Picking up on hurtful feelings

I am picking up on some sort of “hurtful” emotions that probably relate to my intense connection to a person with a more traditional spiritual mindset. I can meditate(meditative walk or run) on this emotion and get stronger in handling the way a lot of the people on this planet intuitively judge me. Often when one picks up on a certain emotion as a result of an intense spiritual interaction(verbal dialogue) the other person will be feeling similar(sometime challenging) emotions. But intense spiritual discussions are best done by those who can handle them or benefit from them. A lot of people in this world are mistreated as a result of the insensitivity that come from the inadequacies of the dominating spiritual beliefs that exist on this planet at this time. The dominating spiritual/religious beliefs are easily tuned into spiritually and when they intuitively pick up on these beliefs people often believe they are from perfect sources. But, no spiritual sources are perfect, and even God is not a perfect source, since no one has a perfect connection with God.

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