Death and the very important physical-spiritual connection

All my spiritual beliefs are designed to help people to have more of a spiritual focus on performing and contributing in this physical reality they now exist in and I believe will not be able to escape from. Spiritual beliefs that devalue the importance of this physical reality to the spirit I strongly believe weakens ones focus on making the most of ones existence here(on this Earth) and weakens ones ability to contribute to improving the spiritual-physical conditions that exist here. I do extremely difficult physical-spiritual exercises that put me in really intense/difficult spiritual states. I could not do these exercises without the intense spiritual focus that my belief in the value of the physical-spiritual connection provides. My intense spiritual training has helped me to improve on my spiritual beliefs an awful lot.

The vital importance of the physical-spiritual connection dominates my spiritual beliefs. I see the individual spirit as always requiring a connection to this physical reality that only the right type an organic physical body with a functioning brain(to fit its needs) can provide. I believe the spirit is dependent on the brain and the spiritual parts of it in order to be able to function. As long as the brain can function adequately the spirit can maintain existence in the body it incarnated into at birth. If the spirit leaves the body completely at anytime it will die. The spirit may find the body too hostile a place to inhabit and decide at that point to leave it. But, the spirit can not survive without being connected to a functional brain and often can not immediately reincarnate into the body and conditions it would like to, so it must find a temporary alternative solution. This is where connecting immediately after death with the body and brain of an incarnated kindred spirit comes in. The incarnated kindred spirit will temporarily sustain the spirit’s existence until a new body of the right type and circumstances can be found. One may need to jump from one incarnated kindred spirit to another at times, since one incarnated kindred spirit may not be a safe enough haven for a long enough time.

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