Autocratic spiritual/religious beliefs are holding back further spiritual advancement

I just had a strong spiritual interaction/conversation with two “Christians” that came to my door to convert me.  I am sure I shocked them with my very different spiritual approach.  That is what motivated me to write this.  I strongly disagree with autocratic religious/spiritual beliefs that claim they have or are connected to perfect sources. I am not a Christian or member of any religion.I am into improving on the spiritual beliefs of the past and present, because I do not believe they are adequate for the advanced technological age we now live in. The predominating autocratic(not open to being questioned)spiritual/religious belief systems that exist on this Earth(including many”New Age” types)can be very attractive because of the “herd mentality” that exists in this world where people gain security and acceptance in the area they live by accepting a belief system that has a lot of believers there and thus sharing a similar spiritual mindset as a lot of people. People who have an independent spiritual mindset of the type that actually works at obtaining/developing beliefs that interface better with the physical reality we exist in right now, I believe are very rare here on this Earth.

Science may try to help us better interface with our reality, but often does not do the best job at this. Scientists are affected by what spiritual beliefs they have(or lack there of), which limits how good they are at finding out more of the truth. In some areas science can come up with hard results that will prove to work every time. But, often they come up with less reliable results, and sometimes they put forth theories that are very wild and difficult to prove as to their accuracy. In the past religion use to not know its limits and try to explain everything from their ideology and use to hold science back because of their immense power an influence in this world. Often science is doing the same in the modern world with its increasing dominance in fields in which the spiritual plays a very strong role such as psychology and medicine(healing). But, this invasion of spiritual areas by science is made easier by the lack of advancement in this world(the Earth)in the spiritual field of study. Sometime “spiritual” people will even take some of the more wild or complicated of scientific theories and use them to try to justify their beliefs.

One can design ones spiritual beliefs so that they help one to better perform in this challenging physical reality we now exist in.  One can do the type of physical-spiritual training(including very intense meditative movement and cardiovascular/heart exercises and a very effective diet) that will test how well one’s spiritual beliefs help one to handle really intense and difficult spiritual/emotional/physical states.  Science(especially in Medicine and Mental Heath fields) often dismisses the importance of “will power” or spiritual character and effective spiritual training and beliefs to alter how one is able to behave and function in this world.  Science, just often does not appreciate the huge value the spiritual can have in helping us better handle our physical and spiritual health and well being.  Science often does not take individual differences physically and spiritual into account enough.  I strongly believe the spiritual beliefs that enable one to handle this challenging physical reality we exist in will be closer to the truth.  That it is the challenging physical reality that we now exist in that really tests how good our spiritual beliefs really are by how well they help us to better perform spiritually.

I believe strongly in the importance of physical-spiritual connection and that actual parts of the brain that deal with emotions and sleep(altered spiritual states)are vital to our ability to perform really effectively spiritually.  Effective spiritual training must affect and help further develop these parts of the brain that impact one spiritual abilities.  They are not easy to impact since they have a sort of “(w)holistic” way of functioning.  The spiritual must deal with the big picture or see how our reality operates as a whole. Spiritual beliefs must deal with reality as a whole in order to help us function better in it.  A certain spiritual oneness and united focus is required in order to mobilize all of ones spiritual resources effectively in order to best deal with the serious problems/challenges this physical reality we are part of presents us with.


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