be effective in this world.

This world will be facing some very challenging times in the future due to its resistance to progress/advancement in the spiritual area.  A lot of people are not in very good physical/spiritual(emotional) shape on this planet which really limits our collective ability to handle the extremely serious problems that come with the highly technologically advanced age we have just entered.  Our financial and political systems need to be improved if we are to better deal more effectively with these serious problems we have here on this Earth.  All is rooted in the spiritual, so we must first advance in the spiritual area in order to make further needed progress in other areas.

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