My purpose

My “path” or purpose is not into accepting the status quo spiritually in myself, in other people or in the world around me. I am very aware personally about how much this world and its inhabitants needs to improve spiritually, and I have a life’s focus on developing better spiritual beliefs/programming and training techniques so as to help people improve on where they are at spiritually and where they are heading spiritually. I find a lot of spiritual beliefs tune people out to the complex and challenging physical reality we exist in and to the people facing really challenging circumstances in it. We need to be careful about just passing through this life on this Earth spiritually and not really making the most of our time here. Our spirit’s value is shaped by how much we are able to contribute positively to the world we now exist in.  This Earth could be a wonderful place to exist in spiritually if everyone really worked extremely hard to contribute in the way they are best able to making this a better place to exist in physically and spiritually.

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